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1 in 10 students survive on ?10 a week

Apr 26 2004 19:01
Cancer Man
More than a third of university students are living on less than ?40 a week and 8% are surviving on an average of ?9.50, according to a survey published last week.
Money, money, money...

More than 2,000 students across 30 UK universities were interviewed for the survey, the results of which were published in last week?s Times Higher Education Supplement. As well as exploring the motivations and lifestyles of undergraduates in the UK, the survey found that nearly four in ten students are living on less than £40 a week, excluding accommodation. 8% of undergraduates survive on an average of £9.50 a week. Engineering students were the wealthiest on average with a disposable income of £63 per week while science students have the smallest average disposable income of £52.20 a week.

Non-UK students were more likely than home students to have a greater income, with almost one in five having an average of £150 a week to spend after paying for accommodation. Overall, 11% of students have over £100 a week to spend.

Unsurprisingly, student loans were the most common form of financial support, with two thirds of students using them. Parents were the second most cited form of support, with over half of students relying on money from them. The third most common form of financial support is part-time work, with nearly 40% of students working to support themselves.

These findings come shortly after an analysis by Claire Callender, Professor of Social Policy at South Bank University claimed that it would actually be cheaper for students to leave the capital, even if they are currently living rent-free. Academic results remain students? main worry, however, with 29% of undergraduates citing this as their biggest concern.

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Discussion about “1 in 10 students survive on ?10 a week”

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1. aha   
Apr 26 2004 19:20

Get. A. Job.

2. Job   
Apr 27 2004 09:09

Fair point. If they are not engineering or science/ medical students they have more than enough time on their hands to get a job. Either that or they could flog their mobile phones/ tv's/ computers...

3. idris   
Apr 27 2004 14:44

8% are living on an average of 9.50??!?!?! who writes this c**p?!?!?!

4. idris   
Apr 27 2004 14:45

and before you all say that it's true anmd that i'm a snob: that's not what i mean. i'm just pointing out that if you select your 8% right, you can make the average income whatever you damn well want.

Apr 27 2004 16:10

i am a smolani boged

Apr 27 2004 21:44

i am arvi mistanen

7. Moan   
Apr 27 2004 22:32

Stop moaning! All you bitches just complain.

Get real. Life is tough. Be a prostitute or a pimp...

In my case, I sell drugs!

8. ss   
Apr 28 2004 01:44

Surviving on ?10 a week is possible - pasta and cider.

9. Jon   
Apr 28 2004 17:46

Why do I think SS is an abreviation for SouthSide :)

Apr 29 2004 17:27

oh well ... you can sh*t and eat the sh*t ... and carry on doing it recursively. ?0 a week solution.

Apr 29 2004 22:28

a point to idris:

yes, that's true, as long as 8% of the students, when you take their weekly income, can get an average of ?9.50.

which is just another way of saying 8% survive of an average of ?9.50/week, so yes - that was the point of the statistic.

12. Dave   
Sep 09 2004 14:19

I imagine the 8% go to s**t universities like Thames Valley, do media studies and come from council flats. I'm surprised that they can live on so little though, especially given that most of the ?9.50 must go on their monthly satellite subscription.

13. yemani   
Sep 09 2004 14:26

Smollani are you back?

?9.50 a day is not too bad if they do not live in london and have travel expenses??

14. Clare   
Sep 09 2004 14:32

Yemani: I think it is ?9.50/week not ?9.50/day.

I don't see how ?9.50/week is possible though. Infact I challenge anyone to live on that little. Mission impossible!

15. RR   
Sep 21 2004 01:10

Maybe mummy and daddy buy their food for them?

Seriously though, if you lived in Beit Quad and bought tesco value bread and beans and ate that for a week, coupled with water, ?9.50 is easy.

You may get the s**ts though!

16. amram   
Sep 21 2004 15:33

Hello fans!


in texas one can survie on $10 a week and still have chitlins every day!

17. Ben   
Sep 25 2004 16:30

Is it Clayponds a good place to live in?

Sep 26 2004 01:10

sorry can you rephrase that in English?

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