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NUS Referendum Debate: Recording

Jun 13 2008 19:06
Ashley Brown
Watch (and comment) on the NUS Debate held yesterday evening in the Union Dining Hall.
The Panel

On Thursday 12th June 2008 Live! hosted a panel debate on the merits of NUS membership, with a number of the organisations virtues and failings discussed by a panel including the new NUS President Wes Streeting.

The question was "Should Imperial College Union remain affiliated to the National Union of Students?". On the 'Yes' side were Soumaya Mauthoor, leader of the 'Yes' campaign team and NUS President Wes Streeting. On the 'No' side were ICU President Stephen Brown and KCLSU President-elect Chris Mullan. Voting is online from 17th-23rd June.

You can watch the video below.

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NUS Debate 2008
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Discussion about “NUS Referendum Debate: Recording”

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Jun 13 2008 20:29

Thanks to everyone who came along!

Jun 13 2008 21:24

It was really useful thanks. Good chairing. You should organise more live debates.

3. Dan   
Jun 14 2008 15:47

Good work by the boys at Stoic (inc. Ashley!). I;'ve had people coming up to me saying the broadcast was very professionally executed. they weren't wrong.

Jun 15 2008 10:47

Chris Mullan is such an awesome speaker!

I can't help but feel sorry for Wes, he's so nice and clearly doesn't want to be a member of that defunct organisation either. His comment about the NUS historically not being very good at representing Imperial was the icing on the cake though.

Jun 15 2008 12:37

First things first. Well done to the Chair. Damn he is a good chair, I take my hat off to anyone who can shut up Kirsty Patterson!

Secondly, well done to Stephen and Chris who both spoke very well.

Thirdly, well done to Wes for speaking very well in spite having a total retard on your right who can't speak, doesn't understand a thing she is talking about and doesn't understand what university she is actually at. Seriously who let her on the panel. Your kissing your Yes campaign goodbye.

6. lazy?   
Jun 15 2008 20:55

What exactly has kirsty contributed to this campaign?

Jun 16 2008 11:08

Kirsty handed the Disaffiliation Campaign over to Stephen Brown about a week into the debate as she had to take some time off work.

Jun 16 2008 11:37

Is it just me or has Wes really started to put on a London accent? Much more than last year. Good image management I'm sure.

Jun 18 2008 01:43

'Leh-bah-nooown'. Oh dear Wesley. You're not a geezer. Mockney is not cool. Career politicianing is so boring now. At least practice law like most of the proper MPs. Get off your soap box and get a proper job. (Oh no wait... recalls recent story of some toff girl on train moaning about how she had a 'first in History from Cambridge and I still can't find a job').

As for the yes campaign woman. She's just embarrasing. "I have family all over the world". Oh dear.

Nov 05 2008 10:09

As much as I hate resurrecting old threads, it occurs to me that during this debate Wes said that a national bursary scheme wouldn't necessarily be bad for Imperial students. However, he's now quoted as saying this:

"All students have to pay ?3,145 a year in top-up fees, but they face a postcode lottery when it comes to financial support," he said.

"Richer universities in the Russell Group can offer poorer students an average annual bursary of ?1,791, but those from the Million+ group can only offer ?680. "

In other words, take from the Russell Group and give the money to everyone else. Do you want your fees to subsidise people at TVU?

Nov 05 2008 13:20

It would be bad for Imperial students who manage to get proper jobs ie most of them.

The proposed National Bursary Scheme is nothing but redistributive nonsense designed to take money from Imperial students working long hours on tough degrees and give it to students doing non-courses elsewhere.

Why did ICU ever think it was a good idea to join an organisation that always argues for Imperial to get less money from the government and for Imperial graduates to pay more in tax to subsidise underperforming parts of the HE sector?

Nov 05 2008 16:06

Those god damn communists!

Nov 11 2008 04:21

When the cap on fees is lifted in 2009, Imperial students will be paying a least 10,500 a year, while other "underperforming parts" will be only able to charge the current ?3k.

These underperforming parts are vital to ensuring we can create and sustain a market. We expect to have complete deregulation on top-flight Uni fees by 2013.

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