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Live! Shortlisted for 2007 Guardian Awards

Oct 08 2007 14:32
Ashley Brown
Live! has been shortlisted for student website of the year in the Guardian Student Media Awards 2007.
Live! is up against stiff competition

The shortlist for this year's Guardian Student Media Awards has been published today, with Live! in the running for student website of the year. Along with Peter Dominiczak for student travel writer we're the only representatives of Imperial this year, with Felix unable to repeat last year's successes.

Winning the category will not be easy - past winners and newspaper websites are among the competition, all with vastly more time, money and people than us. What will hopefully set Live! apart is the huge level of reader interaction we enjoy, as well as our co-operation with stoic tv to produce relevant video content. If people threatening to sue us counts as a plus point, then we've got that covered too. Finally, rolling updates of breaking news and not pulling any punches must be strong points.

Getting on the shortlist is a huge achievement and a testament to all those who've put work in over the last year. This includes not only those writing the news but everyone who's been making it, whether through entertainment, incompetence, or not reading the weather report. Those who contributed to our two biggest discussions have also played a role.

If I haven't linked to enough already, head over and check out Live!'s best bits of 2006-2007.

The competition are all good websites with a huge variety of content and not quite as cynical as we are. If you want to check them out, our rivals are:

The full shortlist should be published on the Guardian Student Media Awards website in the next few days, or can be found in the MediaGuardian supplement today. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on the 21st November, so we are hoping for some good news then!

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Discussion about “Live! Shortlisted for 2007 Guardian Awards”

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1. Tris   
Oct 08 2007 15:29

Congrats! Proud to be C&G...!

Oct 08 2007 19:07

Knew for a long time that Live! is superb - the best source for Imperial news IMO.

And Guardian's missing the ! in Live!

Oct 09 2007 00:04

The Felix that won was Felix 2005-06, not last year's, even though the awards were last year...

Oct 09 2007 10:34

Considering that Felix under Rupert won these awards before, I am not sure they are worth much. Nevertheless, Congrats to Ashley.

5. Raf   
Oct 09 2007 21:36

yeah, kinda agree, Live! is good :)

Oct 11 2007 21:35

There is just something about Live! that makes it unusually attractive.

Oct 12 2007 13:06

It's editor? ;)

8. Hoho   
Oct 12 2007 18:17

How about it's(!) excellent punctuation?

9. Tomo   
Nov 21 2007 15:02

Good luck tonight Live! and also to Mr Dominiczak. GO TEAM IMPERIAL. High-five!

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