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The Great Escape Run

Jan 18 2007 09:55
Aakash Pai
On 25th March 2007, Hyde Park will be the venue for a 10k charity run, raising money for two paediatric charities.
St Mary's Hospital (Photo: Christian Richters)

Sweat, muscle ache, chest pain, faecal leakage; the negative aspects of exercise are endless. So why exercise at all? Because exercise can be exhilarating. It can be a form of escapism, a time to switch off from the stresses that permeate throughout our lives. It can fill you with an unparalleled satisfaction at overcoming the inimitable obstacle of laziness. And, for that short period before your next Krispy Kreme, exercise can make you feel healthy.

Despite all of this, many of us need a focus, a reason to get fit and take that first, difficult step on the path away from heart disease. Luckily, the boys and girls at IC Fitness have provided you with that focus, ?The Great Escape Run?.

The Great Escape is a 10k charity Run, which will take place on Sunday 25th March 2007. Hyde Park is the serene, scenic back drop to the event. Every level of athlete, from Stephen Hawking to Sylvester Stallone, is welcome. There will be several ancillary activities including a bouncy castle (available to all ages, even your grandma) and a coconut shy.

The Great Escape is being organised in conjunction with societies at other ?universities? including King?s, UCL and Queen Mary?s. Therefore, for the competitors amongst you, the run is a further opportunity to assert Imperial?s dominance. For the perverts amongst you, there should be plenty of fresh, spandex clad meat.

Every single runner, whether you finish first or last, will be entered into a prize draw, with several opulent prizes, including a holiday for two to Hawaii. In addition to this, there will be prizes for the winner of each race and the person who raises the most in sponsorship.

The Great Escape aims to be a day that is fun however it is built upon the serious foundation of raising money for two paediatric charities, Children of St. Mary?s Intensive Care and Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.

Children of St Mary's Intensive Care

The innocence of children makes their illness, suffering and death more difficult to comprehend. Meningitis, meningococcal septicaemia, pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome; young children are highly susceptible to a myriad of mortal illness.

A neonate, being treated at St. Mary's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The St. Mary?s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is the final resort for the sickest children in the South of England. Their world renowned levels of care have saved the lives of countless children and answered the prayers of desperate parents. The Children of St Mary?s Intensive Charity (COSMIC) supports the unit in its work, providing means to buy state of the art equipment and fund research into life-threatening childhood disease.

Medical Aid for Iraqi Children

In addition to the direct threat posed by the insurgency, Iraq?s children suffer at the hands of a country convulsed by instability and mismanagement. Widespread malnutrition and contaminated water and the concomitant collapse of medical care have caused widespread childhood morbidity and mortality.

A six year old boy with Hodgkin?s disease at the Children?s Welfare Hospital Baghdad, May 2006

Medical Aid for Iraqi Children is a non-medical, non-governmental organisation that was setup by a group of British doctors. MAIC has provided medical supplies and equipment, including life-saving antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs, ventilators, incubators surgical items, wheelchairs and diagnostic equipment, to twenty-four different paediatric hospitals around Iraq. To date, it is estimated that MAIC has been able to offer treatment and save the lives of more than 200,000 children. MAIC has improved child health care at many levels, from the provision of equipment and medicines to the training of doctors.

For more information and to register, visit

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Discussion about “The Great Escape Run”

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Jan 18 2007 14:28

Would love to get involved but the website doesn't seem to be working!

2. Eric   
Jan 18 2007 15:57

Since when do you run?

Jan 18 2007 20:32

Sounds great. Sign me up!

Jan 18 2007 23:30

This seems like a really fun event, for a great cause. Well done boys & girls!

Jan 24 2007 14:41

You can register at

I am so proud ......... of you!!!!!

Wish I could see you soon but you must be so busy.

Need any tips for hiking along the Great Wall in China?

May 24 2008 10:40

You are wonderful young person. I forsee you a very brillient very young professor.By the way you are good looking as well.

May 27 2008 11:50

Good luck. I admire who are runners. The only time I run is when I'm trying to catch a bus.

May 27 2008 12:04

I think its a great idea and as a hospital play specialist I know how important the work of all who work in medicine is. If there is anything I can do apart from running! Please let me know.

May 27 2008 14:25

Do you guys realise this was 14 months ago....?

May 28 2008 08:46

I wish the run a great success & hope Aakash will keep on doing more good work in the future. Cheers! I wish i could take part (wishful thinking

May 29 2008 06:26

Well done Aakash!! keep it up! we all are so proud of you.

Jun 01 2008 17:48

Hi Akash,

You have acheived something great .Continue your

enthusiasm and good will.

grace auntie

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