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A New toy for Guilds

Mar 11 2005 19:19
The City & Guilds have just gotten a new computer.
The New Computer and the new website

The City & Guilds have a new Computer, yes after a war of words with ICU, where the mighty ICU crumbled and ordered a computer for the Guilds office in Room 340. Mechanical Engineering. The City & Guilds office is slowly becoming a rival to SAC in the east basement of Beit Quad. With various clubs and departmental societies making regular use of the computing and printing facilities the need for a decent computer was desperately needed.

The City & Guilds is given a rolling replacement by the ICU every so often, but the last time we were fogged off with a crappy one from Aeronautical Engineering. This computer is a HP Compaq dc7100 series with 2.8GHz Pentium 4, with 512 MB of RAM and a 17" TFT display. The machine is running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 and the new look CGCU web site, ironically the work of a Physical Scientist, sets it off perfectly.

The computer was promised a long time ago, and the ETA was quoted as 9 months, this was apparently due to ICT switching their preferred supplier to HP, rather than Dell, and HP having problems on their supply chain.

Well, a new computer has unleashed a new stream of life into Room 340, Mechanical Engineering, with one and all falling over to use the machine. Its a shame then that it is still a PC and not a Mac.

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Discussion about “A New toy for Guilds”

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Mar 11 2005 19:30

Ohh, this new machine is fun. I'm using it right now to put this post up. If only the rest of you could see it's brilliance...

2. Zaki   
Mar 11 2005 21:24

looking forward to using it. This machine isnt gona be the only change in the office!

Mar 11 2005 21:25

We have.

Maths has "loads" of them.

Mar 11 2005 22:27

You mean theres things on live that aren't just based on gossip?!


Mar 11 2005 23:39

Live! is an entirely fact based publication, it aspires to inform the intellectual masses about the workings of the Guilds.

Mar 12 2005 11:03

"ironically the work of a Physical Scientist"

Get your stuff right, I'm a Scientist! I don't hold with the namby pamby nonsense thought up by the Rector.

7. tom t   
Mar 12 2005 14:35

or the Union, eh Ed ;-)

8. ...   
Mar 12 2005 22:44

Ed, I thought you left the union? Or can you leave iCU but still be in CGCU?

9. Simon   
Mar 13 2005 00:09

Just had a browse of your new CGCU site, Ed, and I can't help feeling that, despite his importance, Mr Collins isn't really deserving of a 450kB jpeg, considering it is a b&w head shot. And I feel that the other officers have been hard done by, being lumped with jpeg so small that the compression almost obscures their faces.

Mar 13 2005 10:51


Come back to me when you've been doing elections s**t for 2 weeks and then pass judgement.

I'm going to be doing so upgrades across the whole thing in the coming weeks, including sorting out the pictures.

PS. Those pictures weren't mine, they were the ones the were on the City & Guilds file server.

Mar 13 2005 10:52

The front page is a refreshing change, I quite like the merged Tanaka and the old Mech Eng piccie on the top right, good work Ed.

12. ==   
Mar 13 2005 12:28

"Ed, I thought you left the union? Or can you leave iCU but still be in CGCU?"

Obviously he's not in CGCU as he's a chemist. Presumably he's just friends with John Collins.

Mar 13 2005 15:12

What we have in Guilds is an atmosphere of bipartisan even tri or quadpartisanship. All representatives/officers/individuals of all clubs and societies are allowed to share our resources and contribute to the development of our community. We engineers are working towards innovation based on multi faculty collaboration and Mr. Piggot's contribution is one such step. We are what is perhaps a mini ICU.

Mar 13 2005 15:36

Except you don't have a president who thinks he is above the law, and you have members who hold him to account.

Maybe the key to being a decent student union is to run using volunteers and not sabbs and staff.... hang on isn't that what ICU was until Ganesh and Arif unleashed terror on the place.


15. ==   
Mar 13 2005 17:52

"Except you don't have a president who thinks he is above the law, and you have members who hold him to account."

Oh yes? You could have fooled me.

Mar 13 2005 18:05

Bring it on!

Mar 13 2005 18:09

Although I do have to admit with the last contributer - you lot have been hopeless at holding me to account lately (Not that I think that I've been doing anything outrageous, but anyway...)

PS re Website: I asked for volunteers in October to redo or even maintain the website and got zippo response. Thankfully, a scientist has kindly stepped in to help C&G out.

Mar 13 2005 18:33

Mr Collins has been held to account numerous times - not always offically - but he has seen the way.

Luckily he is not a big headed arrogant t**t, who swans around in Father Christmas outfits at college meetings. Also so far he hasn't managed to screw up any elections - well maybe there is time for that....

Mar 13 2005 21:16

Sid is talking s**t again.

I think we should ban non-guilds men/women from using the new computer muahahahahahhaha.

Live is balls.

Mar 13 2005 23:32

I did start Sh*t Squad and for no c**p reason.

Muha Muha Muha.

Mar 14 2005 10:48

don't you mean 2the auxilliary RAG office has a new computer"? That and I reckon RAG forms its own part in the quinterary partnership that is the Guilds office.

Mar 20 2005 21:02

Form part of a partnership??? It's our office God Dam it, the Guilds office can now be found in Beit East Basement by SAC where Guilds will now find their only computer is opperating perfectly and only a slight leak into their store cupboard.

Guilds in Mech Eng 340??? It was only ever a rumour!

23. Chips   
Mar 23 2005 13:07

"Oi! You! Skinny boy! Come ere! Wossyoname?" <reads badge> "'Ed'. Right, 'Ed' I want a burger an a cheeseburger. Onions on the burger but not the cheeseburger. Plenty of ketchup and mustard on the burger, just mayo on the cheeseburger. No salad. And make sure you cook em properly. But don't burn em neither. And I don't wan em touchin. Cheers. 'Ed'."

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