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Come Hither, Mighty Readers

Mar 04 2007 19:11
Ashley Brown
Do you have what it takes to stand up to the sabbs? Can you expose lies, incompetence and cover-ups? Join us for the Live! AGM and Dinner!
Munkey returned to stardom after his spell at Live!

Time Magazine decided that the person of the year of 2006 was "you", the reader. I would like to echo that sentiment: Live! only works because people read, take notice and take action. Your various hints and tip-offs throughout the year have been invaluable.

Run Live! Next Year

However, Live! is nothing without people to write for it. We'd like "you" to become "us". On 15th March at 17:30 in the CGCU Office, C&G Media Group will elect the committee for next year, including the next Live! Editor(s). Everyone who has had an article published this year is automatically a member and able to stand for a position or vote. If you're a reader, feel free to come along and put questions to those who will be running Live! next year, or quiz this year's team.

Working for Imperial's only source for up-to-the-minute news and scandal is a great way to boost the CV. CGCUs' "munkey" returned to fame this year after many years of service with Live!, despite the disaster of his previous employment.

Come to Dinner

After the AGM the Live! team will head to a restaurant, probably Giraffe on High Street Kensington, to belatedly celebrate Live!'s 7th birthday and welcome the new committee. The precise choice of restaurant will depend how many confirm and what food they fancy, so add your thoughts to the discussion below.

All journalists and readers are invited, just make sure you let us know! If you would like to come, drop an email to .net, or add yourself to the event on Facebook.

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Discussion about “Come Hither, Mighty Readers”

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Mar 05 2007 12:00

Can any former editors reading this please drop me an email so I have a current contact address for you please. I have a document I need you all to check :)

Apr 10 2008 22:46

I want to be in amazan

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