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Wye Cricket Week and Commemoration Ball

May 08 2003 16:59
Beci Newman
This year, Wye is inviting even more students to the highly successful Cricket Week celebrations and Commem Ball.
Wye opens it's doors to the outside.

Traditionally, to celebrate the end of the year, Wye holds a weeklong event, starting the 20th June, in the formal gardens of the Withersdane Campus, which climaxes in the infamous Commemoration Ball. The formal gardens offer the perfect setting to relax after exams and look forward to summer, whilst having a week of partying and entertainment.

The organisers set up a tent in the centre of the gardens, which houses a bar, serving at normal student prices. The bar is open from 11 every morning and closes with a late licence each night. The programme this year is full and runs as follows:

  • FRIDAY 20th: End of Term Celebrations
  • SATURDAY 21st: Sports Day
  • SUNDAY 22nd: Cricket Match, Cream Tea & Girlies Football v. Rugby Challenge
  • MONDAY 23rd: Wye Exec Hustings & WyePAS Dramatic Presentation
  • TUESDAY 24th: Clubs AGM, Scavenger Hunt & Mystery Night
  • WEDNESDAY 25th: Cricket Match & Meterological Society Disco (undisclosed location)
  • THURSDAY 26th: Graduation Ceremony & Beach Party
  • FRIDAY 27th: Vintage Car Rally (featuring Bo tbc) & Commemoration Ball

In previous years, Wye Cricket Week has been known for it's complete lack of cricket. However, this year two matches are being held, one home and the other away, and will feature some familiar South Ken names.

The Scavenger Hunt is due to definately go ahead this year, after a few problems last year, and will probably be legal, after some entertaining antics in past years.

The location of the Meterological Society Disco has yet to be announced. It has been suggested, however, by a representative who wishes to remain anonymous, that the night will be held in a quarry near the foot of the North Downs.

The week ends in the Commemoration Disco, which starts at 6pm on the Friday evening and ends with the close of the bar at 6 o'clock the next morning, when a "Survivors Photo" is taken. The evening includes a 3-course meal, magician and other entertainers, 2 live bands, DJ, Wine Bar, free Funfair and a large fireworks display. Dress is Black Tie.

For more information on Cricket Week, contact and for further details on the Commem, contact .

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Discussion about “Wye Cricket Week and Commemoration Ball”

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May 08 2003 22:52

Free accomodation and travel???

No way!

2. Sam   
May 08 2003 23:25

Seeing as the i'm not checking got asked to reserve 3 minibuses today, i suspect that the travel costs will be modest.

However it is more expensive than the Summerball... (but allegdly you get what you pay for)

3. Beci   
May 09 2003 00:45

Can you guys not read right? FREE accommodatio and travel. I've spent enough bloody time on this to know that this is what is happening. If it wasn't I wouldn't have written it.

Yes, it is slightly more expensive then the IC summer ball. However, ours is better and we don't have to be bailed out by the College for ?20,000. Remember that.

4. Sam   
May 09 2003 02:00

Dear Rebecca,

I wasn't casting aspersions on the freeness of the event, i was merely speculating that *your* costs to provide said free transport were pretty low (3x?80 for less than 24hrs... but i suppose it depends how/if you get charged).

As to the slightly more expensiveness of the event, i think you'll find "you get what you pay for" is a glowing endorsement of Cricket Week, and a sad indictment of the (S.Ken) Summer Ball... but then sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

5. Beci   
May 09 2003 09:03

I mean free, as in we will pay for the travel, etc and you guys won't have to

May 09 2003 10:16

Excellent stuff, I like the cricket idea!

7. Nia   
May 09 2003 10:24

Yeah, I'm not really into cricket but I do like the idea of sitting in the sun with a warm pint pretending to watch some people dressed in white run around a bit.

On a slightly more political note, I wonder if having "Exec Hustings" alongside all these cricket/disco/scavenger hunt things encourages more people to turn up to them?

8. Beci   
May 09 2003 10:29

Actually, the hustings are one of the most popular things in the week. It's something that Wye students seem to take quite seriously, so we get a good turnout.

p.s. the beer's usually cold.

9. Drink   
May 09 2003 10:46

Not all beer is *meant* to be "cold" you know becci. It really doesnt do a nice pint of bitter any good if some silly sod has decided to treat it lager....

May 09 2003 12:18

arrh, no please don't put real bitter through the chillers, it'll come out like tetleys..and for those who don't drink bitter tetleys costs what it does for a reason (as Sam said 'you get what you pay for'..)

11. Beci   
May 09 2003 12:27

I'm sure you all know what I mean with the beer thing.

Some of the more observant of you may have realised that the paragraph about the free accommodation has been taken out. This is due to a turn around from the College, who are now refusing to let us do this. The current fee for accommodation stands at ?10. Although this is still good, it is irritating that they've gone back on the previous decision. We're attempting to sort it all out, but oce I know what's going on for definate, I'll advertise it.

Unfortunately, this one is out of WCUS hands. So much for me having a nice relaxing, stress-free day today....

12. Beci   
May 13 2003 15:59

Me again.

Right. Here's the situation. The accommodation will cost ?10, which still isn't bad. The travel will still be free tho.

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