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Campus Construction Compendium

Jul 28 2008 18:35
Kirsty Patterson
Estates are having a busy summer refurbishing old buildings and fixing new ones. Live! went on a walk to find out what has changed.
BioChem before the windows started falling out.

Scaffolding has been going up and coming down from buildings all over Campus. As a result a few familiar places are now looking a bit different. Watch the video at the end of the article to see what College have been up to.

The newly refurbished Library ground floor is currently undergoing a soft opening ahead of the ?official? opening in September. The group work areas are already proving popular with students filling desks and ?work pods? in all directions. The design is of a high specification with bright orange dividers designed by the same group that do the interior bodywork for Aston Martin. Initially Live! assumed that the ceiling was yet to be finished, however apparently it is meant to look like that.

The footpath outside the Department of Biochemistry has been cordoned off for several months after Live! received reports of glass panels coming loose from the building. This isn?t the only building that appears to be rejecting it?s new-look exterior with the pink panels surrounding the Bessemer Building needing replacement, apparently after developing a series of fractures due to excessive heat.

The Eastside Project is still ahead of schedule despite it?s slightly clumsier workforce. The building site seemed quite devoid of people today while newly delivered bathroom pods were being lifted into place by cranes. Presumably this was a precautionary measure to prevent death by flying shower cubicle.

Not actually a concept drawing, although perhaps coloured in by Miners

The RSM ground floor is getting a new look with even more fetching shades of pink and green. Apparently though, apple green is out this season with the corridors instead sporting an even less pleasing-to-the-eye lime green. Upstairs, the decorators of the 3rd floor café, which will replace the infamous Claud's, have failed to decide on one singular colour scheme. Either that or the Miners have been colouring in again, this time all over their building.

College appear to have taken out shares in scaffolding manufacturers if you take a look at the developments surrounding Princes Gardens. Work seems to be going ahead at 52 Princes Gate despite no mention of it on the current projects section of the website and the mews redevelopment has taken on the look of a large children?s play area.

The Sherfield Walkway is looking a bit empty after STA Travel and Endsleigh Insurance have both decided not to have a physical presence on University Campuses. Rumours that an Imperial College branded travel and insurance centre, known as ?Paddy?s?, will be moving into the space are yet to be substantiated.

A new bus stop has been erected immediately outside the entrance to Beit Quad. This may prove convenient for Union hacks rolling out of the bar after Council meetings but it will be less so for clubs and societies trying to load minibuses while TfL are using the space as a glorified bus depot.

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Discussion about “Campus Construction Compendium”

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1. grad   
Jul 29 2008 09:59

library looks awesome. like how they call it a library 'learning' cafe hahah. also lol at the colour of the chairs in the miner cafe and the 'art' on the wall. and wow eastside is building fasttttt.

2. BORED   
Jul 29 2008 15:37


I demand new Rector gaffes now!

Jul 30 2008 13:36

The remarks about Biochemistry are incorrect. The glass panels did not start to fall out. It was found that some of the rubber seals were becoming loose and there was the small chance of panels falling. This problem was solved by the addition of metal brackets within the seals. It must also be said that some of the glass panes have now received their new rubber seals which explains why the footpath has been closed. People should get their facts right first!

Jul 30 2008 14:05

Well, if people in College would respond to emails on the subject, there would be more than 'allegedly'. I think roping off the area near the windows means they felt there was a good chance they would fall out...

5. C.   
Jul 30 2008 23:53

Woah the new Bessemer cafe looks great, though I bet the prices won't be anything like Claud's though...I want my 25p cup of tea :( *moan*

Jul 31 2008 17:33

Nice to see inside the new entrance to the library, seeing as the hadn't manage to actually finish the damn thing before I finished my degree. Tell me Kirsty, is it nice and cool on the ground floor with that new air-con? You know, the one that doesn't actually cool down the really sweltering parts of the library.

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