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Don't be a Banker! - Games and Media Event at Imperial

Apr 28 2006 17:28
Karen Osmond
The Department of Computing is holding a Games and Media Event for the second year running, with speakers from the industry's big players.
Introversion, developers of Darwinia, will be amongst the speakers at GaME 2006 (Image: Introversion)

GaME 2006 is a mini-conference aimed at exploring interesting career and research directions in the computer entertainment industries. Last year's event was immensely popular within DoC, with keynote talks from David Braben and Peter Molyneux. Unfortunately, capacity constraints meant the 2005 event could not be advertised outside of the Department. This year, thanks to the efforts of the Department of Computing's Computing Support Group, we are able to provide a video-feed to a second lecture theatre, allowing us to double audience numbers.

This year's line-up includes the return of games industry luminary Peter Molyneux OBE, speakers from Electronic Arts, Eidos, and Traveller's Tales' Jonathan Smith (development director for LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game). Introversion, an independent games development company founded by Imperial College students, will also be joining the schedule.

Introversion recently stole the show at the Independent Games Festival at GDC 2006, picking up three awards including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize itself.

GaME's schedule this year also introduces a research-focussed element, with academic speakers from Imperial College and University College London.

There will be plenty of opportunities for discussions between staff, students, speakers and other invited guests. In addition, the day will close with a panel session driven by questions and comments from the audience and speakers.

GaME 2006 takes place on Wednesday 17th May 2006, in Huxley. For more information, visit the website at or contact Karen Osmond ([email protected]).

Places are limited, but Imperial students and staff are invited to register for the event on the website.

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Discussion about “Don't be a Banker! - Games and Media Event at Imperial”

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Apr 30 2006 11:14

Of course there are many potential careers...

May 01 2006 14:19

It would be great to attend if only to hear some different speakers! Thanks for organising it :) However, it's on the same night as the A**enal vs. Barcelona match! I presume it will be at the same time?

May 01 2006 14:31

It runs between 0900-1700 according to the Events site. Looks like I'll try and register after all.

May 02 2006 12:57

Yes, we haven't fixed the schedule yet. However, I doubt it will run past 18:00.

Jun 02 2006 12:02

Just out of curiosity, are you the same Karen that studied computing at to City & Islington (under the beady eye of Anne Hughes)?

Jun 02 2006 14:51

And the not-so-beady eyes of Ceinwen Hilton. Yes. Hello :)

Jun 08 2006 11:59


I was going to say Ceinwen, but I wasn't sure how to spell it :)

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