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Wanted: Good Contacts, Balls of Steel and GSOH

Feb 28 2008 12:01
Ashley Brown
Think you can run Live!? March 13th is your chance to prove it!
Think you can bring home the bacon?

Are you brave enough to fend off people who want to sue you? Do you have the contacts to get information first? Have you the dedication to stay up until stupid o'clock in the morning for a good story? Fancy talking to the geekiest rock star on the planet? Will you make changes happen? Most importantly, are you a pansy, or do you have balls of steel?

Live! will have a new set of hands at the wheel from August, as I'm (hopefully) coming to the end of my time as a student at Imperial. Guilds Media Group will be holding its AGM at 6pm on 13th March to elect the next Live! Editor and other committee positions. With a growing audience and an award under its belt, running Live! is as exciting as its ever been - if you think you've got what it takes, come along!

Everyone is welcome to come along and grill the candidates and anyone who is a full member of the Union and has written for Live! in the past 12 months is eligible to stand and vote. Drop an email to if you wish to stand so we know what to expect!

Following the meeting we will retire to a restaurant for a meal, venue TBC. Feel free to come along, but get in touch or add yourself to the Facebook event so we can book a suitable table.

The AGM will take place at 6pm on 13th March in the CGCU Office (340 Mech Eng) and should last no more than 45 minutes. Eating and drinking will continue until we get thrown out!

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Discussion about “Wanted: Good Contacts, Balls of Steel and GSOH”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 28 2008 12:17

mr brown should run again

Feb 28 2008 12:23

They should make Live! a paid job so that Ashley could stay. It won't be the same w/o him. Sniff.

Feb 28 2008 15:30

whats live?

Feb 28 2008 15:52

Given the number of daft people who've shown up on here recently, it's difficult to work out whether that's serious or an attempt at a joke...

Feb 28 2008 15:59

Is this intended to recruit another editor or is it just an article to show off how awesome Mr Brown is?

Feb 28 2008 16:06

This is intended to show off how awesome Live! is, with the intention of getting people to come along and get involved...

7. idea   
Feb 28 2008 17:19

sabotage ashley's attempt at getting a degree, force him to repeat and therefore keep him as Live! editor

Feb 28 2008 17:33

PhDs don't work like that. Funding runs out in October and you now have to complete within 4 years... You can't do a Brian May any more!

Feb 28 2008 22:23

Since I'm part of the Live! society (it's free to join on the Union website) does that mean I officially get to vote for/against any candidate I dislike/like?

Feb 28 2008 22:27

The Live! society isn't actually a society. You can join it all you like, but it doesn't really exist.

The Media Group constitution requires that someone must have contributed to Live! (or Guildsheet) to be a full member. Whether that's compatible with the current ICU constitution, I have no idea. No doubt Mr Matthews will be along shortly ...

Feb 28 2008 22:31

Do you want him to be editor? I'm not sure that would work very well...

Feb 28 2008 22:32

I meant to clarify the constitutional situation...

Feb 28 2008 22:32

Oh, okay.

Feb 28 2008 22:43

Okay Ashley, because you asked so nicely (and because Rosie is nagging me...)

Live!'s constitution is fine here, CGCU media is not actually a club so doesn't really exist as far as ICU Constitution is concerned. Basically, you can do what you want...

Feb 29 2008 00:06

Everyone is predicting what are clearly false election results:

Here is the true rundown:

Jon Matthews

Christian Carter

John James

Give a s**t about DPEW - the position doesn't really exist

Jovan Nedic

Feb 29 2008 07:34

Christian, why are you posting it here and not the elections thread?

17. person   
Feb 29 2008 08:06

Christian, if you win, I swear you will be no confidenced. You are a rude and arrogant pratt.

Feb 29 2008 08:30

That is the precise reason he won't!

Feb 29 2008 09:35

But I thought those were required qualities in a DPFS?

(and a thick skin)

20. well   
Feb 29 2008 09:49

If he spent less time being rude to people..... P.s. Chris Larvin is nothing like Christian Carter.

Feb 29 2008 10:43

Ash, what makes you think I posted that comment? You know my predictions and they don't all tally with post 15.

Now look what you've started!

Feb 29 2008 10:45

Because you're the only person I know who calls Live! "c**p" on a regular basis....

Feb 29 2008 10:49

What makes you think that is a good thing!?

24. Flower   
Feb 29 2008 11:09

Has someone been cheating in the current poll? 1121 votes cast in 1 day - pretty much all for the same thing?

Feb 29 2008 11:21

Yes I broke it, then Ashley broke it back again (I imagine).

Feb 29 2008 12:39

Okay well... I didn't post it - so clearly someone else thinks its c**p. Where are you btw? Come to the office - I need a word.

Feb 29 2008 15:46


28. WTF   
Feb 29 2008 15:52

Shut up.

Feb 29 2008 15:58

De ja vu...

... I seem to remember someone finding Live! the easiest and quickest way to contact me (as opposed to email, phone etc etc) at some point last year. Apparently that is one of the biggest indications that you are a hack. Or that you are addicted to Live!

Feb 29 2008 16:56

tom roberts would be f**king s**t at live! editor, coz he's s**t at felix editor. felix would be better in the hands of a senile monkey-cat

31. Hmmm   
Feb 29 2008 16:59


Tom roberts is a c**t, Felix is boring as sin. Who the hell voted this guy in?

32. Harry   
Feb 29 2008 17:03

I voted for Tom, however a long time ago I realised that I should have voted for Emily

33. umm   
Feb 29 2008 18:22

Well you guys are going a bit far. Felix is as good as its contributors.

A. Geek and this new Linnearse bring some much needed misanthropic humour back to the hallowed pages. More scandals and investigative journalism would be good, but not much is going on!

However, the thing that ruins it is the endless pages of waffle from arty-farty types and computer game nerds. It could do with cutting down (i.e. editing) their overindulgent prose and slotting in better pictures etc. instead.

And bringing The Hoff back!!

Feb 29 2008 19:08

tom is a great editor. he works very, very hard, and if you've ever actually MET him you'd realise he's far from being a "c**t"; he's a very nice man.

if you don't like it, run yourself, or join felix and help out. whining like a baby on live! is cowardly and contemptible.

Feb 29 2008 22:11

Eek, I know that there are a lot of "Hmmm"s about, but I just want to point out that I wouldn't call anybody a c**t on Live! or in person (unless I was really, really, really drunk).

And I am definitely not a Rupert Neap fan... and I quite like felix this year... but clearly every section isn't going to interest everybody, it's probably about striking a balance.

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