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Freshers Week Over

Oct 07 2002 00:40
Ed Brown
The first week is done. So now take a deep breath and...
Correct - this looks nothing like the Concert Hall, but they seem to like it

So, that was the Freshers week that was 2002. The union building is back to as ?normal? as it gets, and lectures are really underway.

It seems to have all been fun in the end. Freshers found IC. Freshers found the Union Building. Freshers (and others) had fun in the evenings. Freshers joined lots of queues during the days. Lots of people signed up for lots of clubs and societies. Everyone involved has his or her own highs and lows (traditionally the latter is the morning after the former?)

But it doesn?t stop yet. Many Clubs and Societies, and even Faculty Student Associations too (yes, a predictable plug ), now have fresher events coming up, as well as just doing what they always do - but with you involved now too. Freshers week is meant to only be the beginning.

Live! noticed this year that there did seem to be a lack of awareness of Freshers Week and what happens amongst the freshers. Especially disturbing was explaining a) where ?the union? was and b) what a ?union card? was to several freshers...

So, here?s to another year, and what ever it brings.

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1. Dan L   
Oct 07 2002 08:58

It was a great Fresher's week. The union looked great, especially with the new red coloured front!

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