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Live! News: How do you read yours?

Apr 12 2009 18:59
Kirsty Patterson
If you don't already have Live! as your homepage why not keep abreast of the news on Twitter, Facebook, My Imperial and more...
A tenuously related picture. Happy Easter!

On Twitter

livecgcu on

Live! got an early Easter Present. We have now ventured into the realms of Twitter. If you have a Twitter account you can find @livecgcu and add it to the list of people you are following. This way, whenever a new story is added on Live! it will come up in your twitter feed with the title, blurb and a handy URL to take you straight to the article. Live! has nearly lots of followers already but we still need more! (OK, so three of those are the editor, the ex-editor and the editor-elect but, shh!)

If you don't have a twitter account yet - get one! It's really easy to set-up and is even more addicitive than facebook. So maybe wait until after exams.

On Facebook

Become a Fan of Live! on Facebook

Live! has both a Facebook Group (which is of limited use) and a Fan Page (which is brilliant). If you become a 'Fan' of Live! on Facebook then the newest stories will appear in your newsfeed along with the headline picture. Also there is a lot of additional content that makes it onto facebook that isn't on Live! so check out some of our videos, including the 15 minute edit of the Great Egg Race and the Techtonics live in concert.

On My Imperial

Live! News Feeds on My Imperial

My Imperial is the gateway for Imperial Students to everything you will ever need from Blackboard to Outlook from Topping Up Printer Credit to Tuition Fee Payments. Make sure it is also the best place to get College News by adding a Live! RSS Feed to your homepage.

It's really simple just click on the 'personalisation' link at the top of the page and select the icon at the top of the 'News and Announcements' Section. To have all of the headlines in your news feed add "" as the link and decide how many feeds you would like. To set up your own feed for My Imperial or other feed readers, visit the RSS Section of the Live! Website.

By Email Alert

Sign up for our email alerts by emailing the . Tell us how often you'd like them and you'll get an email telling you about new articles or discussion posts in that time period. We don't recommend setting them as every five minutes unless you like being over your storage limit.


Your Favourite Gossip Monger

And of course, keep coming to the site! Here, the Live! News Website , is still the best place to read the news in full, take part in our polls and keep a tab on the, often eggsplosive (it had to be done, it's Easter Sunday), discussion. What better way to fill the time before exams?

From all of the Live! Team (who are experts in procrastination) have a very Happy Easter!

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