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Felix Editor Manifestos

Feb 01 2005 17:36
The first batch of manifestos to reach "Live!" are those for the post of Felix Editor.

Simon Clark

I have been involved with Felix since I've been at Imperial and been a regular contributor, initially as a music reviewer.

This year I have been editor of the Nightlife section, which has involved writing, as well as organisation of reviewers. This summer I was assistant editor on a newspaper for an international Scout camp of 8,000 people, producing a full newsprint edition every day for a week, from the comfort of a field.

Felix is the best it has ever been. I want to build upon this success and make it even more professional, with more and better content from around the college. As editor I would repeat the survey of last summer, in order to get a better idea of what readers want and improve our publication.

Subject to the survey results I would also like to work directly with clubs & societies on ways to work together for more contributions about, by and for them. Felix needs to improve its representation of the variety of the Imperial community, with more content on college life, The Union and its events, and personal opinions of students.

As a computing student, I'm in a prime position to improve the use of ICT facilities both inside and outside the Felix office, including an improved website and online contributions system.

I would also endeavour to create a more enjoyable working environment for contributors in Felix, and so encourage more people to contribute and provide readers with a more humorous and entertaining paper.

Rupert Neate

Felix is out of touch with you, the students. Felix isn?t fun anymore, and doesn?t attempt to cover any serious news stories. Felix should concentrate on its core principles of relevant news, funny columns, opinion on major issues & College sport.

? More fun, more comedy (bring back page 3?)

? More real news

? More opinion

? More sport

? More relevance

Felix should be full of stuff you want to read! Felix shouldn?t just be something you flip through when you?re bored in lectures, it should be something you look forward to, something that sparks debate, or at least conversation. The current bland Felix only provokes the question ?What?s 7 across??.

We spend all our time learning about science in lectures, Felix should be a reprieve from this, do we really want to read about only Science and Business? I?m not suggesting Felix should be dumbed-down; I will introduce humour and serious hard-hitting articles. I'll include an agony aunt (everyone loves reading them!) and a London sport column.

Felix is very un-opinionated, there is no leader column, all papers need this to express the paper?s views. I have secured interviews with prominent politicians such Westminster MP, Mark Fields, and will regularly interview a figure relevant to students.

I have been published in The Reading Evening Post and The Southampton Daily Echo, and had work experience on The Guardian.

Vote Rupert for a Felix you want to read.

Darius Nikbin

Felix is your forum. We are there to entertain, inform, and to publish your views. Most importantly Felix must be relevant and it is the Editor?s responsibility to print what you find interesting and entertaining.

During my three years on Felix I have edited the Film section, written news articles, relaunched the Science section, and been involved in unearthing the biggest front-page scoop Felix?s history. Currently, I am the science editor and am working to launch a new Felix spinout magazine in March. I also have experience on the advertising and financial aspects of producing the newspaper.

Throughout my time on the paper I have placed emphasis on two aspects of Felix: content and humour. The two are not mutually exclusive, but are essential. Felix needs an editorial team who are familiar with the collective student Zeitgeist and who can tap into your sense of banter. Today?s Felix Editor also needs the experience and technical professionalism to safeguard your freedom of speech, motivate a competent editorial team, and ensure that Felix is printed on time, and not on bog-roll.

As Felix?s most experienced section editor, I believe I can deliver on all these fronts.

Vote for me and I will ensure the professional running of Felix, support clubs and Union events, publish a once-a-term science and culture magazine, revamp the website, and guarantee your freedom of speech. Felix will reach its potential, but we need to be relevant in our content and more irreverent in our humour.

Martin Smith

When it comes to editing Felix, you need someone with both vision and experience. As your Felix editor, I would build on the professionalism already present and introduce a new ?feel? to Felix: one that is interesting, informative and amusing. I will:

? Extend the already excellent sports coverage to every club and society by offering ?feature? sections on the interesting social, recreational, overseas and athletic aspects of student life. I?ll continue to print any sports report that I receive.

? Encourage comment and lively debate on college, student and world news, giving every reader the chance to make their voice heard

? Produce well designed, entertaining issues of Felix incorporating many aspects of talent available at Imperial, be it photography, political cartoons or the written word.

? Reward and encourage the many talented contributors to Felix with bar nights and other social events.

I?m honoured to have served you as the current Books editor of Felix and have tackled both interviews and page layout in this capacity, alongside writing some of the cryptic crosswords you enjoyed last year. Some of you may already know me as the editor of ?Broadsheet?, the Faculty of Physical Sciences student newspaper. I?m proud to have had that opportunity to offer entertainment and amusement to Physical Scientists and to produce thought provoking articles on a variety of subjects.

If you want to see features, comment, debate and other entertaining articles then vote Martin Smith for Felix Editor


Manifesto not yet submitted

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Feb 04 2005 16:44

If anyone has any questions about my Felix manifesto - I'm happy to answer them here on Live.

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