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Council to Discuss No-Confidence Motion Tonight

Mar 01 2005 12:25
In spite of some suggestions to the contrary, "Live!" has received confirmation that the motion's proposer now has no intention of withdrawing.

As indicated in a previous article, when "Live!" spoke to Union President Mustafa Arif regarding a motion of No Conifdence tabled against him last week, he stated that he was talking to the motion's proposer, Mr Tom Tibbits, and that the motion may well be withdrawn.

However, last night, "Live!" received confirmation from Mr Tibbits that he will not be withdrawing the motion.

"In a conversation with Mr Arif, I stated that I may consider withdrawal based on a number of factors... However, Mr Arif was unable to allay my fears and bring new evidence to my attention that would clearly exonerate him."

He then went on to explain, "I do not wish to see this affair descend into a public spectacle or debacle. I wish to see accountability and trust restored in the President and Union, and am willing to withdraw any allegations I have made which are clearly false. I look forward to seeing and hearing evidence [this] evening that they are, indeed, false."

Council Chair, Danny Sharpe, added: "I hope we can deal with this matter in a swift and civil manner, whatever the outcome."

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Discussion about “Council to Discuss No-Confidence Motion Tonight”

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1. Anon   
Mar 01 2005 21:51

The Lucky, Lucky Bastard

May 27 2005 17:01

Lucky lucky Union, that's what I just heard.


May 29 2005 16:45

Yes I see what you mean "fly on the wall".

Do we know when Live! or Felix will break the news?

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