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Sabbatical Candidates: A Brief Introduction

Feb 16 2007 10:11
Ashley Brown
Live! asked all of the candidates for the sabbatical elections to submit a short piece of information about themselves, along with a photo. Get to to know your candidates!
Who will be president?

Updated 18 Feb 2007: Ben Schneider withdrew from the Presidential race.

Updated 16 Feb 2007: Ben Harris withdrew from the Presidential race. Everyone still standing has submitted something.

Those of us who have been through many elections remember the feeling: you know one of the candidates from somewhere, but you can't for the life of you remember where. To avoid that feeling, we have asked every candidate to give us a brief bio containing their course and year, along with any key Union positions they have held. If you have seen them around hopefully it will jog your memory.

Forgive the candidates if they sound a bit daft, we put them up to it. The manifesto of every candidate will be published later, these short introductions are specifically not intended as a campaigning tool.

Given the blurb below, the election looks to be one of experience vs youthful "fresh blood".

Current Felix Editor Andy Sykes is running the RON campaign this year. RON stands for all positions.

President (6)

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

"I am a final year maths student. Some of you may have read my somewhat outspoken ramblings in Felix over the past two years in my position as both Sports and Comment Editor. As RAG Chair, I've been responsible for coordinating the Union's charitable efforts and have now raised enough money to ensure that the Union President carries out his RAG week dare of appearing on X-factor auditions, poor Mr Collins."

Diogo Geraldes

Diogo Geraldes

Hello! I am THE Diogo (dee-oh-goh), a 3rd year Biomedical Engineer (cof..cof..), and if you dont recognise me it's because you have obviously not spent enough time in the Union.

I am applying for President apparently with no Union experience, but I disagree: I waste plenty of nights a month (or get wasted) in Da Vinci's and the Union Bar! I can run a mile in approximately 1h32m and I love not exercising (sorry but had to cover the sports theme so that I could easily approach the health fanatics).

Running for President wasn't in my plans, but I think that I kinda got involved one night at 6am after some proper clubbing when I made plans to reinvent the whole Union concept, plans that I no longer can remember. Maybe I will,in a near future.

Julian Giannuzzi

Julian Giannuzzi

"I am Julian Giannuzzi from Brentwood in Essex, a first year biologist standing for president. "

Ben Harris

Ben Harris


Jon Matthews

Jon Matthews

"I am now in my eighth year at Imperial having spent four years in Biology as an undergrad, three years on a PhD in Biochemistry and then this year as Deputy President (Finance and Services). Apart from being DPFS this year, I spent four years on the Accommodation Committee as a rep for various different halls (of my eight years at Imperial, six of them have been in halls) and was on Council for a spell. Outside of the Union but still working for students, I have been a sub-warden for two years and heavily involved in halls life every year I have been in halls. In all eight years at Imperial so far, I have always been heavily involved and played as active and full a rôle within the Union as possible."

Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider

Withdrawn "I am currently a second year Physics student, and am regularly to be found in the dreary depths of the Physics building. I have experience of running and organizing events in student halls due to serving on Willis Jackson Hall committee.

My motivation in representing large groups of students have led back to my days at school, where I spoke for up to a thousand students on a variety of issues such as the school budget, teacher- pupil relations and student welfare. Over the years many people have come to events I have organized and enjoyed themselves, often with a pint of beer close at hand."

Sophie Spillard

Sophie Spillard

"I?m a second year Geology and Geophysics MSci student. I have the advantage of being a fresh face to union politics; I?m not your average candidate!

Sailing, swimming and running are my passions. I?m a member of the Yacht club, if I could compare the union to a yacht then I would be the best candidate to steer it into new waters. I?ve taken part in the Hyde Park relays for the last two years and I?m keen to promote Imperial?s reputation nationally. To describe myself I would compare myself to a Cosmopolitan cocktail; delicious to drink but with a hidden kick. Stay cool Imperial."


Deputy President (Finance & Services) (4)

Anthony Calder

Anthony Calder

"I am a final year Applied Business Management student studying at Imperial's Wye Campus. Volunteers who were involved with the ICU council from 2005/2006 will remember me as the WCUS Student Union President of 05/06, an individual who was not afraid to stand up and disagree with decisions made by the Executive Committee 05/06 regarding large events at the Wye Campus via his seat on Council.

Other positions I have held in the Union are Treasurer of Wye Football 05/06 and Snooker President 06/07. I would also like to add, I was responsible for getting permission from ICU to refurbish our campus bar in Wye Summer 06, my greatest achievement as an officer to date."

Andrew Holland

Andrew Holland

"Hi! My name is Andy Holland, and I am a second year chemical engineer standing for DPFS, and part of the infamous "Southwell Slate". I cannot offer any Union experience, except I have bags of enthusiasm, and really want to make a go of this! As for other experience: well with regards to standing for Finance and Services I have several years of experience in pubs and clubs (both sides of the bar!) and feel that I could really use the skills I have picked up to make the Union services run smoothly."

Christopher Larvin

Christopher Larvin

"As a third year geologist, when I?m not colouring in or drawing rocks, I?m typically found doing something to do with the Union. I?m heavily involved in our clubs and societies and over the past few years and have sat on numerous committees including the De La Beche (geology) Club, Outdoor Club, and the Royal School of Mines. As RSM treasurer this year, I?ve overseen the finances at a CSC level for the RSM and its clubs and societies, which has included finance training, running a number of highly successful events, trying to keep RSM officers out of jail. For the last two years I?ve worked for the Union part-time in the Student Activities Centre and when not in the SAC I'm usually either sleeping, playing with rocks or in the Union Bar."

Hugh Mansfield

Hugh Mansfield

"I am in the final year of a maths BSc. I am the editor of Phoenix, the magazine originally set up by H.G.Wells. I am currently working toward relaunching it as a periodical, and am crossword editor and a regular columnist for Felix."


Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) (2)

Alexander Balikhin

Alexander Balikhin

"My name is Alexander Mikhailovich Balikhin; I'm currently a second year maths student standing for the position of Deputy-President (Clubs and Societies) on behalf of the 'slate'. I was born in the winter of 86 in Moscow, to a life of poverty, hunger and squalor. At the tender age of 4 just before my 5th birthday, my family fled Russia as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed to escape persecution. We continued to travel around trying to find a place to settle down; until in 95 we settled in Sheffield. There we managed to rent out a tiny attic flat, I studied hard in a run down comprehensive and worked on minimum wage 6am to 6pm to finance my education. Thus working my way up I obtained a place in the great learning establishment of Imperial College."

Alistair Cott

Alistair Cott

"I'm a final year materials student. I have been in the RCC exec committee for two years as the equipment officer and am the canoe club bosun this year. I am also organising this year's night hike which is happening in two weeks time. This year I have worked for the union in the student activities centre, you might have seen me there for most of the time; I'm the one with the beard and ponytail. I would describe myself as an inquisitive adventurous person with an ability of not to stress too much over things. One last point that should define me quite well is that I have a sweet tooth, and perhaps like mint imperials a little too much."


Deputy President (Education & Welfare) (2)

Aditya Narayanan

Aditya Narayanan

"My name is Aditya Narayanan, and I am a first year mechanical engineering student. I am running for the DPEW position as a member of the 'Southwell Slate'. I come to Imperial having lived a 19-year life that began in Plymouth and arrived in South Kensington via Saudi Arabia, Madras and California among other places. Although I do not have any prior experience, I will offer energy and commitment to the students' cause."

Kirsty Patterson

Kirsty Patterson

"I am a Second Year MSci Student of Geology and Geophysics. I have taken an active role in campaigning: elected to council as Welfare Campaigns Officer and setting up the Fairtrade Society after last years success in achieving ULU Student Campaign Group of the Year. I also hold the new Ethical Campaigns Portfolio on the Representation and Welfare Board. I have shown an active interest in Union affairs, in Club administration through my job in the Student Activities Centre; in commercial services through my job in the Union Bar; in welfare issues through my position on the Representation and Welfare Board and in general management through my position on Council. I am also the Clubs and Societies Editor of Felix.

I have experience in holding different positions of responsibility as Chair of Fairtrade Society, Treasurer of ULU Chamber Choir, Secretary of Sinfonietta, Social Secretary of Choir and AEB Exec Honorary Secretary."


Felix Editor (3)

Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts

"I'm currently a 3rd year physicist. I've been writing for Felix for the past two years. Initially I was the TV Editor under Rupert's reign and at the start of this year I became Deputy Editor. This entails me making design decisions, laying out the newspaper pages as we receive material from writers, touching up the other sub editors' work when they're having a hectic day and generally ensuring the paper gets out of the door come midnight on Thursdays!

I've also written several special features this year including one previewing the latest generation of videogames consoles as well as a behind the scenes article on a short film starring Bob Geldof. The more surreal side of my mind can often be found spewing out wise words in the horoscopes section!"

Emily Lines

Emily Lines

"Hi, I'm Emily Lines and I'm standing for Felix Editor. I'm a 4th year mathematician but I've spent most of my time at Imperial ignoring my degree and doing lots of other things! In my first year I sat on the summer ball committee, I've worked in the Union bar for over 2 years, been part of the netball and breakdancing clubs, and of LeoSoc. I'm currently the RCSU Honorary Secretary and also a Pimlico Volunteer, but most importantly I've been working for Felix since my first year, initially as a writer and since 2005 as the Arts Editor. I've spent a lot of time developing PR contacts and as a result my writers get access to all of London's most important Arts events."

Felix Sinclair

Felix Sinclair

"My name is Felix Sinclair, I am a third year physicist. Many of you know me as a reapp at Southwell hall, busy behind the coffee bar serving caffine to the overworked and underpaid imperial student."

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Discussion about “Sabbatical Candidates: A Brief Introduction”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 14 2007 14:44

Alistair: re. your sweet tooth - are you going to re-introduce elevenses to the Union offices? imho it's been sadly lacking since the current DP(Cakes & Snacks) has neglected this duty!

Feb 14 2007 15:19

If I'd known that there was a Deputy President (Clubs and Snacks) position I would have stood for that instead! I could spend all my time baking flapjacks!

Then again Aziz's Birthday Cake (hand baked by the wonderful Alistair himself) was one of the nicest things I have eaten in a long time!

He has how have been busy trying to get the Sci Fi office though :p

Feb 14 2007 15:43

Whoops - I meant DP (Cakes and Snacks) of course...

Feb 14 2007 16:22

There were sporadic elevenses, with home-made cakes and everything, but then the 'first lady' got a job and very little cake has been seen since. Clearly the President didn't do his duty in chaining her to the kitchen sink.

Feb 14 2007 16:30

Eric, how drunk were you when you made the above comment? It makes no sense. Ok, little sense

Feb 14 2007 16:36

As Eric says on many an occasion: "It's cos I'm Chinese, innit."

8. stef   
Feb 14 2007 18:07

any betting yet on the number of complaints made during the election or how many candidates will be disqualified?

Feb 14 2007 18:35

Was it actually Eric: seems strange that he refers to himself in third person (unless he's been spending too long on facebook like me) and would he really make the 'Clubs and <i>Sports</i>' mistake twice?

Feb 14 2007 19:15

I can happily confirm Alistair does in fact have a rather sweet do most people who think that a packet of mint imperials constitutes a square meal...

Feb 14 2007 19:54

"WCUS Student Union President of 05/06, an individual who was not afraid to stand up and disagree with decisions made by the Executive Committee 05/06 regarding large events at the Wye"

What? The one that lost £25 000? I have no idea what they might have been moaning about.

Feb 14 2007 20:54

Nice to see Mr Felix Sinclair's manifesto makes mention of the great work he's done for Felix so far.

Oh, wait...

13. ironic   
Feb 15 2007 07:44

isnt it ironic that of all the people not to submit any statement one is ben harris, who has more time on his hands than anyone else as he's taking a year off?

Feb 15 2007 07:52

jon matthews forgot to mention that he's a C**T. and that he doesnt care for students but just for his mortgage being paid by the union.

haha i LAUGH. he tries to kick out and backstab a colleague and thinks people will still want him around!!! on top of that, rumour has it he has eaten broccoli as subwarden...errr WTF

Feb 15 2007 08:58

"rumour has it"

and you beleive whatever rumours fly around halls re. who ate what vegetables enough to suggest basing election decisions on that...errr WTF

16. pg   
Feb 15 2007 09:17

"jonmatthewsNO" - I'm fairly sure if you think he doesn't care for students that you haven't actually spoken to him for any length of time, at least not in a civilised manner.

You'll also find that Council agreed with the sentiment of his paper.

Maybe you should stop being so bitter and move on from the issues you have.

Feb 15 2007 11:37

Even I haven't heard about those rumours. And gossip seems to follow me everywhere and shout random things in my ear so I am quite surprised. Did someone make that one up? :)

18. wtf?   
Feb 15 2007 12:33

Is it me, or are these year's candidates quite s**te?

19. jess   
Feb 15 2007 13:04

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER we can have a sabbatical team made up ALMOST ENTIRELY of people with TRULY AWESOME BEARDS

students of imperial college, i implore you to vote for facial hair

Feb 15 2007 13:06

Nothing new, wtf.

21. Simon   
Feb 15 2007 13:37

jonmatthewsNO...... i agree with WTF..... as a re-app in Fisher this year, if there were any rumors going around of that type i would likely be one of the first to hear it (everyone knows how fast rumors get around in Halls!).

And as i haven't......

Maybe you would like to back up your statement? Or if you have no proof then you might want to retract what is clearly a libelous statement!

22. pedant   
Feb 15 2007 13:42

wtf, now is not the time to whinge about the quality of candidates. If you think they are really that bad then you had ample opportunity to nominate yourself if you are so confident that you could do a better job.

Feb 15 2007 14:05

I'm voting RON for president... do any of these guys actually have a clue how to run a student union? Jon Matthews should be excluded simply because he's too OLD

Feb 15 2007 14:15

"do any of these guys actually have a clue how to run a student union?"

Well yes, given that 2 of them are current sabbatical officers.

Aside from that, it is ridiculous for you to come to the conclusion that you are voting RON since no candidate has published his or her manifesto. You never know, one of the candidates with lesser experience may have some good ideas.

Feb 15 2007 14:52

I agree with Jess. VOTE FOR BEARDS

Feb 15 2007 15:53

my friend, they don't 'run' it, they office-hold, while mr parry does all the real decision making. what im trying to get at is, can any of them offer *leadership*?

27. cynic   
Feb 15 2007 16:08

by "leadership" I take it you mean "the ability to shield Mr Parry from as many trivial questions as possible"?

Feb 15 2007 16:30

Does Mr Felix Sinclair realise that editing a newspaper might mean that he is expected to know how to spell?

Feb 15 2007 16:45

I'm (un)living proof that you don't need to spell to be Felix Editor.

30. wtf?   
Feb 15 2007 17:14

What's interesting is why do we have two sabbaticals running against each other, does anyone think that Ben Harris entered just to spite Jon Matthews, or are they colluding so that none of the other candidates gets enough votes and we have RON as President?

Feb 15 2007 18:26

Ben and Jon splits the vote of the people who vote for experienced timeservers, another candidate wins and bans 2 year sabbs.

32. Fluffy   
Feb 15 2007 20:02

"Does anyone think that Ben Harris entered just to spite Jon Matthews?"

How about no? You don't get a nickname of 'fluffy' for being spiteful. Maybe they just both want to be President.

33. Sam   
Feb 16 2007 01:17

I find this hilarious. The Union Office must have been a bundle of laughs recently, what with the recent No C(ensure)onfidence and Sabbs sparring against each other.

Now, we have two Sabbs going head-to-head. Great. All we need now is a wrestling ring above DaVinci's instead of this c**ppy Dance Studio Idea I just got invited into on FaceBook.

34. jess   
Feb 16 2007 01:25

felix has the same name as the newspaper. on these grounds (and if he agrees to grow a ridiculous beard) i think he should be voted in as the winner.

on the other hand if emily can grow a beard, or procure a fake one which she promises to wear at all times during official felix editor duties, that would be okay too

35. jess   
Feb 16 2007 01:27

ps jon matthews, if you want to win, why not just read all the other candidates emails, and find out what they are doing, then one-up them before they can implement their plans

Feb 16 2007 10:22

Tomo can grow a beard - I SAWED IT.

Felix was called Ben up until last week, for some reason. TRICKS

Feb 16 2007 10:32

Hello, sorry for my late picture. Whomever you vote for I only hope that everyone is happy in the end and that that it was fair competition.

Ben S.

Feb 16 2007 11:00

This article has been updated: Ben Harris withdrew from the race this morning. Everyone remaining now has photo and short(ish) recent biography.

(Muppet that I am, I put this in a different thread...)

39. jonNO   
Feb 16 2007 12:50

jon matthews may not be a bad subwarden or sabb, but the mere fact that he is a total asshole is reason enough not to want him to head the union.

after infringing on another person's personal privacy by going through their emails, financing his mortgage through carefully manipulating council during the summer holiday, slagging off his fellow sabbs (teamplayer indeed), and generally being the lemoniest, most annoy s.o.b. ever, i think we should tar and feather him or tie him to the union flagpole naked and p*** all over him.

Feb 16 2007 12:59

Hi, I am one of the candidates running against Jon and I would like to request that the tone of this discussion board raises from the personal comments it has attracted. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion of the man but if you are going to criticise him, or me, or any of the other candidates don't resort to just being plain insulting. Describing a candidate as a "total asshole" is not really cricket.

Stuff like this just puts people off.

41. pg   
Feb 16 2007 13:01

Personal privacy: sorry, an email account associated with your "office" should not be considered private. Personal one, perhaps, but not one associated with the post you hold. If you got hit by a bus someone else would be given access to it.

Mortgage: Council doesn't meet during the summer holiday. Where you there? Did you listen to the reasoning?

Slagging off his fellow sabbs: just the one, which Council agreed with.

Annoying SOB: at times, perhaps...

You just seem to be repeating the same points, probably because you're sore about what happened with the bars (you're either 'jesus' or 'mary', no-one else has such a grudge and writes all in lower case).

Perhaps you should get on with your life?

42. jess   
Feb 16 2007 13:57

i don't expect anyone at work to read my work emails without previously discussing it with me. in my opinion they should hold the same weight as postal mail - if it is not addressed to you it is a criminal offence to open it.

Feb 16 2007 14:39


thank you for your kind comment.

On a separate note in answer to a certain allegation made earlier by an anonymous poster who seems to have a personal grudge against me: I admit it, I have eaten broccoli as a subwarden, I even had some last night with roast pork and boiled new potatoes, it was very tasty.


Feb 16 2007 17:19

Who changed the original "ate green vegetables" (or something to that effect) to "eaten broccoli"? And is this a new euphemism that all the cool kids are using? If so I'd be interested to know what "roast pork" means...

But seriously, if it's been edited for being a bit rude, surely just removing it would be the best course of action?

45. Editor   
Feb 16 2007 17:25

It was edited because the part in question was libellous and unfounded, not because it was simply rude.

The rest of the comment was fine, so has been left alone. Yours has also been edited for the same reason.

The other alternative was to remove a large number of posts (because they referred to the post in question) or wait for someone to get sued (possibly me, who would then have to reveal who the original poster was).

Feb 16 2007 18:03

Just remove all references then - it's the same amount of work.

What Jon Matthews (or anyone else) chooses to "eat" is of no interest to me, but the fact that you are happy to edit other people's comments with no acknowledgement of that fact is slightly different...

Feb 16 2007 18:48

Dear Priceless,

In my year of office, I did not do any events or approve events that could lose £25000.

1. Your either referring about Wye Blues a non WCUS event, an ICU endorsed event.


2. The Bar (I would like to see how you suggest it was run)

3. The commem balls of 04 and 03, both of which were not done in my tenure. But were approved by ICU??

Another Note

Why dont you try being President of WCUS a campus 110 miles from ICU. Im sure you'd do great!!!

48. Random   
Feb 17 2007 08:51

Shame Danny didn't stand, he'd have been fantastic!

Feb 17 2007 13:03

Danny did stand. But he isn't allowed to. Something to do with him being a medic and already having done a sabbatical.

50. punter   
Feb 17 2007 20:52

So would anyone like to offer opening odds on this years elections? Elections would be far more interesting if we could bet on the outcome.

51. Editor   
Feb 17 2007 20:56

Live! will be launching a competition to let you do just that very shortly, with a £10 prize.

Feb 18 2007 15:15

Ben Schneider informed me earlier that he was withdrawing.

53. Hmmm   
Feb 18 2007 17:44

So is Council going to be an hour long tomorrow...?!

Seeing as Council starts at 6.30pm and Hustings starts at 7.30pm in the UDH....


Feb 18 2007 19:59

That would be great. Lets just give 4 cans of red bull to every council member so we are all go in to hyperdrive.

Feb 18 2007 20:15

stephen brown is actually a legend, doing a lot for the union, but he should distance himself from all the hacks because they pull his reputation down!

56. Simon   
Feb 19 2007 04:17

Like hell is Council going to be 1hr...... have you seen the Agenda? standard reports ect, 2 sets of elections, 2 second reading constitutional amendments (those will prob be ok), one first reading constitutional, 2 amendments to NUS conference motions, a paper on Fairtrade, and something about Students in Greece.

Even if each point averages 5min, then we'll still overrun!

57. Editor   
Feb 19 2007 09:47

2 posts from someone using the IC wireless network have been removed, because they were agreeing with the themselves to insult a candidate. This same person regularly makes offensive and pointless posts, often having conversations with themselves and objecting a lot when their posts are removed.

You know who you are and you know that you keep making posts I remove. This is a polite request to stop it.

Feb 19 2007 11:39

Well council may well be an hour long if people keep removing papers! My Fairtrade Policy got removed and I was only told this morning. What a waste of time and effort! Like I have any to spare! If hustings had been left on the day it was originally agreed by Exec (Tuesday) then this wouldn't have been a problem.

Feb 19 2007 14:32

"2 posts from someone using the IC wireless network have been removed, because they were agreeing with the themselves to insult a candidate. This same person regularly makes offensive and pointless posts, often having conversations with themselves and objecting a lot when their posts are removed.

You know who you are and you know that you keep making posts I remove. This is a polite request to stop it."

Hey! I know who I am and maybe I should stop it! Or...maybe I could actually propel this democratic process and be honest with myself, unlike so many of you.

When deciding who to vote for for an important post, whether it be Union sabbs or the President of your country, it is important to make it as democratic and transparent as possible. Now, slandering candidates probably isn't the best way to achieve this, agreed, however you should really try bringing everything to light that you may possibly consider.

A lot of people will not want to vote for an ugly candidate, a candidate of a different skin colour, sex or race, for example. Now, this has nothing to do with racism, sexism etc, it has something to do with personal identification. Ideally, this problem would not exist, but, let's face it, it does. You vote for what you can identify in, what is best for you.

So I think you guys should start debating other real issues. Who honestly cares about how much experience a candidate has, it hasnt helped at all in the past (with the exception of john collins, big it up for my man). Just discuss and choose what you identify with and we'll get someone that truly represents Imperial.

I myself would opt for sophie though I'm not a girl, however her blatant lack of knowledge of, well, anything after the west end statement as well as college owning da vinci's has changed my mind!

peace out

Feb 22 2007 10:09

Felix S is the obvious choice for Felix Editor, a cool guy with a cool name!

61. Hmmm   
Feb 22 2007 10:13

Shame his name is actually Ben then isn't it...and from the shirt he was wearing at Monday's hustings, definitely, not cool.

63. jess   
Feb 22 2007 19:05

what no beardvotes?!?!

Feb 22 2007 22:35

Are they going to take down every poster which has a photo on it then?

Feb 22 2007 22:37

Whoops silly post - couldn't tell the difference between an 'I' and a 'U'. Guinness makes my head go funny.

Feb 22 2007 22:38

Don't post on Live! having had something to drink. Ask Luke Taylor where there that gets you...

Feb 22 2007 23:55

Felix sinclair is both original and refreshing in an otherwise dull election. I for one hope that he wins. He recognizes that Felix should be more entertaining, targeting students. Felix S for editor!!

68. reason   
Feb 23 2007 09:22

i think most people think it should be more entertaining. does he know where the office is?

69. Eric   
Feb 23 2007 23:11

What happened Luke?

70. pg   
Feb 23 2007 23:28

"deceitful breed of small minded politician" ?

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