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Hustings 2008: JCR

Feb 18 2008 15:14
Andrew Holland
The first round of hustings occurred this lunchtime in the JCR, with an unusually attentive audience.
The sabbatical candidates

The first round of hustings occurred this lunchtime in the JCR, with the audience paying more attention than normal. Following the standard format, each of the candidates were allowed to speak in turn about their plans for the role, which essentially involved them explaining their manifestos. After they had all spoken, questions were put to the entire group.

Sabbatical Positions

Presidential Candidates

Edward Hughes, Luke Taylor and Jon Matthews spoke in person, whilst Alex Guite spoke for Jennifer Morgan, who was absent due to a family situation. Diogo Geraldes was not permitted to speak as he had not paid his election deposit. Edward Judge has withdrawn from the race. When asked about their experience for the role, all candidates said they had enough experience, but also spoke of needing to remain close to the student body, rather than getting stuck into a mould. When asked later if they were in touch with the student body, the candidates all agreed that they definately were.

The candidates differed slightly on whether ICU should delve further into student politics. Mr Hughes said that it would not be a priority if he were elected, as the Union could do more for students. Mr Taylor said that the sabbaticals should listen more to the students, and divert time and resources if need be. Miss Morgan's representative said that the Union should not worry about things that do not involve students, but should take a stand if necessary. Mr. Matthews said that students at Imperial already partake in a wide variety of political activities, and that it is not the central union's role.

Another difference was the subject of the RSM. Mr Matthews said that he would press for the RSM to be a constituent union again. Mr Taylor said that he would not press for it as it would be not a valuble use of time for what would be achieved, but said that he would ensure that the RSM would have the resources to represent its members fairly. Mr Hughes promised to return the RSM to a constituent union, as it has different needs to other CSCs.

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

The sole candidate, Christian Carter, outlined his vision for the year. He stated that loss making commercial services, such as the union shop and catering were integral to the union, and should not be scrapped. He also promised to get better DJs to perform at the union. When questioned about his role in mascotry stealing, Mr Carter said that he would stop it if he were elected.

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

Lily Topham, Jess Marley and John James all turned up and spoke for themselves. When asked on what would be more important: the Ethos gym and pool remaining free for individual users, or cheaper access to union facilities the candidates differed in their opinion. Miss Topham stated that she would press for both, Miss Marley stated that the free gym and pool is more important, while Mr James said that the gym and pool is going to be free next year anyway, so subsidised facilities is more important. All candidates said that the huge number of clubs at Imperial is not a problem When asked if less money should be given to the ACC, and spread out more evenly amongst other CSCs the consensus was that money should be allocated according to needs. Unsuprisingly no candidate was willing to pick one CSC as the most important.

Deputy President (Education & Welfare)

Hannah Theodorou was the only candidate present, as Ryan Dee is out of London. A statement was read on his behalf. When asked what is more important: education or welfare, Miss Theodorou said education, as we are at university to learn. She also said that she would bring greater awareness to the role, by continuing the welfare page in Felix, and having a stall at freshers fair.

Felix Editor

Both candidates, Jovan Nedic and Greg Mead spoke for themselves. Both said they would push the limits of the SSP, and try and publish any story worth publishing. They also both said that they would try and raise extra money through advertising: Mr. Nedic said he would try to get more ads from companies looking to recruit graduates, and Mr. Mead said that he would try to get more ads from entertainment and music firms. Although both agreed that the website would be a priority, Mr. Mead said that he would rebuild the website over the summer, whilst Mr. Nedic said that the website infrastructure was fine and the main priority would be getting issues uploading, although he concurred that some upgrading would be needed.

Trustees and NUS Delegates

Student Trustees

Only Kadhim Shubber was present, as Jaimie Henry was at a hospital seeing a patient. When Mr Shubber was questioned about what his main priority would be as a trustee, he said that it would be to ensure that the trustee board would not be overpowered by non students, and to ensure financial security.

NUS Delegates.

Rosie Smithells, Luke Taylor, Chris Larvin, Kirsty Patterson, Jon Matthews and Camilla Royle were present in person. Alex Guite once again spoke for Jen Morgan. Ashley Brown was also absent, and was spoken for by Kirsty Patterson. Victoria Gibbs had a statement read out on her behalf. When questioned on how the NUS should behave, all candidates said that the NUS should put student interests first, and would generally oppose motions that would have no benefit for students. It was also mentioned that only about five of the motions at the conference would be mandated by Imperial College Union, and that the rest they were free to vote how they liked.

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Discussion about “Hustings 2008: JCR”

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Feb 18 2008 21:09

The trouble with Hustings in this form is that no candidate really tries to appear different. For a lot of the questions they were asked they simply replied with the same responses. For instance, no candidate was ever going to admit that they were not experienced enough for the role..... A lot of the questions could be answered just by reading the manifestos.

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