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"It's not a drinking club"

Jan 13 2002 15:38
Stuart Davis
Live! takes a look at the launch of ABV, one of the IC's newest societies.
ABV is ICU's new wine tasting, real ale, and cocktail society.

ABV, ICU’s new wine tasting, real ale and cocktail society, has confirmed that it’s launch party will take place on 22nd January.

An RCS club, ABV was the concept of its new chair, Vicki Simmonds. It was originally intended to cater only for cocktail lovers, but a little research showed that the Wine Tasting Society was reeling from a drastic budget cut and the Real Ale Society had died altogether. It seemed a pity to see these clubs disappear, so after a bit of discussion and a lot of paperwork, they were all merged into one society and ABV was born.

Vicki was asked about the name ABV – surely this stands for Alcohol By Volume? Doesn’t that just make this into one big drinking club? Not at all, apparently. “The idea is to introduce people to new drinks that they haven’t tried before and to appreciate new tastes. We want to try and get people to be a bit more adventurous when they go to a bar. Instead of ordering run-of-the-mill vodka or bog-standard lager, we want to try and get people thinking ‘Actually, I haven’t tried that ale before’ or ‘That’s a new spirit. Let’s have that’.” So where does the name ABV come from? “Anything But Vodka,” she replied.

The ABV Launch Party is in dB’s, from 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 22nd January.

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Discussion about “"It's not a drinking club"”

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Jan 13 2002 15:49

Something against vodka in particular?

Jan 13 2002 15:52

Not in particular. But vodka is a good example of something that people always drink, despite that vast array of other stuff on offer.

3. stef   
Jan 15 2002 15:43

plus vodka is evil. It gives me black outs

4. Sam   
Jan 16 2002 03:19

I've seen some of the guys you go out with...

blackouts might not be a bad thing ;o)

5. stef   
Jan 16 2002 12:55

ahem - you have met one. and that was only briefly.

please remember what you got up to with a certain sabb last year at the Purples Ball while drunk

Jan 16 2002 14:38

Come on Stef, more details please....?

7. stef   
Jan 16 2002 19:53

a sabb from another place Andy. Name available if bribed with another real ale

8. Sam   
Jan 16 2002 22:17

Ummm i can't really remember, i've snogged both Gordon, last year's ULU Sports and Charlie his predecessor...

and in fact as far as london sabbs go i'm an oral slut... but i still don't wish i had blacked out.

9. stef   
Jan 17 2002 14:53


he forgot as well and had to have the ULU PG affairs person remind him. I had forgotten about Charlie, though never realised u'd kissed Gordon

Jan 17 2002 15:06


I'm shocked that you lowered your standards like that!

You should be ASHAMED!

11. stef   
Jan 18 2002 15:49

I would just like to state I am one of the few sabbs from UL institutions who have never kissed Scott in any way. Before anyone tries to ruin my good name:)

12. stef   
Jan 18 2002 16:06

plese stick the 'ex-' in front of sabbs on the previous comment

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