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And the answer is...

Nov 25 2004 15:45
Nichola Hawkins
After a week in suspense, Live! can announce the answer to our quiz poll.
Have you seen this C&G Officer? We hope not...

In case anyone still cares, the correct answer is: Woolly Mammoths.

The reason was that all others could be found in the Guilds Office last week:

The While Chocolate Malteasers had initially appeared to threaten World Domination during and after the Lord Mayor's Show, with C&G's participants in the parade receiving around 50 large bags of sweets too sickly for most people to eat more than half a bag at a time.

However, due to a concerted effort by many, not least our C&G Media Group Colleagues from Guildsheet, this not-so-dark force has now been overcome.

The fire extinguisher was also left over from the Lord Mayor's Show: it been required on the float for Health and Safety reasons, but fortunately remained unused.

The presence of very dirty thoughts in the Guilds Office needs no further proof for anyone who has spent any time in that location, or read recent Guildsheet articles or Quotes Pages written there.

The Woolly Mammoths are indeed the odd one out: in spite of a former Live! editor assuring us that the C&G Woolly Mammoths resided behind the sofas, these seem to have fallen victim to CGCU President John Collins' new "tidiness regime," and migrated to join their companions down the road at the Natural History Museum.

The wording of the final answer initially fooled some readers, but on closer inspection it did not say "Doughnuts", it said "Anything but doughnuts!": this is indeed to be found in the C&G Office, as we have been informed that this is what they intend to buy with money received from ICU elections.

The moral of this story is...

Please suggest some polls, otherwise we have to resort to this kind of nonsense!

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Discussion about “And the answer is...”

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1. She   
Nov 25 2004 16:11


I will have to start a Return the Woolly Mammoths Back to Their Natural Habitat Campaign.

Who will sign my petition?

Nov 25 2004 17:55

I think the Guilds office would need something fairly major, air-conditioning wise, before it resembled suitable habitat for Woolly Mammoths.

Might I recommend some Pygmy Elephants for now?

Nov 25 2004 21:57

When you say "media group colleagues from Guildsheet" do you imply that there is anyone other than myself who works on the damn thing?

And yes, I took the proverbial 'white maltese' bullet for guilds and what did I get?

John, my medal of honour, my iron cross, my purple heart...

anything, atleast give me my own key to get into the guilds office.

Nov 25 2004 23:35


Why don't you run for VPA next year then if you want a key?

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