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Dissatisfaction widespread?

Aug 21 2007 10:09
Nick Simpson
The annual report from the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) notes a 44% year on year rise in the number of complaints students have lodged against their university.
A New Southside Room: New halls is just one way Imperial hopes to improve satisfaction

Imperial may be well known for low student satisfaction but the latest report on the topic has revealed the problem is spreading further afield. As top-up fees burden students with debt, a consumer culture is developing and students are demanding better value for money; and if they don't get it they are complaining.

Last year 456 complaints were filed with the OIA, a near 50% rise on the previous year. If the OIA upholds the complaints by students it is able to award compensation, although this is rare.

Surprisingly neither top-up fees nor last year's lecturer strike rank highly amongst the complaints, with the effects having either been nullified by the institutes or not felt yet by the students. In fact the complaints seem to focus on disproportionate punishment for acts such as plagiarism, which, if recent reports are to be believed, are on a rise.

This latest news comes after Live! showed Imperial would in fact be top of the independent Good University Guide if student satisfaction didn't cripple it's rankings, another clear signal to institutes to play their part in the university market which has resulted from higher tuition fees.

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Discussion about “Dissatisfaction widespread?”

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Aug 21 2007 12:35

The new Southside rooms are not exactly going to help satisfaction, a shoebox room costing in excess of ?150 per week with such a well thought out design as to put a convection heater underneath a fixed desk (look closely at the picture, you can see it), a building site directly outside and the halls not even finished when people move in, great value for money!

Aug 21 2007 16:43

insider: well pointed out, the convection heater is underneath the desk. This improves the heating of the room and hence increases its efficiency.

I am so proud that the college has finally managed to build something practicable and useful (re: old gym, old Dalby Court walkway cover, Huxley...)

3. comfy   
Aug 21 2007 16:55

not to mention you can put your feet up against the heater when you're working during those long cold winter nights!

Aug 21 2007 18:12

Thermofluid ex-student,

yes, but not the way they have sited it, it will actually just make under the desk very hot (and risk burning/melting items on the desk, especially plastic coatings of power cables, it has happened before) well before the rest of the room gets warm.

Aug 21 2007 19:07


Very hot indeed it will get, but how hot can the radiator get? Plastic coatings and many other items on the desk are likely to withstand the radiator's temperature... else comfy's feet are not going to be so comfy but more like "roasted"... furthermore, the desk is made of wood, a poor conductor I believe, so the temperature on the table surface is likely even lower.

Before I dig myself a 5'6" hole, I have not been to the furnished room, so I cannot be 100% sure of the likely outcome.

What an Imperial discussion we are having!

6. meche   
Aug 21 2007 23:45

I think the only problem would be that the majority of students will have desktop computers which they will need to cool somehow, whilst keeping themselves warm; and having a convection heater where the back of the psu and graphics intake will be won't help. Moving the base unit sidewards or forwards would waste space.

The balcony is a bad idea, the door probably opens inwards leaving less space to add furniture in front of it. There doesn't seem to be much room to move in that kind of space.

Also where are the power sockets!?!?

Aug 22 2007 20:23

Having toured Southside, and personally querying the radiator issue, I have been assured that the radiator will not get hot enough to affect the desk or fittings.


They are also some distance the power sockets which are located under the desk (I believe there are 6) alongside the network ports and TV coaxial sockets.

Aug 25 2007 15:46

is it just me or does the room really not loook that small...

it's definitely larger than linstead's rooms..and i wouldn't complain if i came to uni and were living in a nice room like that with a petite balcony

9. Alice   
Aug 28 2007 12:28

I think comments about room size were mainly referring to shared rooms.

I'd rather have my room in garden which was bigger (from the look of it) and cheeper.

Aug 28 2007 14:24

and potentially haunted? (the famous room 11)

11. Hugo   
Aug 30 2007 21:31

alices room was huge :p

12. Alice   
Aug 31 2007 16:47

As was yours, I seem to recall!

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