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Ask The President

Mar 18 2007 21:15
John Anderson
Your questions please, for the March edition of stoic tv's Ask The President.
John and John on the January/February edition.

It's that time of the month again for John Collins. stoic tv's Ask The President returns, putting viewers' questions to the person at the top of the Union hierarchy.

Last month, the President responded to comments on the Beit redevelopment. Dismissing the original November deadline on the Union website, he insisted that structural work in the foyer had only "slipped by about a week". It was explained that the initial two-phase redevelopment plan had been scrapped because of College funding concerns, and that work would now be more piecemeal, perhaps even over five years. John Collins confirmed the future plans to move SAC onto the first floor, and that revamping dB's was "definitely urgent", but was less certain after that: "The masterplan... we will follow, but towards the end it will fizzle out" he said. "There won't be a glorious end to it."

Following the censure of Deputy President (Graduate Students) Shama Rahman, and a related question from the Live! message board, John Collins' view was unequivocal: "The problem with the DP(GS) role is that it's a full time role... and it's a sabb. That's why we've run into these problems." The January/February show, together with all other editions, can be viewed on the stoic tv website.

The March edition is being filmed on Tuesday 20th (of March). Any questions for John Collins should be sent to before Tuesday, or can be posted in the discussion below.

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Discussion about “Ask The President”

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Mar 20 2007 12:13

It's your last chance (for this month, anyway) to put your gripes and moans to John Collins: email or post below before 5pm.

Mar 20 2007 12:14

Or even ;)

Mar 20 2007 12:15

Oops: .com

Mar 20 2007 12:20

Impressively on the ball there, Ashley ;)

5. pg   
Mar 20 2007 12:27

"Do you think it is right for you to be supporting candidates in the NUS election without the agreement of Council?"

Mar 20 2007 13:03

To be fair to John most of the NUS elections are no-brainers as they offer no real choice of candidates, its either the incumbent or some mad, raving marxist.

It is a shame though that a lot of our delegates will feel that they are not electing candidates on their own merits, but only because the alternative would be even worse. A choice between the left and the loony left isn't really a choice in my opinion.

Personally, I will probably vote for the candidates that John is supporting but I do reserve the right to RON anyone who I feel is shamelessly pandering to special interest groups. I am also uncomfortable voting for people who are advertising themselves as running on the Labour Students slate. It just smacks of careersim and I don't see why they cant campaign under a slightly less partisan student focused title.

Mar 20 2007 15:27

"What do you think of next year's sabbatical team?"

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