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RCSU Manifestos - Executive

Mar 14 2007 13:05
Ashley Brown
In a break with tradition, and as a nod to our scientist readers, Live! presents manifestos for the key RCSU positions.
Who will replace Jad?


Thom Groot

Thom Groot

In the 1st year of its new existence, the RCSU has made an incredible contribution to the science students. I believe that if elected as RCSU President, I will be able to keep the upward line going, and ensure that the RCSU will outgun the engineers, miners and medics for the second year in a row.

A vote for me, is a vote for an experienced and strong leader. I have acted as the Chemistry Dep Rep last year, and have held various positions in other societies, taking on responsible roles and delivering results.

I promise enthusiasm and plenty of hard work for the job in hand. The RCSU has a big legacy, and there are some big boots to fill, however, I am confident I will be able to keep the RCSU in the top spot!

Vote Thom for RCSU President!

Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

Vote for me! I?m the best, most experienced candidate! I?m approachable, dedicated, enthusiastic and fun!

As welfare officer this year I?ve actively advised students when problems arose and I?ve successfully fought for people?s ?welfare?!

I?m definitely familiar with union politics - I?m on council, the representation and welfare board and other funky committees. I?ve frequently gone the extra mile to help out the union.

I really care about the RCSU and understand its fragile position in the future. We?ve done some great things this year and I?m going to match them and do better. I know what worked and what didn?t, and I have plenty of vision for the RCSU?s future! We still have to conquer The Savoy and The Dorchester!

We have the power to represent students and protect their interests and I want this to be publicised and utilised properly.

150 words just isn?t enough?email me at .uk!

Vice President (Activities)

James Field

James Field

Why am I applying for the position of Vice President Activities (VPA)?

In short, I love organising large scale events! Since arriving at Imperial, I have organised Mistletoe Mayhem and The Exchange. The RCSU made over £1000 profit through these two events which I am using to provide free alcohol at the RCSU's end of term party (Super Heroes and Villains).

I proved my undying commitment to the RCSU during RAG week in which I was 'allegedly' a member of the Hit Quad and also dressed as a transvestite for the RCSU's Blind-Date.

Through my regular attendance of the weekly RCSU committee meetings, I have gained a valuable insight into the responsibilities of VPA.

The position of VPA will allow me to bring you bigger and better events than ever before, so vote for me and prepare yourself for the best parties of your life!

Vice President (Operations)

David Charles

The main challenge faced by the RCSU is building upon the strong position achieved this year. As the RCSU continues to grow the importance of our clubs and societies will become even clearer. As an officer of the RCSU I have gained first hand experience of faculty union finance and have completed large scale projects demonstrating my drive and commitment. One of my main objectives if elected will be to increase sponsorship for the union meaning better events for all of us. Further, if I am elected I aim to raise the profile of the RCSU through strengthening the ties between our campuses and between the RCSU and external groups. I will strive to create stronger ties departmental societies which will allow them to better cater to the needs of individual students and allowing everyone to get involved. Bringing the RSCU closer together means a better RCSU for all.

Honorary Junior Treasurer

Ester de Roij

Nothing submitted

Shuangzi Guo

As a first year mathematics student I have enjoyed my life at Imperial College so much that I would like to pass on these pleasant experiences to other students. Being involved in the IC Telethon Fundraising Campaign and representing the college in Funkology as well as the Ballroom Team, I have participated in a lot of activities. Most of all, I greatly benefited from the events organized by the Union and my hall which is why I yearn to contribute to the welfare of all students. By running for the post of Honorary Junior Treasurer, I believe I can represent our interests to ensure an efficient RCS and its good collaboration with ICU. I?m a friendly and open-minded team-player and I am aware of the responsibilities which I would be eager to take as I have already proved as an A-level committee member and a house rep at my hall.

Honorary Secretary

Michael Coombe

Some of you may feel as if Honorary Secretary is an insignificant role, but if you think its just about handling minutes and communications .You?re wrong, because to me it means more than that. I think given the opportunity I could bring a new edge to the RCS:

First and Foremost my time management and general organization is very good, I also possess a characteristic that allows me to work well under pressure.

My work ethic is excellent; coming from a lesser background I believe it?s always important deliver more or at least strive to.

I believe I can improve the organization behind events: - not just efficiency and communications but the overall quality of the occasion.

Administration is key; I believe I have many skills required to further progress the union, skills picked up via previous endeavors in business.

I?m also vibrant, innovative and outgoing; I would love the opportunity to represent you so?

Keep it Real ?

please vote for me!

Academic Affairs Officer

Andreas Esau

Andreas Esau

Hey guys,

I am a first year biochemist and I am running for Academic Affairs Officer because I think we students should make sure that college is aware of our needs and considers students' voice when making decisions, which affect courses and everything else related to our studies. Ensuring this is done as best as possible will be one of my main objectives and in order to do so your opinion and questions will be essential for me. I will therefore try to be available as much as I can via email or on campus.

During my work at a non-profit organisation I learned how to negotiate in meetings to get more resources from people who try to tough it out. This will surely be an advantage, which I will use to make sure students have their say.



Welfare Officer

Inger Eriksson

Nothing submitted

James Wordsworth

Nothing submitted

Events Officer

Daniel Teutsch

I'm always hearing people ask why Imperial can be so boring at times. It's because not enough people are getting involved. If I'm elected as RCSU Events Officer, encouraging more participation would be my number one goal.

I plan to:

  1. Organise a wider variety of events, not just club nights.
  2. Secure as much free, discounted and subsidised alcohol for RCSU events as possible.
  3. Encourage Departmental Representatives to organise their own smaller events with the support of the RCSU.

Why do I think I can do the job? Simply, I've got experience and ambition. During the last year, I co-founded 'Friday Beers' to get students on my course talking more, and co-organised a very successful trip to Brighton that involved a diverse cross section from first year maths. Next year I'd like to be able to organise bigger and better events, so you should definately vote for me.

BroadSheet Editor

John Oloughlin

John Oloughlin

Broadsheet over the last year has been a paper impressive in content but lacking in readership. While keeping the science articles, I intend to balance the paper with more light-hearted content.

Vote John O'Loughlin for Broadsheet editor and I will create a paper with:

  • More news less snooze
  • Puzzles, games and funnier commentary for boring lectures
  • 'Day in the life of' style feature for faculty members
  • Lists of available placements and opportunities
  • Comments section for debate
  • Opportunities for everyone to write
  • An interactive website with up to date faculty news and feedback
  • Photos and coverage all of RCSU events
  • Valentines Day feature
  • Decent distribution

Vote for a focussed editor dedicated to the role.

Alexander Guite

Alexander Guite

Broadsheet should make you laugh. It should make you cry. It should make you cry with laughter. Sometimes it should even make you think. But most importantly it should keep you from gnawing your own arm off in the most miserably mundane of lectures.

Elect me and I will:

  • Bring a humorous and engaging style to Broadsheet, from comedy to investigative reports.
  • Give you more opportunities to get involved, not just as a writer but as a cartoonist, photographer, crossword setter or frankly anything else.
  • Run fabulous competitions with exciting prizes, such as free tickets to RCSU events.
  • Print Broadsheet on recycled paper.
  • Deliver copies to Wye and Silwood.
  • Wage war on error: I once got a free copy of the Oxford A-Z of Grammar with a national newspaper.

No more Bored-sheet: it's time to turn a new page.

Vote Alex Guite for Broadsheet.


RON stands for all positions:


I?m here to tell you why you should vote RON. Really Oily Nachos? Randy Old Nuns? Re-Open Nominations, actually. (Really? Oh No! say other candidates, but that?s another RON.)

Vote for RON when I?m the only sensible candidate. Am I? Well let?s look at the others.

Will the Broadsheet editor take a stand for editorial independence and fill the mighty rag with nudity, which is what you really want? My arse. (I?ll bet that?ll get printed instead, perverts.)

Will the president get involved in some serious corruption on the scale of Watergate? No, they will actually be accountable! How sick is that?

In fact, most of these people are probably careerists who want these positions for their CV and will top themselves if they don?t win.

If you want to see people top themselves and say no to rotten candidates being elected, then do the right thing, and vote RON.

Other Positions

Physics Dep Rep

  • Charlotte Holmes

Chemistry Dep Rep

  • Robert Jarvis

Maths Dep Rep

  • Mark Saleme

Biology Dep Rep

  • Matthew Hayward
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Discussion about “RCSU Manifestos - Executive”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Mar 14 2007 13:18

hmm, bad show on the old maifesto front. I wonder if next years committee will do anything to balance the good RCSU performance and naff depsoc performance that has dominated recently.

Mar 14 2007 13:43

RCSU Hustings 12pm in dBs!

Mar 14 2007 13:45

Hang on a minute, didn't Guilds move their hustings from 12:30-13:30 to 12:00-13:00 so you could have the 13:00-14:00 slot?

Guilds hustings are at 12:00...

4. jad   
Mar 14 2007 14:01

yeah, rcsu hustings 1300-1400 in dBs

5. Anon   
Mar 14 2007 15:20


And of course all other candidates to win for all other positions simultaneously. But also


Mar 14 2007 16:50

RAINSBURY for president!

7. hack   
Mar 14 2007 16:52

Is campaigning on live not prohibited?

Mar 14 2007 17:20

"RCSU will outgun the engineers, miners and medics for the second year in a row"

Errrr... how exactly has the RCSU "outgunned" the miners Thom?? Clearly you have no idea about anything. In what ways has the RCSU competed with the RSM? Someone who's running for such an important position should at least know their facts....

Mar 14 2007 17:54

You're right, monkey. its impossible to compare them because the miners have done absolutely nothing exceptional this year, whereas everything the rcsu touch turns to gold

Mar 14 2007 18:30

RSM are a glorified dep soc who get an outrageous sum of money to go and play some silly rugby match.

RCSU kick a**e for the whole year. That is why the "outgunned" the miners.

Mar 14 2007 18:55

I didn't mean to start up an argument over who's union is better. But they are some quite outlandish comments being made by Thom which clearly aren't substantiated. Someone with a clearer idea of what the RCSU wants to stand and aim for, seems to be the better candidate.

12. peace   
Mar 14 2007 22:08

violence is not the way

Mar 14 2007 23:02

I for one am shocked to see outlandish claims made in an election manifesto.

Mar 14 2007 23:16

"vote for those who promise the least, they will be the least disappointing"

15. Thom   
Mar 15 2007 00:19

erm, let me think...

The RSM don't even have a Student Union (as far as most students are aware...), and although CGCU organised a couple of things, the RCSU have done far more, and far better things this year!

I challenge you go and put RSM on the map like King Jad did with the RCSU!

Mar 15 2007 00:39

What - you mean like RSM winning three out of four of the sabb positions?

17. Miner   
Mar 15 2007 00:58

And losing the Bottle...

Mar 15 2007 08:50

Um, as far as I'm aware (and I know they'll be very quick to correct me) only one out of the three RSM sabbs gives a flying fudge that they're RSM, and are much more aligned to the Union.

FYI the RSM certainly does NOT have a Union, it is a CSC (Clubs and Societies Committee), which puts it on par with Media Group, Arts and Ents, Social Clubs.....

No more, no less. They have a students Union. Called CGCU

Mar 15 2007 09:38

Yo James - how right you are!

"only one out of the three RSM sabbs gives a flying fudge that they're RSM"

I presume you mean Chris? I can't speak for Alistair on this one but just because I haven't done much for the RSM as a CSC doesn't mean I don't give a flying fudge. I care a lot for the RSM - not only because we have the prettiest building on campus and the longest history and traditions but also because we have the best bunch of drunken lunatics around. In fact I would go one step further than saying I give a flying fudge and say I would even give my last Rolo... =D

Mar 15 2007 11:01

mmm...flying fudge

Yeah, that was a bit ott by me, but what I really meant is that neither you or Ali are "RSM candidates" as such. Chris is very proud to be RSM, used it in his manifesto. You are flying from a welfare angle, with fairtrade 'n that. Ali is certainly a clubs person.

So what I guess i mean is that you don't really care so much if someone was a Physicist or miner, the RSM factor doesn't really mean so much to you as a Sabb elect.


personally i hate my department

21. yeehah   
Mar 15 2007 12:14

It is fine. The President is from the maths department so at least one of the Sabbs will have knowledge of a proper degree.

Mar 15 2007 17:44

Nothing more than a glorified departmental society? No, that would be De La Beche and MatSoc for ESE and Materials respectively.

With the "outrageous" sum of money we received from the Union in grant (approximately ?3000 next year) we support a departmental society that runs regular fieldtrips around the UK and a tour to Azerbaijan, a football team that plays in ULU twice a week, a golf society that doesn't require a handicap unlike ACC Golf, the only Real Ale society at IC, three hockey teams, two of which play in ULU, including the men's hockey team which were beaten by IC 2nds in the ULU Reserve Cup final, and we support a rugby team who this year have played C&G, RSM Old Boys and Camborne School of Mines in the second oldest varsity match in the world behind the Oxford Cambridge rugby match. C&GCU are given around three to four times that amount and support a good number of departmental societies and a few non-entities. The ?3000 of grant is a measely sum of money, we've gained ?12,000 in sponsorship so far this year and we're also supported by the RSMA.

This past year we've organised scores of events from our very well attended Freshers events, the traditional Freshers Dinner (and traditional carnage), an extremely profitable Christmas Ball, bar nights and hosted the 105th Bottle Match at Harlington, the SCR and the Union bars. We're looking at hosting another Students into Mining event that was an unprecedented success and attended by students from all over London, Bristol, Southampton, Delft...list goes on. Nothing exceptional? James is right, I am proud to be RSM, I don't see why I shouldn't be.

I'd like to see how many people from the ESE and Materials department are "represented" in the C&GCU committee.

I know you hate to admit it but the RSM is a part of IC and personally I hope it will continue to for some time.

James, you're spot on with the elections, the RSM doesn't really come into Union politics.


Mar 16 2007 09:48

Hats off to Chris, as I was saying they are not a dep soc, they are a CSC.

24. ANON   
Mar 16 2007 23:08

John for guildsheet, guite is on the external affairs committee how the hell can he be independent? union hacks indeed

25. Ben   
Mar 17 2007 16:36

The external relations committee is unlikely to exist next year - it was only created to ease the transition into the NUS.

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