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Deputy Presidents' Manifestos

Feb 01 2005 17:59
Next up, the candidates for the three Deputy President positions.

Finance and Services

Tim Aplin

What does a student union want? Its students to be satisfied. So then we ask: how can that be achieved? There is no simple answer; the needs are limitless: cheap food & drink, lively student bars, well funded & active clubs & societies, the list continues for as many students as you can find.

Many people want many different things and as DPFS I would strive to help everyone get better value from our outlets (bars, catering and retail); make sure clubs and societies get funded more competently; and draw on the practices of other universities and see what they do well and how we can emulate that. Our Wednesday and Fridays have recently fallen below par and I would give my support in trying new things to attract different student groups into the building throughout the days and nights.

Nobody can promise miracles, but with a ?career? history that has had me doing everything from participating in a club to financially overseeing over 45 of them (representing over 20% of the total) as ACC Treasurer ? which encompasses the majority of competitive and graded sport in Imperial College Union; both drinking in and working behind our bars for the better part of four years and being involved in the Union?s recent Club & Society Finance Review, I believe I have the knowledge, experience and working relationships over all the other candidates to get the job done best.

Robin Avery

Hello all, as I know you?re all busy I?ll keep this short and to the point. Fundamentally I stand for three things that form a catchy slogan: responsibility, accountability and approachability.

Responsibility is because I was treasurer of ICU Sinfonietta during their most successful and expensive tour to date, with a budget in excess of £25k and many challenges along the way (anyone who?s tried to pay Russians in advance will know about this). Secondly I am currently the treasurer of ICU RAG which will hopefully donate in excess of £10k themselves, counted and banked by me and my team.

Accountability represents my view that all sabbatical officers should be able to be held to account by the members of the institution that is ICU. If you had an issue with the way I did something, I?d strongly encourage you to question me about it.

Approachability is for all you budding treasurers out there. I know how hard it can be to run a club and budget for it. I also know that your job is the most thankless in any society and think that there should be more support out there for all 300 of you. I would like to provide that support.

So, I think you should vote for me because I have the ability to do the job, are willing to be questioned on my methods (and justify them) and the enthusiastic nature to get the job done and help people.

Finally, enjoy RAG week and vote.

Edward Piggott

More Money for C&S!

I will prioritise the Union?s Money better, allowing for a larger chunk to go towards the Clubs & Societies. I will also lobby for an increase in our overall funding, to give Clubs and Societies, rather than just admin, more.

More Fun Less Forms!

I will move most, if not all, the day-to-day financial administration for Clubs & Societies online. I will also campaign to move the rest of the C&S administration online.

Less Fiction More Fact!

I believe very passionately that students should know what is happening when it is. Thus, whenever I am doing something, be assured that I will let the people who matter, the Students, know.

For Students By Students!

I will open the financial sections of the Union to greater student involvement, and scrutiny. Thus, if they want something done, they?ll be able to see whether it?s happening or not.

Real Action Not Gimmicks!

I have a proven track record of delivering the promises I make, both the very small ones to the very large ones. So be assured, when I say I?m going to do something, I actually mean it!

A New Union Is Possible!

I passionately believe that all students, irrespective of their beliefs, should be entitled to help within the Union. I feel that we should all work together to make a better Union for all.

Clubs and Societies

Simon Matthews

Why should you vote for me as DP (C&S)? Simply put, you?d be getting someone who is experienced, competent and who has a track record of openness and improving communication. Having spent the last couple of years on the SCC exec; firstly as treasurer and now as chair I am aware of many of the current issues facing clubs and societies in the union and have been working hard trying to improve matters. I have been an active member of a wide range of clubs, including sports and recreational ones, giving me knowledge of some of the challenges that they face.

As DP(C&S) I would continue the war on bureaucracy. Some paperwork is a necessary evil, but I would continue the trend of moving to online forms, reducing the work that club officers have to do.

The recent strategic review highlighted a number of issues. The proposed redevelopment of the Beit building would allow us to make better use of the available space. There is also the matter of room bookings. Some rooms stand empty for most of the year, while others are fought over tooth and nail: I would plan to enable these less-popular rooms to be used more effectively. One of my ultimate goals would be to see every club have a ?home?, whether it?s an extra gym for the martial arts clubs, or customised room for social clubs.

Remember, a vote for Simon is a vote for competence and experience.

James Thatcher

I believe that Imperial?s greatest asset is its clubs and societies; we currently have over 250 clubs with thousands of student members and hundreds of dedicated officers. My aim as DPCS would be simply to perform my duties in an organised and efficient manner; it sounds obvious, but having been a club officer I know how vital those two things are.

Club officers have to be well organised in order to hand in forms on time, and should expect them to be handled efficiently once they have. In order to aid this I will continue to push for more online documentation, a service which should have been implemented many years ago.

The year ahead will be both very exciting and very challenging for many clubs. Most obviously for the indoor sports clubs with the opening of the new sports centre, but also for many others with the closure of Southside and its gym, and the potential restructuring of the union building. I will continue all the hard work of the previous DPCS and CSC chairs in ensuring that the best deal is reached for everyone involved.

I could promise all sorts of outrageous things that I couldn?t possibly achieve, but I won?t. All I promise is to give every person who votes for me a planet of their choice when I?m ruler of the Universe*, and to do my best to represent all the clubs and societies so they can achieve what they want.

*Except Uranus. First come first served.

Education and Welfare

Sarah Khatib

I am Sarah Khatib, a final year Biochemistry student.

I have been a Year Representative for the past 2 years and I have enjoyed it because, at heart, I like to assist students with their academic issues, and convey their ideas and complaints to faculty members.

I strongly believe that you should have the power to change things in your university and in order to achieve this I will guarantee you competent representation. I intend to galvanize the departmental representation system so that you have more faith in your Year Reps. How often do you meet with your personal tutor? Seldom, I bet.

I will ensure this scheme is more effective, with tutors as your first point of reference.

Unrealistic deadlines, very little time?

I want to develop a more manageable exam and coursework timetable for all departments.

I intend to work hard to protect your interests, ensuring that The Union provides you with welfare support specific to your needs.

In my position as DPEW, I will address the issue of accommodation rents. I support an even distribution of rent increases across the spectrum of halls and I feel that freshers have the right to indicate what price range is affordable for them. Above all, I am seeking to advocate a fair accommodation system.

Do you want to see it all done?

Speak Out.

Vote Sarah Khatib for DPEW.

Aleksandra Corr

Having been at Imperial for 4 years, I have met and talked to many people about their views on Imperial College and the Union. I have also had first hand experience in using the welfare facilities, and feel that I can represent these views.

I will strengthen the relationships between personal tutors and students by ensuring that through regular meetings (not just with first years) a tutor can build up a relationship that will allow the student to ask freely about education and welfare issues, and allow feedback for work/exams. New tutors may need help in providing them the right information.

Postgraduates and taught postgraduates do not have a huge active role in the Union. Many postgraduates do not realise that there is a Union. I can increase awareness by providing information at the start of the year for all postgraduates, including the ones originating from Imperial College.

I feel that a disinterest in Imperial is due to lack of communication. I aim to work alongside student representatives to pass on information through class representatives and create a feedback system.

I will investigate whether there are enough resources to facilitate disabled students, and those with learning difficulties, and to provide necessary changes, by working alongside the Disabilities Officer.

I would like to see more subject areas introducing reading weeks, or more time for preparation round exam times. I feel that this will decrease the stress that student?s feel, especially as preparation time has decreased in certain times of the year.

The social side of Imperial is not as good as the academic side of Imperial. I will ensure that lunchtime lectures are kept to a minimum and that Wednesday afternoons are free for PGs, as well as for UGs.

All positions

New Election

Manifesto not yet submitted

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Discussion about “Deputy Presidents' Manifestos”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 02 2005 17:59

The following posts are mostly written by a group of people in the same room (or maybe just one person) so don't think these are the views of a great many different people.

Feb 03 2005 17:45


Someone is addressing the issue of learning disabilities! Frankly so far I thought that only I was going on about it like a scratched record. I am happy to see that someone is taking interest because looking at it from someone who had several learning disabilities, and being the AAO for the life sciences frankly feel that a lot of work has to be done. Good luck with it...because dam right the facilities need to be improved!!!


Feb 03 2005 21:19

Now let me get this straight... Simon Matthews wants an 'extra' gym in the union building... what one's not enough?!

Feb 03 2005 21:21

Promises promises promises... come Farce! time every year we're fed promises so who's got the goods and who's blowing smoke up our a** I guess only hustings will tell! Sounds like there are a lot of stretchy flexible possibly-if-everything-goes-our-way-and-nobody-objects-to-it promises arising!

Feb 03 2005 21:23

Well apparently not befuddled! Anyhoos it's better than a council chamber or a starbucks in our back yard! I wonder if we'll be paying any Russians to do our work when the redevelopment comes along...

Feb 03 2005 21:27

lol nice one... strange how only Tim's the only one to mention services at all in his manifesto; does anyone know if the other two 'do' services? Obviously Mr Aplin's patronage and employment is experience enough, he thinks anyway!

Feb 03 2005 21:29

No idea... fresh perspective or a seasoned hand who can hit the ground running... I'd take the seasoned hand personally...

Feb 03 2005 21:31

I agree... what about the "War on Bureaucracy"... I like the sound of that; but surely club officers still gotta 'do the work' to get the stuff online...or no??

Feb 03 2005 21:34

PROMISES!!! I think we should scrap the lot and start again...haha I like 'needs are limitless' from Tim... sounds like he's been at the sharp end before; no doubt Piggott's got miles under his belt but he sounds like those LU one line ads - provocative to start off with then you think about it a little and then less so... each one kinda jumps, no synergies or integrations.... where are the buzzwords people?!!?!

Feb 03 2005 21:36

Online paperwork... why's everyone so keen on it?! We don't even have a finance system linked to this online paperwork so at the end of the day Aziz is still tapping entries in! Man I hope we don't get a system made by the same people who college's payroll system is from; it'll come December and everyone'll be digging out their traditional 'pens and forms' when the system crashes...

Feb 03 2005 21:38

What's the story with James Thatcher someone?

12. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 21:39

Archery chair? Done it a few years I think... seen him in SAC a fair few times at Tim's infamous treasurer's meetings...speaking of Tim that boy spends way too much time down in that basement place!

Feb 03 2005 21:41

I'll take that as a compliment gob101! That 'basement place' is where most of the union's C&S grunt work gets done! Besides tis a very well lit and friendly place (much more welcoming than Aeronautics) I'll have you know!

Feb 03 2005 21:43

Ah ok... so James Thatcher's ACC, Morten Olesen's ACC, Tim Aplin's ACC, Aleks Corr may aswell be ACC... I sense a trend here! Going back to C&S, who's the underdog?!

15. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 21:48

Oooh an eavesdropper! Underdog... I dunno; this 'customised room for social clubs' is a bit vague... we're short on space as it is; what is this 'customisation' gonna be like???

Feb 03 2005 21:53

Well gob101 wait til hustings and have your say!

Feb 03 2005 21:55

James is the underdog i reckon... but then again Simon's last line: "Remember, a vote for Simon is a vote for competence and experience."... if he has to remind us of that is it /that/ true???

18. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 21:57

I will indeedy Mr Aplin, so nice of you to join this little online soiree of ours...

What's this whole Uranus thing about? thick as I am I don't really get it...

Feb 03 2005 21:59

What's wrong with an all ACC lineup? If they know each other already then it can only be a good thing right? Speaking of lineups who's watching the Superbowl in the union?

Feb 03 2005 22:01

If it's all ACC I suppose there are good things to come out of it, but there's always skeletons in the closet, what are theirs...

I'd watch the superbowl in the onion, if the BAR wasn't closed and we couldn't bring beer in... what's superbowl Sunday without beer?!

Feb 03 2005 22:02

NO BEER!!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 03 2005 22:03

Yup sorry no beer... heard it from the bar staff... they don't have a late license and we can't bring our own stuff in... sucks to be us... ITV at home it is then!

Feb 03 2005 22:04

ITV... home... beeeer... hmmmmm =)

24. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:06

People I think you may be diverging from the topic! E&W... I'm gunning for Aleks... she seems like she can represent more stuff from personal experience. After all, it's a matter of having done something before rather than just knowing and not doing!

25. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:12

Hello?? Heloooooooo???

26. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:22


i like u !!!!

i think she is a winner Aleks of course.....and the diabilities thingy is a good effort from her part it was time that someone like mentioned b4 looked into it, dont student with specific learing disabilites EVEN KNOW THEY HAVE A SPECIAL ROOM FOR THEM AT THE LIB???

NAH....i'm severly dyslexic and i wasn't even told that i could use free fascilities at the lib Loretto wanted me to pay ?500 just to know which softwear i can use to help me out...i say thats just wrong, i didn't choose to have dyslexia, i dont get anyhting for fre, and m friend dont know we can get colored overlays from the lib FOR FREE TO USE THERE!!!!

JEEZ....i say thats just wrong....

Feb 03 2005 22:22

E&W's interesting... they both sorta promise the same stuff but in different ways, I don't know how you'd get a reading week into a lot of courses that don't already have them; I mean if they don't have them there's probably quite a good reason! I wouldn't say no though...

28. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:23

lol... special room... for special people... lol... you sound like you're on a one man mission smoky!

29. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:24

Free's good though, free's always good.. =)

30. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:24

yo peeps...reading week is just s**t!!!

tru it would be good if we had less hard core courses, but say biologist have for some curses lectures at 9 and then the next one at 4??? WTF? u could fit much more in your day if the time tables were done in a more LOGICAL WAY!!!!

Feb 03 2005 22:26

Let the E&W girls battle it out in hustings... I wanna see a CATFIGHT!!! Is Aleks gonna be turning up for work that well done up every morning? I'm just worried it might eat into her work time... =P

32. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:27

Agree reading week's kind of... useless here; when we have to work we work our asses off so reading week's kinda just cutting our term a week short no?

Timetabling's your dept's fault though... nothing to do with the union

33. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:27

yeah u r funny.....NOT!

I wasn't loughin when i spend money i dont even have just to be told i can only get 15 mins extra time, for exams and have to pay for everything else! i am not rich and micheal jackson is not my Daddy, (thank god for that! lol..) did i mention extended loan books from the lib?

and yeah baby i ama special manny ways ;)

34. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:29

so let me get this guys are bitching about people promisssing the moon, praise good idea's like Tim's AND THEN BITCH MORE WHEN SOMEONE IS OBVIOUSLY DEDICATED TO THEIR JOB AND DOES IT WELL?!? so what if people spend a lotta time in the basement frankly..i'd personnaly would prefere not seeing our officers' faces around the college but enjoying the fruit of their hard labour rather than listening to them talking themeselves up and running like headless chickens trying to understand how the system works....DUDE...

DUDE, you need to take so valium or something and chilax the double standards will lead us no where!

Feb 03 2005 22:31

If you feel so strongly why didn't you stand for E&W aswell then smoky? Could've been a 3-way 'fight' ;-)

Everyone knows about the extra time in exams, you get them in GCSE's and A-levels... paying for extra stuff's a bit c**p though, which one of the girls is gonna give us the lowdown on disabilities support? I can see the article now: "Leaning Diabilities and Freebies, what you need to no..." =P

36. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:32

?! Tim?! Who's talking about Tim? I'm looking for that catfight someone promised earlier!

37. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:37

nah my bad!.....that was meant to go way earlier in the discussion, technical problemes with my cheap and old computer...

i like the E&W discussion better now....

Feb 03 2005 22:37

Hey this would be the same 'Tim Weinert-Aplin' who's been making a few recent appearances in the Felix letters no? Sounds like he does a lot of bitching himself... good bitching mind you. Sounds like he's not afraid to speak out... mind you neither would I if I hadn't been paid for long enough!

39. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:39

i could stand for E&W and i can tell u i'll be good, i do have the guts to digg all the s**t out..all in good times my will get your cat fight soon....

40. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:39

... Aleks hasn't gone about this the whole 'positions of responsibility' way has she... it's sort of a "I've done it all before, so I'm one up on them already" kinda thing

Feb 03 2005 22:43

Never mind James Thatcher's story, what's Sara Khatib's story? I can't say I've heard of her before... BioChem final year, year that the same as dep rep?

42. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:43

Nah there are year reps for every year and dep reps for the whole dept to the teaching staff...

Feb 03 2005 22:44


44. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:45

so?? your point beeing....???

i like experienced people personally, they will spend less time running around trying to keep things together..besides if she is confident enough then go get them girl!

HOWEVER i am not saying she should relax....been there not easy thing u know....ummm...tricky...

its a union job at the end of the day, i aint going for someone who doesn't even know where the hell is east wing, or who to talk to...the more people hang out around the union the more thay know whats going on the more they will be better at their jobs....

45. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:47

i was talking about alex, sarah seems too innocent she will get eaten by the bigger fish...year rep! dude she hasn't got a clue of whats awaiting for her!

46. gob101   
Feb 03 2005 22:47

Agreed... but we do need to let the little critters out to play once in a while... there are only so many hours you can spend in the union without going mad!

47. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:48

he he !!!

not if u r already mad, then u have got nothing to loose!

Feb 03 2005 22:49

Sarah might have a bit less experience and it kinda shows in the manifesto I think... lotsa catchy stuff that the general populous is none the wiser to...

49. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:53

if you want to have something done....u need to be a shark, and that is for everything in your life, to represent the voice of the whole campus, u need to be aple to play with the big fish to satisfy the smaller ones..(us), so do u realise that it would take you a whole year to learn about how things are done properly? i dont wanna waist more time, i want changes fast, and for that i want peeople with experience, i want dedicated from the manifestos we can see who that is.

50. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:54

speaking if fish i fancy some fish and chips...anyone with me?

51. smoky   
Feb 03 2005 22:58

apparently not....hellooooooo?!?!?!

Feb 04 2005 00:13

Thought I'd just add a little to the comments made earlier about myself.

gob101, I feel flattered that you think my slogans seem catchy, but feel rather more sad that you only think they're like LU ad's. And as for getting stuff done, my history is of getting stuff done, normally against a huge amount of s**t that comes my way. I'm normally the one which has to pick up the pieces when the s**t hit's the fan, and I'm having to do the work after others have f**ked it up.

As for synergies, 250 words doesn't really leave enough space to actually elaborate upon anything (I had to pair down what I wanted to say by about 100 words). Watch out for the hustings, Stoic & Felix interviews, or you can ask me a question directly on my web-site.

Apologies for the terse language, it's 10 past midnight, and I haven't had a lot of sleep lately, as I'm actually reaching out to the students.

53. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 00:23

well...i agree on one thing with u Ed...there is a lot of s**t hitting the fan when it come to doing what u do, but unfortunatly u chose to do it, and u r NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO'S POSITION IS STRESSFULL AND FULL OF PROBLEMES, are you assuming that other candidates' experience were all nice and jolly? all the respect but i dont think so... the question is who will be better at dealing with it and not get stressed so easily? and this is what the Farce!s are all about.

i guess like u said it the interviews will give us a better insight...

54. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 00:25

a little mistake to be corrected.." and this is what the Farce!s are all about."...i dont know where farces came from ...

55. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 00:27

hey!?!?! this is funny, why does E L E C T I O N S come out as farce!s????


Feb 04 2005 01:52

Wow I leave the computer for a few hours to continue campaign work and BAM! A whole plethora of discussion has taken place... time for my two penneth...

Terse language aside, the s**t (thanks to Live! for auto-censoring =P) may hit the fan, and it may often transpire that people whose job it isn't end up having to pick up the pieces when the dust clears. Fair enough, it happens to everyone. What Befuddled, Befuddled 2 and Gob101 have to see is that there's a distinct disparity in our origins... Eds lie with the RCS, the Motor Club and Equal Ops, whereas mine have had me seeking the bigger fish (money-wise) to fry at every step...

57. Bob   
Feb 04 2005 04:27


Everyone's rubbish.

Farce!s are a waste of time.

Vote RON.

Laugh at red faces.



Feb 04 2005 09:44

Did I say I was stressed. No, I said I was tired. Two different states of mind methinks.

And Tim, judge a book by it's cover if you will, but the facts speak for themselves. My expertise lies all across the Union (especially in the realms of FINANCE, LAW, EQUAL OPPS, etc.) you've just chosen three things out fo the dozens, if not hundreds, of things I've been involved in.

I think the Question the voters probably want to know the answer to the most is "Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"

Feb 04 2005 09:45

Also, I'm more likely to vote RON if it had good spelling and grammar.

60. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 10:01

i dunno Ed, where do YOU see yourself in 5 years time?

why do u think we wanna know whos doind what in 5 years time, its not related at all to the E L E C T I O N S! we dont give a s**t about 5 years time when it comes to the union Farce!s, we want people who can deliver immediatly so that we see the changes happening whiile we are still at college, not working, then what good is it to vote for u !

61. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 10:05

aren't you doing the same? judging the book by its cover?

Feb 04 2005 11:20

Why would it matter where I see myself in 5 years time? In case anybody else was wondering, I see myself rising through the ranks of a financial services firm, employing what I've learnt in helping be better at what they do.

Ed if your expertise lies across so many areas perhaps one might conclude that you haven't found your niche yet; whereas I have spent the past three years honing my art and learning the ropes...

And as for SPAG, the last time I checked numbers didn't form part of that group...

Feb 04 2005 12:34

smoky, I'd imagine you'd not want to have someone climbing the greasy pole to a career, and someone that didn't give a flying f**k about the students. After all, if they don't care, if it's just another entry on their CV, why will they care about the students?

As for what I'm going to be doing in 5 years time, possibly Academics, possibly a PhD. I don't generally plan that far ahead, I live for the moment, with gains there and then. So yes, I'd want to experience the improvements that I'd make next year, the year after etc. etc.

And where did I comment on Mr. Aplins history within the Union. Just because I'm a scientist, have a keen interest in engineering and medicine, law and other stuff, doesn't make me a bad person. For instance, as far as I'm concerned, Tim relaxes doing sport (as do many members of our Union). I am also sure Tim has an interest in other areas outside of Finance, Academics, Athletics etc. I am not saying he is a one horse guy, unlike what was said about me.

And Tim, as far as EXPERIENCE goes, it's all across the Union, but as far as EXPERTISE goes, it's finance, and how other things impinge on it, and as far as NATURAL TALENT goes, it's finance. So yes, I've found my niche already. I just don't see the need to stroke my ego at all.

Feb 04 2005 13:21

I like this, some powerful provocative conversation going on here! Just because I see myself in gainful employment outside of the union in 5 years doesn't mean I don't care now, in fact I probably care now more than ever because what I would do would affect me as much as it'd affect them and at closer proximity.

Ego stroking... oooh... some may call it that, but I refer to it as honing an art. Would you claim that a world champion sports team who kept winning every year were stroking their ego? No, they are simply doing what they do well and most likely enjoying it muchly.

65. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 13:45

lol....ooh Ed, dear Ed no u r not judging the book by the cover at all fact i think u are pshychic BRAVO YOU DO KNOW WHAT THE STUDENTS WANT!....frankly you are boring me now...this hall thing is boring me....and you loose WAAAY to quickly your calm why dont you try yoga it might help you beeing so uptight!

bi bi chicos!!

66. smoky   
Feb 04 2005 13:50

and peeps pls stop victimising yourselves....its pathetic...honestly, go and get some luuuuuuving.

Feb 06 2005 14:35

ohh, don't stop now, just as its getting interesting. Seriously though, where's this extra money for C&S coming from, and where's it going too? At least I have a practical and achievable aim.

Feb 06 2005 14:50

Hello there Robin. In a short answer, wait for my interview with Felix and Stoic for the answer to that question. The answers are in there. (Also, my aims are achieveable as well, I wouldn't have written them down without the start of a plan in place!)

And just a quick response to Tim. If a sports team train and win, then that's called training, so they train to win. If they then parade around college every week going "aren't we so great", then that's ego-stroking. I'm glad to say none of the sports team do this, so no they don't indulge in ego-stroking, they train, and win (deservedly) because they train.

And smoky, believe or not I do talk to students, that's how I find out what they want. I'm mot psychic, even though you may think I am. You'd be surprised what you can hear if you listen carefully. Also, I'm not uptight. Surprisingly, I'm actually very relaxed and calm over this whole Farce! process (I haven't lost my rag once!). Roll on the 11th!

Feb 06 2005 14:51

"not", not "mot"

Feb 06 2005 14:53

"Surprisingly, I'm actually very relaxed and calm over this whole *E-l-e-c-t-i-o-n* process (I haven't lost my rag once!). Roll on the 11th!"

That's a new parser bit I ain't seen before!.

71. editor   
Feb 06 2005 17:17

In the interest of fairness (and the very worthy 21% of readers who think this year's elections will run smoothly), a certain profanity filter has been temporarily removed, until such a time as those 21% are proven wrong.

72. smoky   
Feb 06 2005 22:19

if one day we meet, let me introduce you to someone......SARCASM!

This is so boring.....

73. smoky   
Feb 06 2005 22:20


Feb 06 2005 22:35

I know you we're being sarcastic. But did you realise I was being facetious? As for talking, I chhose to listen to the two hundred odd students I talked to before actually running in this election.

75. Foxy   
Feb 06 2005 23:11

well well!!!! we are on fire!!!!

i have got a few comments to add to this rather peculiar conversation...Dear Ed, truthfully i cant wait to look at what you have to say, as i believe there has been a lot of ego stroking from your part and i dont think we will see the end of it until the end of the elections. I personally and i am sure my friends in the club will take offence to what you said earlier about ego stroking. we train very hard and yes we love it when we win and do well, I do not under any circumstances consider that ego stroking. if anything you are insulting the efforts of all our club members, in saying training and winning is only "TRAINING", are you a member of any sports club? if no, then your answer to Mr Aplin is understandable, you do not have to sport's spirit. on the other hand if Yes you ARE a member of a sports club, then i have to say its very disappointing to hear you talk like that. IC sports clubs have a reputation to keep and at the end of the day, they deserve to think they are great, after all we all believe in power of positive thinking, and by saying we are great, we become even greater. i am sorry to say you have just demonstrated that you are not on the same wavelength as us. That would explain why I can sense your insecurity and have to say not so subtle on trying to get the sports clubs on your side, shame.

Secondly Mr Avery, i sincerely would like to think that the candidates would present achievable goals, otherwise it would be an insult to your intelligence (all of you), however, it is harder to maintain them over a year, which i think us students haven't failed in realising which candidate is really talking s**t.. (Subtle hint).

Feb 07 2005 07:47

Right, this is my last post on the concept of ego-stroking, if simply for the fact that, if a person believes the moon is made of cheese, it?s very hard to convince them otherwise.

So , let?s go through what people said in the order that they said it:

1: I said ?So yes, I've found my niche already. I just don't see the need to stroke my ego at all.?

The important point here is the pronoun, ?I?. It means me, myself, moi and other such words. ?I? doesn?t mean everyone but me. So, I am simply saying I don?t need to stroke my ego.

2: Tim Said ?Ego stroking... oooh... some may call it that, but I refer to it as honing an art. Would you claim that a world champion sports team who kept winning every year were stroking their ego? No, they are simply doing what they do well and most likely enjoying it muchly.?

In this, Tim shows us how self conscious he is be somehow replacing the pronoun ?I?, with the noun ?Tim?, and he also manages to delete the word ?not?. This leaves him thinking I insulted him, when in fact I didn?t. So now he starts talking about his bastardised version. He also tries to say that I think sports teams stroke their ego, but for what reason I don?t know, and will not speculate on (it breaks election regs).

3: I said ?If they then parade around college every week going ?aren't we so great?, then that's ego-stroking. I'm glad to say none of the sports team do this, so no they don't indulge in ego-stroking, they train, and win (deservedly) because they train.?

Again, here we see the problem. I said that I didn?t believe the Sports Teams ego-stroked. But somehow, Foxy managed to bastardise my phrase (a la Tim) into me saying that I believed that the sports teams ego-stroked. Thus, we ultimately see Foxy talking about his/her own version of the phrase, again for reasons unknown.

I?ll also all let you into the big secret - I have ?Asperger?s Syndrome?. That means I actually have a WYSIWYG character. If you try and read between the lines, you will actually find that there?s nothing there. I do not couch up what I say in fancy words that hide my true intent, although I may be verbose sometimes, and my English may be c**ppy sometimes.

So, when I say that I think they win deservedly, the funny thing is I actually mean it. I?m not actually trying to be kind or nice to the sports teams because I?m running, I actually think it all the time. And just so you know, I have a lot of friends that indulge in sporting activities at Imperial, and they?ve been in on my side of the conversation here, and actually understand what I said.

Finally, when you say you see me think I?m insecure, how insecure can a man be if he let?s you in on the biggest thing about his personality. I?m obviously secure in who I believe I am. And as there is no insecurity between the lines, I don?t know where you found it.


Feb 07 2005 09:56

it is an often observed point that you can't really change anything major in the union with out taking up many, many years to do it. I must say, the reason I voted for Sameena last year was because she admitted this. I don't think there's anything unachievable in what I'm trying to do. I'm doing little things that should make life easier for those that do the financial work in C&S. I personally odn't blieve that there is much wrong with the current system, and it woould take at least two years to get a fully functional online system working, but I don't believe that it would be worth it anyway. What annoys me primarily in elections are people who promise the earth despite knowing that they can't deliver and then not being held to account for it. This again, is a simple thing I hope to deal with.

Feb 07 2005 15:35

But didn't Robin cause the financial mess Sinfonietta are in this year?

I have to give Ed some credit. It's really difficult to be a hack in the chemistry department (where most people don't even know the union exists)but he's managed it!

I'm inclined to believe that several of the pseudonyms in this discussion are in fact the candidates (in particular the more sporty candidates) talking about each other and themselves.

79. editor   
Feb 07 2005 17:14

A post has been editted due to a breach of the equal opportunities policy. It is our policy to do this as soon as an editor becomes aware of the post, which will always be within half a day. If you think we have missed anything, please email .net

Feb 07 2005 17:15

I would like to reply to the fool who wrote that it is really difficult to be a "hack" in chemistry.

Ed does not deserve any such credit, or the credit should go to the Film Editor of Felix, Music Editor of Felix, Women?s Football Captain and Shooting Captain to name but a few people who are Chemists. Yes us chemists are everywhere, we help run Yoga classes, put on musical shows and play in every sport imaginable.

I am a chemist and I know plenty of people who work in the union whether it is behind the bar, work in catering, the DJ on a Wednesday night, Stewarding and also I may hate to tell you that the union night bus service is virtually run just by Chemistry PhD students.

So Mr. "Interesting Point" get your facts straight before congratulating someone on something that many have done.

To be honest anyone in any subject who does extra curricular activities successfully deserves to be congratulated.


Sam Dash,

Rifle and Pistol Club Captain, Fencing Club Vice President, Duke of Edinburgh Award Club Treasurer, Steward and Chemist

81. Ruth   
Feb 07 2005 17:27

Sam, I hate to post this when you are sitting two computers away from me at the moment, but anyway!

Interesting point does have some truth on his side, albeit poorly expressed, in that there is a difference between being a hack and being involved. I would consider myself an involved chemist (choir secretary and a member of sinfonietta and MT Soc) but I would be very offended if anyone suggested I was a hack!

I would however have been much happier if Interesting Point had included his real name. I was tempted to post something on this topic earlier but refrained as posts from people who don't stand by their opinions enough to include their name probably should be ignored.

Feb 07 2005 18:36

dear mr interesting point.

I agree, get your facts straight. If Sinfonietta is in financial trouble it is to do with the fact that they cut my budget approximately in two, when we needed it all. I honestly can't say if they're in trouble now. What I do know is that there was more in refundables when I left, we'd had the most successful tour ever and had sold record amounts of tickets. If we hadn't have been screwed by BAG there would be no trouble. In any case, when I left my post, everything was running smoothly. PLease, if you're going to smear, at least include a real name rather than taking a cheap shot, its not honourable.

83. Foxy   
Feb 09 2005 21:04


is it me or its been quite since the hustings started??

looks like some people are not available to write a lot of c**p about these E le Ctions! after all no one can be in 2 places at the same time....i wonder...

84. stoic   
Feb 09 2005 21:49

Candidate interviews are now available on the stoic website, at

Also online are highlights from Monday's Da Vinci's hustings event.

85. Ruth   
Feb 09 2005 22:13

Indeed Foxy, perhaps Interesting Point got one of his points right atleast!

86. jnoon   
Feb 08 2007 20:35

call me pees

[email protected]

Feb 13 2007 18:47

You are pees

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