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John Collins - ICU President Elect

Mar 04 2006 10:42
Gerald the Vicious Amoeba
Known by most in the world of Student Politics, but what is it that makes ICU President Elect John Collins tick?
Mr Collins on the right and a monkey on the left

John Collins joined Imperial College as a Civ Eng fresher in the September of 2002. From the early days it was clear that Mr Collins was destined to take more than a passing interest in student politics. In one of the first lectures he stood as a candidate for a position as year rep and although unsuccessful that time it was clear that Mr Collins enjoyed and wanted to be a part of, and high up in, the student union.

Early involvement in City and Guilds saw him involved in the hit squad and barbershop quartets for RAG and in second year he became treasurer of ICU RAG as well as an ordinary member of union council. Mr Collins never let shyness or fear of been outspoken prevent him from raising points at council and quickly became a recognized figure in the upper echelons of the union.

At the end of his second year Mr Collins stood for City and Guilds president against Chris McIver and Giles Dunn and despite having written the text message to his girlfriend, Nichola Hawkins, to say he had lost leaving only the send button to press Mr Collins actually found he had won the election with a comfortable majority.

The Early days of Mr Collins? term as CGCU president did not go entirely smoothly with rumours of resignation and manytroubles involving the 2004 Lord Mayor?s Show entry. However, by the end of the summer one of the most successful Freshers Week many can remember had been organized with the Annual Ball adding to the feeling of success in the CGCU office. Following on from the ball Hon Sec Martin Chong resigned although this was not entirely unexpected and Mr Collins moved quickly to organize the election where Helen Dawson was elected to the post.

With a strong team to lead Guilds around him the CGCU year went from success to success with an especially active RAG week involving running around quite a lot, although relations with ICU were becoming less and less amicable eventually leading to a no confidence motion against ICU President Mustafa Arif. The motion was led by Tom Tibbits with much support from many in Guilds including Mr Collins who was one of the few that supported the motion to the end including voting for it despite a role call ballot taking place. These events helped to form Mr Collins? opposition to Sabbatical Officers serving two terms, with his involvement in two attempts to amend the union constitution to avoid this it will be interesting to see his view on this come the next round of union elections next year.

The end of ones term as CGCU president would normally be a time when most would hide and put some time into their degree, but not Mr Collins who stood for Chairman of both CGCU and ICU and was elected to both posts. Also, when Guildsheet editor Sid Singh was elected CGCU president and had to give up the editing Mr Collins took that job on too.

Most people who knew Mr Collins by this stage were sure he would stand for the ICU Presidents post although he continued to only say he was only thinking about it. When nominations opened he eventually put his name forward and launched into what many have described as the best Presidential campaign they have seen in a long time. Given the support and campaign few were surprised when Mr Collins was announced the winner of the election on Thursday evening although the size of the majority may have surprised some.

So, the only question remaining is where Mr Collins will throw his hat next, rumours are abound that Tony Blair?s job will be available in a year or so.

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Discussion about “John Collins - ICU President Elect”

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Mar 04 2006 11:41

John Collins, the floating head...

Mar 04 2006 13:52

The comment above makes far less sense now the photo has changed.

Mar 04 2006 14:00

"Known by most in the world of Student Politics, but what is it that makes ICU President Elect John Collins tick?"


4. Sam   
Mar 05 2006 02:06

I could have sworn it was electrical impulses from the bit of the brain at the top of the neck to the heart. Everything is electricity really - it's the most important thing in the world.

Mar 06 2006 12:58

electrons are overrated. Nothing would ever happen without photons - and they travel faster which is why theyre replacing them in communications (wires vs optical cable). In fact, electrons have pretty much had their time.

Mar 07 2006 11:29

does live! only have one author now?

Mar 07 2006 12:50

There are 4 separate authors listed on the front page at the moment...

Mar 07 2006 14:08

I have to admit I have been rather prolific of late.

Mar 07 2006 14:47

9 out of the last topics are by gerald, and almost all news is.. other authors include those for arts - i'm not counting them (in this sense)...

10. Sam   
Mar 08 2006 01:33

The question "Gerald", is "are you the original Vicious Amoeba?" or are you in fact a new pretender to the throne. I only ask because:

1) The alias is still tagged to the original Amoeba in the admin system.

2) The original Amoeba has a real job now.

It used to be the case that new correspondents would think up new aliases... ho hum...

Mar 08 2006 08:40

The question is Sam how do you know who the alias is assigned to? I thought the Live! Editor pages were for editors?

Mar 08 2006 12:25

Rumour has it that the author known as "Gerald" is also known as "Captain von Trapp", and is currently masquerading as a CivEng final year student. Whichever of these is his (or her) true identity (if any) is open to debate.

13. Sam   
Mar 13 2006 09:31

I still have access to the server this site is hosted on. I also used to hack around with the Live! code. For both of those reasons I can find my way around the backend. I don't usually bother with the admin interface since it's login problems of a few years ago...

14. tomt   
Mar 13 2006 09:58

> I can find my way around the backend

Sam, I'm sure many of us are delighted with that information, even if it was slightly more than we needed...

15. Sam   
Mar 24 2006 03:33

Look Tibbits,

I saw you sailing through a red light on your bike a couple of days ago, so don't get clever or I'll set the rozzers on you!

(You really should be careful you know - I've heard South Ken is somewhat dangerous for cyclists)

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