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stoic tv Asks The President

Nov 23 2006 09:49
stoic tv
stoic tv is giving people the chance to 'Ask the President', in a monthly show where John Collins receives questions from students.
stoic tv

The Union President, John Collins, is taking part in the next 'Ask The President' programme on stoic tv. The show puts questions from students directly to John Collins in a 20-minute discussion show hosted by the stoic tv Station Manager, John Anderson.

In the first show, recorded in late October, questions touched on the JCR refurb, the Beit redevelopment, and the then impending NUS referendum. Chris H, a fourth year undergraduate, asked what the use was of College using different names for faculty unions. John Collins discussed the opposition of the Union to the issue, saying "it's just a little bit cheeky and rude, and petty, for College to over-rule us".

On the issue of the Union redevelopment plan, the President acknowledged that asbestos had been found, but commended the opening of Da Vinci's in time for Freshers Fair. "You've got to understand, it was a complete rush job", he explained, "...a year ago, we had no masterplan, we had a few sketches, and now we have building works".

The November edition is to be filmed on Monday 27th November, and will be aired on the stoic tv screens at lunchtime on Thursday 30th, with a webstream available at Any questions for John Collins should be sent to before Monday, or posted in the discussion below.

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Discussion about “stoic tv Asks The President”

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Nov 23 2006 09:53

And I was just browsing through Live to write the news today...

Nov 23 2006 09:56
Nov 23 2006 15:55

Question: "As a supporter of NUS affiliation, what do you think are the three key things we can bring to the NUS? How long do you think it will take to implement the reforms both sides of the argument felt needed to happen?"

4. ask   
Nov 23 2006 16:58

Do you think you are the victim of a media conspiracy?

Nov 23 2006 20:22

Ah here goes John Collins practice attempt at a career in politics. Step 1) Support some farcical debate on supporting one union over another. Step 2) practice not looking stunned on interview over your scandalous actions.

Anyone in the college scary enough to rival Jeremy Paxman?

The questions touching on the JCR/Union redevelopment almost rival the interview I saw with Prescott asking him about the so-called improvements made in Camden (only for them to show a video clip of a tramp rolling on the ground towards the canal with empties everywhere around him)

Nov 24 2006 12:56

How many of his 10 elections promises has he fulfiled? or Does he feel that he would have been elected president had he made more of his desire to join the NUS during the campaign?

Nov 24 2006 13:18

"Anyone in the college scary enough to rival Jeremy Paxman?"

How about one of the Felix people? They seem to pride themselves on not taking any smarmy bulls**t from people.

8. Eh?   
Nov 24 2006 16:09

Felix this year is as exciting as Tony Blair's love life

Nov 25 2006 22:54

Blame the referendum. We've had no option but to cover it to death. Im currently working hard to make my section a little more entertaining and light hearted.

Dec 07 2006 15:56

This is now available on the stoic tv website.

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