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Wish you were here?

Jun 08 2005 17:14
Your chance to run "Live!" - C&G Media Group AGM Wednesday, (15th June), 6pm.
Last year's "Live!" dinner

See yourself as a budding journalist? Think you're a PHP wizzard? Think you can stand up to the College and Union in excercising editorial independance? Now's your chance to try your skills here on "Live!", currently registering 150 unique hits per day.

If you think you could do a better job of running "Live!" than the current team, now's the time to put your money (or rather your time) where your mouth is.

This year's C&G Media Group AGM will take place next Wednesday, June 15th, at 6pm in the Guilds office. You can hear the current team's reports for the year, ask any questions, and even suggest new policies or constitutional changes. However, the main item of business will be the election of next year's editorial team.

Candidates can stand from the floor- simply turn up and volunteer- but it would help us a great deal if any potential candidates let us know in advance so we have an idea of any positions that may be contested. Also don't hesitate to with any questions about what the positions involve.

The meeting will be followed by our annual dinner, to be held at Giraffe in Kensington High Street this year. All meeting attendees, "Live!" and Guildsheet contributors and discussion regulars, past and present, are welcome to attend, but again it would be useful if anyone interested could or comment below in advance so we can book tables.

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Discussion about “Wish you were here?”

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Jun 08 2005 17:35

mmm... giraffe... the neck's a bit gristly but the legs are nice and lean.

Jun 15 2005 10:27

This is TONIGHT! Don't forget!

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