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The Beer Festival Is Back

Mar 04 2002 18:46
Stuart Davis
After four years of wrangling, the RCSU RAG Beer Festival finally gets the go-ahead.
One college, One day, 40 barrels ...

It was 1998 when the last Beer Festival took place. At its height, it was the largest non-CamRA real ale event in the country. Yet there were problems on the night, damage was done and College removed its backing. Ever since, successive RCSU Presidents have tried to get agreement to bring it back, yet they all failed to secure its return. Until now.

The day following the Summer Ball (that’s last June), an agreement was made to hold the Beer Festival in the MDH this March. Yet in mid-February, permission was withdrawn as it would “interfere with a VIP dinner in the SCR”. This was followed by weeks of heated discussion with the Head of College Catering, John Foster. Finally, a new date was secured, with a promise that nothing would now stop it going ahead.

So, if you want to have a taste of some of the 40 types of real ale on offer, attempt to drink as many of the 2,880 pints as possible, or just turn up to help raise money for RAG, then head for the Main Dining Hall between 2.30 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Monday 18th March.

The entrance fee is £3, with a flat price of £1.50 a pint. Snacks, soft drinks and a barbecue will all be available to help soak up the alcohol.

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Discussion about “The Beer Festival Is Back”

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1. Dan L   
Mar 04 2002 19:07

Great to hear that another great RAG event will be happening. Well done Stuart, and the others at the RCSU!

Mar 04 2002 19:19

Well done to stuart davis for getting over the final college-imposed hurdle, but don't forget that permission was actually won last year and then (temporarily) rescinded by college. Jason McKee deserves most of the credit for persuading the college to reinstate the beer festival. :-)

Mar 04 2002 20:17

Sounds great - just hope people don't drink loads and then come along to the C&G Indoor Karting event (taking place from 7pm on the same day!).

Mar 04 2002 23:10

Maybe you should invest in a brethaliser.

Mar 04 2002 23:24

The C&G Inter-departmental Karting Championship!

'C&G Indoor Karting event'....sigh....

Mar 04 2002 23:47

DOH, who cares what it's called - I'm sure it's going to be a great laugh :-)

Mar 05 2002 06:50

The last IC beer festival was actually in November 1997 (so ner!) as I organised it.

And "the damage", as you put it, was not within the confines of the JCR (where the beer festival was based... if the College had an issue with "damage" then perhaps they would have had the decency to inform the organiser, the licencee (Roger Pownall/John Foster/Gareth Parry), the RCSU president or half of the ICU president (Messers Alslop and Heeps). I can categorically say that no damage was done in or around the JCR (as for other parts of the College, well surely after every Wednesday and Friday in the Union one could have some "damage" done) aside from a broken loo seat which was removed from the pan by estates before the festival opened and, moreover, the JCR was left in more clean and tidy condition AFTER the event that it was beforehand!

The main thing (or should I say person) that blighted the beer fesival in past years was former Pro-Rector Igor Alexander as he is famously quoted "there is no need for the College (and the Union) to operate bars as they should be studying and drinking will only distract them" - a lovely rant he had at Science Studies Board in 1997...

Anyway, save me a few glasses and I'll give an appropriate donation to Rag for them! have fun

As for the pile of vomit which appeared on the catering van... well I put that down to the quality of the food NOT the beer!!!

Mar 05 2002 06:51

Obviously it should be Allsop :)

9. Atul   
Mar 05 2002 11:09

Yeah I remember the last beer fest alright. I was selling rag mags.

The beer fest was central to RAG week as the massive presence of all the beer kegs and stuff in the SCR before the day of the beer fest meant that something was up in college, i.e RAG week! Well done for bringing it back.

10. stef   
Mar 05 2002 12:02

Damage was also done to te hand of a first year in Physics after he broke his beer glass. His own fault for drinking that pear drink that was about 7%

11. Sam   
Mar 05 2002 12:21

Stef: That pear drink is called "perry", it's roughly equivalent to pear cider.

Rob: Stop dissin' Igor, he's a top bloke, and was my project supervisor...

Mar 05 2002 12:44

Sorry for the misinformation, Rob. I was led to believe that there was damage caused, but everyone was a bit vague about what actually happened. Thanks for clearing that up.

And at least I got the right academic year for the last one ... It just means that the last one was even longer ago than I thought, so it's even more impressive that we've been able to bring it back.

Mar 05 2002 21:17

My understanding of the damage was that it was caused by taking beer barrels (not the lightest objects in the world) down the flight of stairs from the walkway by Elec Eng.

The organisers were unable to use the goods lift to take the barrels to the ground floor because Security [*] wouldn't let them, because it was after midnight, even though they should have been informed beforehand that this was to be permitted.

[*] Security isn't a dirty word, Blackadder...

14. idris   
Mar 06 2002 01:42

Well Done Stuart.

15. Adrian   
Mar 06 2002 04:54

What's with this 'ere "Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/share/doc/apache/live/incs/ on line 91"

then, eh?

The damn error message is so long that it only leaves a couple of inches for the story, and the news front page is totally screwed. ;o)

Mar 06 2002 11:21

Yes, it was caused by incompetence. The individual responsible has been summarily executed.

Mar 06 2002 14:54

Presumably their head will be on display on a pike in the quad soon.

Security have already been informed about the delivery/pick-up of the barrels, so we shouldn't have any problems this time (fingers' crossed).

Mar 06 2002 14:56

Err ... that should read "spike", not "pike" in the last posting, as it would make a but more sense that way.

Actually, forget it. Pike has a certain surreal quality about it.

Mar 06 2002 16:54

So, did it happen then?

I got emailed the following:


Subject: [kog] RCSU Beer Festival POSTPONED


Well, it's official. "Students can't organize a piss-up..."

I've just had Dave 'Cosmic Ferret' Clements on the phone to say that, because of a room bookings screw-up, the RSCU Beer Festival is _not_ starting in one hours time (today, Wed 6 March), but is probably going to be later in March (18th?). Apparently, RCSU 'told RCSA' (!)... but no one has taken down the posters around college advertising Beer for today, nor put up new corrected ones ("we've not had time yet"), nor got anything printed in Felix etc. etc.

Pass the word to any KoGs who might have been making a special trip to IC for to sup a nice pint or two.

Just as well "Cosmic" is still paranoid, eh?



20. Adrian   
Mar 07 2002 03:20

There was no room bookings screw up, and it was not the fault of the organisers that the event has had to be postponed. The room (the MDH) was booked during the last ice age, when Andy was still a young man, and Sam still had some hair (it was quite a while ago, ok) and the posters were put up around then too. College then simply decided at very short notice that we couldn't use the room on that date, as their VIP dinner was more important (ahem), and it had to be rebooked for the 18th. The old posters aren't much of a problem now, because they've been up for so long that they've almost all been covered up by someone else (despite clearly still being in-date). The new posters were supposed to be up at the start of the week, but that has apparently gone slightly awry.

Besides, if you'd actually read the artical at the top of this page you would have seen that it quite clearly explains the reason for the postponement, and states that the date will be the 18th. </rant>

Mar 07 2002 12:19

Couldn't have put it better myself ...

Mar 07 2002 12:19

"The new posters were supposed to be up at the start of the week, but that has apparently gone slightly awry."

Who is RCSU Publicity Officer, anyway? :(

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