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It's back - The C&G Internship Centre

Jan 31 2002 01:23
Free lunch in CivEng 201 at today's (re)launch event -1pm.
The Internship Centre is back... and now it's erm... green!

City & Guilds College Union's online Internship Centre is back for a second year.

The Internship Centre was first launched in January 2001. The project aims to help students find summer placements in industry that are relevant to their degree. Most of the companies targeted are based on strong C&G alumni contacts. Over 100 placements have been secured so far and this number is expected to increase over the coming weeks - there will be an email newsletter for those keen to keep up to date.

The project is funded by the Faculty of Engineering and is aimed primarily at engineering students. (However, some science jobs are listed, and science students are welcome to use the facility.)

Today's launch event in Civ Eng Room 201 at 1pm will consist of a short presentation explaining how the centre will work this year (including deadlines for application rounds). Much of this information is available in today's special edition Guildsheet. (But if you don't come, you won't get the free food...)

Over the next few weeks, various internship-related activities will be organised. In particular, C&GCU are working with the Engineering Council to provide guidelines to help students and employers ensure that work placements can be used towards the professional training requirements for Chartered Engineering status.

Commenting on the re-launch of the Internship Centre, C&GCU President Mustafa Arif, described the centre as "playing a pivotal role in the Union's ability to deliver services that actually matter to students." Mr Arif also praised the efforts of Richard Tang, who once again volunteered to do most of the web-site development work single-handedly.

The Internship Centre is available at Students can log in with their College username and passwords. Anyone with login difficulties should email the C&GCU .net

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