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The Year That Was...2002-2003

Jul 31 2003 23:59
Live! takes a semi-nostalgic look back at the last year, and picks out a few of the high (and low) lights
Photo of the year - Sir Richard Sykes gets a face full of cream in the name of Comic Relief.

The beginning of the academic year seems an age ago now, buried almost into the depths of prehistory. The year started in a less than newsworthy fashion with a half-hearted campaign against one particular element of Imperial College?s re-branding.

Still, things didn?t stay quiet for long. While the glue was still drying on freshers? wonderful new Union cards, Imperial managed to drop a dual bombshell ? a proposed merger with UCL and an extraordinary u-turn on top-up fees. From the student media perspective, the autumn seems to have passed in a flurry of fees and merger related news, with various other random distractions. The world finally seemed to be quietening down when ICU President Sen Ganesh found himself the first sabbatical to face a disciplinary motion in over a decade.

The new year kicked off with fresh controversy, this time over the management of the Reynolds Bar. Mr Ganesh roundly seeing off his motion of censure barely saw any pause for breath as Imperial College finally revealed the full extent of its ?new brand? and the government released its long awaited white paper finally giving the go-ahead for top-up fees.

RAG week saw the traditional silliness, with the C&G Hit Squad venturing far and wide. Matters were soon overshadowed however by a series of complaints about the Union?s sabbatical elections leading to first the disqualification and then reinstatement of Ameet Bhakta as a candidate.

ULU Elections were also not without controversy, but no disqualifications this time. This was more than could be said for ULU President Charlotte Dawkins, who found herself facing a motion of no-confidence.

Imperial College's year meanwhile closed out in style with the first Summer Ball in living memory that actually managed to break even on its budget.

For Live! this has been a good year. Over 200 news articles have been posted this year, and countless others in other categories. After celebrating our third birthday in January, we launched our new Culture section in March and this has proved a great success and plans are already afoot to launch an entirely new section this summer. We have more journalists writing for us than ever before and things are certainly looking like a positive future.

With 2002-2003 now officially behind us, its time to look ahead to a new year, new challenges and (dare we say it) new news stories. Your editors this year have been Mustafa Arif, Dan Lehmann and Oliver Pell. Thank you, and goodnight?

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Discussion about “The Year That Was...2002-2003”

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Aug 01 2003 03:01

You forgot the highlight of the year...

Past President, Andy Heeps (for it was he) has finally graduated after 8 years at IC.

Aug 01 2003 08:22

Apart from the missing word "first" in paragraph 2, you also have another fact wrong. The first Summer Ball at South Ken in (3 ago), actually made money...

Aug 01 2003 09:14

And I think you'll find the first ball at Ally Pally actually made a profit too....

Aug 01 2003 09:38

I don't know about the Ally Pally Ball - though its my understanding that the entire thing made a massive loss but this was actually bourne by some other company? The Ball at IC 3 years ago definitely didn't make a profit - despite it being reported at the time that it had.

Aug 01 2003 14:06

It was a pleasure to finally join the Live team of reporters ;-)

6. stef   
Aug 01 2003 23:51

'Past President, Andy Heeps (for it was he) has finally graduated after 8 years at IC.'

thank f**k for that

Aug 02 2003 21:09

No. The first IC Summer Ball at Alexandara Palace was a huge success.

The second Ally Pally ball was a disaster because:

  • they tried to cater for ~2000 (as opposed to ~1000) guests
  • they never really get going with ticket sales
Aug 02 2003 21:32

August now. Presient Patel. I want a Guilds Summer Ball.

Aug 03 2003 16:07

Er - that's "Dr" Heeps to you, Stef. :o)

And yes, the first ball at Alexandra Palace was a huge success and turned a profit, taking place (as it did) in the 1997-98 academic year... :o)

Aug 06 2003 00:47

So Dr Heeps, when do we expect the enxt "Heeps on..." column?

The one for Ganesh is well overdue..

Aug 07 2003 16:19

president patel is trying to work at it.

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