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Who is the cutest Web Editor?

Jan 08 2002 21:27
Dinesh Ganesarajah
Live! follows the Guildsheet tradition of taking the piss out of everything and anything...
Left to right, top row first: Etienne, Sam , Steve and Oliver

Now that the recent saga of the ICU web server getting hacked finally looks like it is coming to an end, Live asks the burning question.

Given that we (ICU) have so many geeky web editors... who is the cutest? And does this bear any relation to how good they were at getting the server back up. So, for the next few days, you will be able to vote for yourself, online. In case you have been fortunate enough not to meet these geeks before, (Etienne Pollard, Sam Sharpe, Steve Little and Oliver Pell) we have provided photos for you on this page. Techincally, Oliver is a C+G web editor, not to ICU. But he is such a pedant, he might as well be ICU.

Live! has had past suceess in such online glamour contests. As well as exposing weird geeks, the recent survey on the cutest sabb generated a huge response. ICU President, Sen Ganesh when asked to comment on the results said "who won? I take it was will?" There was a stunned silence when he was told that Ben was officially the cutest, after which he said "Good, God! The world is a crazy, crazy place."

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Discussion about “Who is the cutest Web Editor?”

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Jan 08 2002 21:38

Oh come on, my photo is almost as bad as Etienne's! There are plenty of pictures of me that are just as bad but don't look so forced in the Media Group archives!

2. Sam   
Jan 08 2002 22:12

Steve's picture reminds me of that plane bomber, Richard Reid...

3. Sam   
Jan 08 2002 22:17

Oh, and i had the most influence in getting the server back up...

but don't let that affect your decision...

oh and the poll is on the bottom right of the front page of just in case you missed it.

Vote Sam!!!!

Jan 08 2002 22:19

Was that the server that was back up, er, 4 weeks after C&GCU brought up our backup machine....

5. stef   
Jan 09 2002 13:02

request - the next time there is a Cutest Contest, have some female students in the mix

Jan 09 2002 13:37

If you can find any ...

Jan 09 2002 13:44

Sam, you have an incredibly large lead. Have you been voting for yourself over and over again????

8. stef   
Jan 09 2002 14:51

well if you can't find any get some from Goldsmiths - male female ratio is 40:60.

Jan 09 2002 19:30

Hmmm.... who is the cutest ULU Sabb...?

10. stef   
Jan 09 2002 20:43

cutest ULU Sabb...hmmmm

I'd vote for Allan

Apr 15 2002 19:11

"request - the next time there is a Cutest Contest, have some female students in the mix"

Stef, the only possible poll I can think off would have to be something along the lines of "Who is the cutest CCU President."

Oh dear...

12. Adrian   
Apr 16 2002 19:27

How about "Who is the cutest Sabb Elect?"

Apr 18 2002 18:01

Cutest sabb-elect? Are you talking ICU or ULU?

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