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Join the Live! and Guildsheet Team

Oct 13 2003 20:49
An informal introduction event is to be held at 12pm on Friday 17th October for those interested in joining the City & Guilds Media Group.
The pinnacle of fame.

This will give the opportunity for people interested in contributing to Live! and/or Guildsheet, either through technical development of the site or by writing articles to chat with the existing team about the various ways to get involved. Those who are interested in being involved with Live! or Guildsheet but are unable to attend this event are encouraged to email (Live!) or .

Guildsheet and Live! present a wide range of opportunities for journalists. This includes reporting on news from the comings and goings of City & Guilds Union to the recent developments within Imperial College Union to the latest disasters and resulting furores in the national face of higher education. If any good news in higher education ever turns up then no doubt that would also be covered.

In addition to news, there exist a plethora of opportunities to write reports of sports events, reviews, of plays and concerts humorous articles and to interview college celebrities.

For computer programmers, interesting and challenging problems to provide a distraction from degree work may be found through the development and maintenance of Live!, which includes pages and tools for journalists and editors as well as the public pages. In addition, the media group technical team support the C&G Union website. The public website development is mainly in a UNIX environment (PHP, Perl and Apache) while Intranet sites are developed on Microsoft Windows 2000 using ASP.

This introduction event will be held in a seminar room on the top floor of the Imperial College Union building, with the precise location being advertised later in the week in Live! and on posters within the Union. Refreshments will be provided although it is rumoured that this will not be up to the standards set by the C&G Freshers’ Ball of the previous night.

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