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ULU Mayoral Hustings: Recording and Interviews

Apr 22 2008 00:09
Ashley Brown
A recording of Live! and stoic tv's live broadcast from the ULU mayoral hustings on 22nd April is now available, along with some extra interviews.
Who will get the "keys" to this weird thing?

First published Apr 19 2008 09:30, modified 22 Apr 00:09.

On 22nd April 2008, Live! and stoic tv once again teamed up, this time to bring you a live broadcast from the London Mayoral Hustings at the University of London Union. Proceedings started slightly late, at 19:10, due to one of the candidates being held up in traffic. The event was fully booked, but people from around London took the opportunity to view the stream on-line.

In case you missed it, we have the full 90 minutes of proceedings as a recording, which you can watch using the embedded player at the end of this article. The video contains some extra interviews, including trying to solve the mystery of "Where's Boris?", reasons why people are voting for their preferred candidates and post-hustings interviews with Ama Ozowuru from the NUS and Mark Clarke, who was standing in for Boris. A four-part interview with Sian Berry was conducted by stoic tv in February and is now available online. Each part is ten minutes long.

The candidates attending the event were:

  • Ken Livingstone (Labour)
  • Mark Clarke on behalf of Boris Johnson (Conservative)
  • Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sian Berry (Green)
  • Lindsey German (Left List)

Brian Paddick, Boris Johnson and Sian Berry have sent us their "Manifesto for Students", while Ken Livingstone failed to do so. Lindsey German was not contacted because no email address was readily available.

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Watch the ULU Hustings special report

A high-quality recording is available on request - contact to arrange access.

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Discussion about “ULU Mayoral Hustings: Recording and Interviews”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Apr 19 2008 10:58

Why isn't Boris there?

Apr 19 2008 13:12

Finally "sorting out" Stuart Collyer once and for all?

Apr 20 2008 01:30

Because he has another engagement which was arranged before the invite to ULU hustings, apparently.

Apr 20 2008 12:00

How dare you add "apparently" in that sarcastic manner.

So what if he can't make it, its not like his team don't know what he wants to say, in fact they made all that stuff up in the first place. Manifestos and stuff aren't all that important anyway, its what they do if they win. Ken's had his chance, has he really acted upon his manifesto? He's really not been that bad at all, I just think Boris could be better. In all the interviews I've seen so far Boris is presenting himself pretty damn well, he's had plenty of opportunity to answer all the major questions himself anyway. go boris!!

Apr 20 2008 23:00

"In all the interviews I've seen so far Boris is presenting himself pretty damn well, he's had plenty of opportunity to answer all the major questions himself anyway"

Newsnight? To paraphrase:

  • Paxman: "Boris, how much are you are going to spend on your new buses?"
  • Boris: "No more than Ken will on his new hybrid buses"
  • Paxman: "How much is that?"
  • Boris: "Ask Ken"
  • Paxman: "So you don't know?"
  • Boris: "I will spend no more than Ken will on his buses"
  • Paxman: "But how much is that?"
  • Boris: "Ask Ken"

If you've seen the Newsnight "hustings" and think he presented himself well, you are completely delusional.

Go and watch it if you haven't already: Newsnight London Mayoral Debate.

8. :(   
Apr 20 2008 23:04

ashley can you put something up so that we plebs know how to do links and bullet points and stuff?

im sure it isn't that hard but i don't know how to.

Apr 20 2008 23:13

See this page:

You won't need to login, even though its in the "admin" section.

10. OMG   
Apr 21 2008 00:39

Please everybody, watch the London Mayoral Debate.

The idea of voting for Boris Johnson after that is ludicrous. What a f**king idiot.

Apr 21 2008 11:14

Oh, but he's got a good heart, he was probably hungover, or fell off his bike or something that day!

Apr 21 2008 11:35

Ah yes, the all spin and no substance extends to his devoted followers too.

boris fancier - perhaps you can tell me what Boris actually *believes in*, and what his vision for London is? Because I've seen his manifesto, his PR stunts and his hustings appearances and I don't think he's standing because he wants to see a better London.

13. IQ   
Apr 22 2008 14:52

So... I know why Ashley Brown is voting for Paddick... Its cos he's raving bender! (Paddick that is, not Brown)

Apr 22 2008 18:30

Ooooo I just heard you and saw the stage-how exciting!

Apr 22 2008 19:06

Don't go all make a cup of tea at once, there are so many of you watching it may affect the power supply to London.

Apr 22 2008 19:07

Stop mumbling!

17. Mash   
Apr 22 2008 19:17

Did he just say statistics don't really mean anything LOL HAHAHA

Apr 22 2008 19:18

Please ask this man the last time he took the bus?

Apr 22 2008 19:22

Can you ask those miserable trots to stop giving a standing ovation to anyone saying anything remotely anti-government...most distracting...

If you read about Mark Clarke's background he is not your "sterotypical" tory so please don't give the "Please ask this man the last time he took the bus?"

...if you were talking about Boris, he doesn't take the bus...he cycles!

21. Chris   
Apr 22 2008 19:38

Ha did you hear that Ashley? Gotta get a job sometime...

22. Mash   
Apr 22 2008 19:39

Will you ask whether all parties will provide assurances in retaining the Freedom Pass, which provides free travel for disabled students on London's public transport network?

Apr 22 2008 19:57

Ash, Can you ask whether the candidates read Live! and whether they take any notice of it!

24. Mash   
Apr 22 2008 20:11

Will you ask whether all parties will provide assurances in retaining the Freedom Pass, which provides free travel for disabled students on London's public transport network?

Apr 22 2008 20:12

Larvin, are you at hustings with your iPhone?

26. Chris   
Apr 22 2008 20:25

Yeah of course, saves me from stabbing people when a lefty starts chatting...

27. Boris   
Apr 22 2008 20:28

This is a trick question to catch me out but I'm keeping the freedom pass. A rumour has gone round that I'm getting rid of it but it's just not true!

Apr 22 2008 20:34

I was going to give the green woman my second vote - not any more after her appaling and unsportsmanship behaviour.

Apr 22 2008 20:38

This woman is almost as bad as Jen Roberts at chairing!

Apr 22 2008 20:44

That's some funky rave s**t! Was that your choice Ash?

Apr 22 2008 20:47

It was the only royalty-free music I had!

32. JJ   
Apr 22 2008 21:05

I can hear!

33. JJ   
Apr 22 2008 21:08

Posting made the video go away.

Now I can't hear :(

Apr 23 2008 18:41

The recording from last night is now up, along with some interviews.

Apr 23 2008 19:25

I'd prefer Mark Clarke than Boris the baffoon!

Apr 23 2008 19:26

a swift kick to the bullocks than boris as london mayor

Apr 24 2008 00:14

name a place and I will kick you real hard.... only I can't because Boris will be mayor

Apr 24 2008 07:39

ASHLEY have you been playing with the poll? 50 extra votes in one night? I don't think so! And all for Paddick?

Apr 24 2008 08:42

No, I haven't. I did however post the link to ULU hustings on his facebook page, and someone else posted link to student manifestos. So there could well have been 50 people overnight. I shall check the logs though.

40. mmm   
Apr 24 2008 09:53

i think the poll has ceased to be realistic...

Apr 24 2008 11:51

Paddick is by far the best candidate, he is not a polititian at heart and does not get too involved in the bickering. He has not done anything stupid in the past and he has some really good policies that could actually work. I think the way he held himself in these hustings shows this perfectly.

Apr 24 2008 12:59

i agree with Griz... also Paddick is by FAR the best looking and that's all that matters really.... ;)

43. jess   
Apr 24 2008 14:32

vicky, u do know he's gay right?!??? do you have a thing for gay guys...first wes, now paddick!!!!!

Apr 24 2008 14:43

I always thought there was something Larvin was keeping from us...

Apr 24 2008 17:46

owwww I always go for the gay ones :-(

Apr 24 2008 23:59

I was Question Time today, woo!

Also Boris was annoyingly good. Its sad that he wasn't at ULU because he probably would have kicked ass. He's obviously spent a lot of time practising his debating skills and if you watch Question Time, its difficult not be convinced by him.

Brian Paddick is a tool, he was quite rude and at one point raised his voice and told Boris 'to shutup and let someone else speak' although this part was edited out of Question Time.

Apr 25 2008 00:03

Yep, I heard your voice I went "Is that Kadhim? Wow, the camera doesn't add 30 lbs to him!"

The part where Paddick told Boris to shut up wasn't edited out. I thought it was well deserved, as Paddick constantly misses out on the chance to speak while Boris is wittering on about nonsense most of the time.

It would be nice if Boris could answer a straight question with a straight answer - I didn't find him terribly convincing at all. Having said that, he was much better than at Newsnight.

48. Eugene   
Apr 27 2008 11:02

To Christian - post 28

Can you elaborate - what was Sian Berry like then?

Apr 28 2008 22:20

Boris has surged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 points.... wow!

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