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Fok Planning Office Changes

Aug 21 2006 14:27
Ashley Brown
The C&G office is set to change over the next few months, to create a more inviting common-room style area.
CGCU President James Fok with the new Guilds Mascot

CGCU President James Fok is planning some changes to the Guilds office, including the addition of a coffee machine.

At present the office is split into an office area (as the main entrance) and a meeting room, which houses a kitchen and sofas. Fok is planning to split the room into "business" and "pleasure" areas, creating a social space in the current meeting room for all engineers to enjoy. It is hoped that an espresso machine could appear as part of the reorganisation, to provide a vital support system during construction of the float for the Lord Mayor's Show.

The meeting table will move into the office space, with one computer being moved out for use in the common-room area.

Fok is "looking forward to the changes, but not looking forward to the labour!"

Guildsmen are shortly to descend on Ikea in search of furniture deals and a suitable display case for the most recent addition to the office, a zebra-print spanner.

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Discussion about “Fok Planning Office Changes”

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Aug 21 2006 17:42

Ah yes, it's time for the annual rearranging-the-Guilds-office game. Off to a slightly later start than usual, in fact.

2. Zebra   
Aug 21 2006 17:43

Oh no, you've called me a mascot! Quick, make me inviolate before those zoologists get their hands on me!

Aug 22 2006 01:41

Um... since when does a zebra have a tail like that? Zebra you must be one of a kind. Or perhaps you have mistaken yourself as a zebra when you are in face a white tiger... no a white tiger spanner.

Aug 24 2006 11:50

Man, the numbers of summers I spent seeing the office being re-organised and cleaned up. Don't throw away any of the old guildsheets or bar night songsheets.

Aug 27 2006 18:50

WOW so that is what a faculty president sab will be doing. Great one!!

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