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A Week at the RCSU

Jan 30 2002 14:06
Stuart Davis
It’s been a busy week at the RCSU: Live! takes a quick look to see what’s been going on.
It's been a busy ol' time in the RCSU Office.

Last Tuesday saw the launch of the newest RCS club, ABV. Held in dB’s, IC’s new wine tasting, cocktails and real ale society was kick-started with free beer and a selection of free wines, which went down very well, and very quickly, with the six-deep crowd that surrounded the bar. Once these had been polished off, the cocktail menu brought in another £500 across the bar – not bad for three hours work.

Eighty people signed up for the new club on the night, with many others joining by email later in the week. Vicki Simmonds, the ABV Chair, was said to be “very pleased” with the event, describing it as “incredibly successful”, despite some earlier technical difficulties. “We’re planning for lots of small events throughout the term in each of the three strands,” she said, “but I can’t wait for the big, joint event at the end of term.” If Tuesday was anything to go by, neither can we.

The weekend brought with it the second RCSU Amsterdam Weekend. With only 48 tickets available, the trip sold out early last week, which disappointed many would-be jet-setters. However, the coach arrived dutifully outside Beit Quad on Friday night and everyone was safely in the Dutch capital by Saturday morning. Although the weather wasn’t all that was hoped for (tales of people being soaked to the nether regions abound), the final verdict was definitely one of “rain didn’t stop play”. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, whether they went round the museums, walked along the canals or simply immersed themselves in the local culture. No one was left behind, no one got stopped and anally searched by Customs, and we all arrived safely back in College on Sunday night, tired but happy.

Meanwhile, the break-up of the RCSU continues apace, with the announcement of the “preferred destination” of the RCS clubs. RCS Cricket, RCS Football and RCS Rugby are all expected to move to ACC, with Mathsoc, Physoc, Chemsoc, Biosoc, Biochemsoc and JMCsoc moving to the new DepSoc CSC. Astrosoc, RCS Motor Club and ABV are all destined for RCC.

This has to be approved by all clubs, but since most have already done so, this is seen merely as a formality.

Talks are underway with Wye and Silwood Park over the future Life Sciences FSA. The LSFSA has its own particular problems, being both small and multi-campus. However, it is believed that such problems can be ironed out in order to bring a paper to the next ICU Council on the subject.

Buddy schemes are also to be set up in all the current RCS departments, as of next year. A meeting amongst all those concerned will be held this Friday to finalise the details.

And finally, there are rumours of a second Council paper from the RCSU, advocating that Bag Lady, a much-cherished character around both the Union and College, should be given Honorary Life Membership of ICU. Whether this will be forthcoming or not, remains to be seen.

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Discussion about “A Week at the RCSU”

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1. stef   
Jan 30 2002 14:59

just an x-SCC chair whinging here but wouldn't ABV be more at home under SCC?

Jan 30 2002 15:01

The former Wine Tasting Society was part of RCC, so it seemed sensible to suggest that ABV go there, and they're quite happy to do so.

Jan 30 2002 16:57

The funding for ABV outside of RCS, however, will require some justification as one of the reasons for wine tasting's demise was that ICU refused to subsidise alcohol at the last BAG (and this was their key activity pretty much).

AstroSoc should probably consider SCC though Stef, so there is no need to go empty handed.

And, as a point to consider, the "formality" you imply is reliant on the receiving CSC's constituent members approving the move at a general meeting so maybe we should have a chat sometime soon?

4. stef   
Jan 30 2002 19:42

I thought Wine tasting was there due to the 'skill' element in the identifying of wines. The appreciation of beverages is a social activity and thus SCC would be better. Like the late (thank God) Caffiene Appreciation Soc.

AstroSoc I presume would be SCCish too

5. John   
Jan 30 2002 22:45

Anyone for a suicide pact?

Jan 31 2002 12:35

Apart from the recreational aspect of trespassing on some farmer's field in the middle of the night to study the skies of course, who knows?

BAG obviously doesn't recognise the "skill" element you refer to. Shame really.

7. Sunil   
Jan 31 2002 18:23

This is shite. Come on really. :)

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