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Sabbatical Candidates 2008: A Brief Introduction

Feb 11 2008 12:01
Ashley Brown
A quick introduction to (most of) the candidates vying for sabbatical positions within ICU next year.
Look familiar? Find out what they've done below!

Updated 20:56 11 Feb 2008: Added submission from Diogo Geraldes

Updated 15:33 11 Feb 2008: Shorter text for Lily Topham

Updated 13:35 11 Feb 2008: Uploaded picture & shorter text for Jovan Nedic; Added submission from Gregory Mead; Fixed the article so it prints nicely.

We asked all of this year's sabbatical election candidates to submit a short (100 word) biography to help Live!'s readers put faces to the names and current positions of those standing.


Diogo Geraldes

Diogo Geraldes

"I am a 22 year old Portuguese friendly/ sociable/ huggable 4th year Biomedical Engineering student. I love spending time with friends, a good laugh over several pints, clubbing, (watching) sports, music (listening/ pretending to play), travelling, learning new stuff, womanising and meeting people; i.e. I experience University life to the max!

This, together with my previous experiences as Senior Student at Wilson House, Treasurer of the Portuguese Society, Holiday Camp Monitor and founder of the IC Unofficial Choir, turn me into a Student listening/ pleasing/ representing machine sent from the future to lift up our Union and Student Body morale."


Edward Hughes

Edward Hughes

"Passionate about our university, I am a third year Aeronautical Engineer who also enjoys a range of union activities, enabling me to meet students with different experiences and needs. I have played football and rugby for Imperial but am better known for my contribution to music, as singer and instrumentalist. As treasurer of choir, I have been part of a team which has seen the choir?s membership and reputation soar. As Artsfest treasurer, I have gained great experience planning large events. Known as a loyal, friendly, good natured person, capable of fighting for what he believes is right."


Edward Judge

Edward Judge

"I am second year chemical engineering student. This year I was elected as CGCU Honorary Secretary and as well as those duties I co-ordinated the Imperial entry for the Lord Mayors Show. I was also heavily involved in organising and running of the recent Tri-Union Bar night and the upcoming C&G Egg Race. I have lived in Halls for the last few years and I have helped run the hall café and sat on the Halls Committee. Outside university I have been involved in a number of events and with each one gained different experiences of managing projects and organisations."


Jon Matthews

Jon Matthews

"I am currently a post-graduate student in Biochemistry having done my undergraduate degree (Biology) at Imperial as well. During my nine years at Imperial, I have been heavily involved in all aspects of student life from club activity to accommodation. I am currently the Polo Captain for Riding and Polo Club, sat on the Accommodation Committee for four years, sat on Council, have been a sub-warden for three years and was Deputy President (Finance and Services) last year. I have always sought to serve students during my time at Imperial and have a deep commitment to student welfare and wellbeing."


Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

"I?m a final year biology student and have been involved with the Union for a while, last year as RCSU Welfare Officer and this as the RCSU President. I've also been an active member of IC bowling and IC radio. I haven?t had a plan to stand for President (my degree and looming finals haven't allowed it!), but I?ve been proud to lead the RCSU and think we?ve had an excellent year so far with more to come. That?s why I want to continue the work I?ve started to advance, extend and defend the rights of every student at Imperial."


Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor

"I am currently completing the Fourth Year of my Aeronautics Degree, and I have had the privilege to have served for the last two years as ACC chair, which has allowed me to sit on Union Council for this period. I have also represented Imperial College on the BUSA London committee. I have played Rugby for the Union, and have been Rugby Club treasurer, City and Guilds Rugby Club Honorary Secretary, and I have also been Year Rep in Aeronautics. I am currently working in the Union Bars and have previously driven the Union Night bus."


Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Christian Carter

Christian Carter

"For those of you trying to put a name to a face, cast your minds back two weeks to Felix, there you go! Well, other than trying to make a name for myself in the modelling world this year, I have been treasurer of Poker Society, and have sat on the RCC all year learning the basics of the Union finances. When I'm not busy writing reports for Mech Eng, you will find me in the C&G office helping to organise events and dealing with alumni as part of the team that helped Guilds become more active since January."


Deputy President (Education & Welfare)

Ryan Dee

Ryan Dee

"I'm a final year MSci Physics undergrad. I wasn't really that involved with Union activities until my third year when I was the President of I.Q., the LGBT society at Imperial. It wasn't an easy job but it was one I really enjoyed. As a club that has a welfare role as part of its raison d'être I also felt that I was doing something important for my fellow students.

This year I am secretary of Choir and the SCC, a member of Council and I work down in the Student Activities Centre as well as in Reception."


Hannah Theodorou

Hannah Theodorou

"Over the past four years of medical school, I have been spotted driving Felix editors mad with my haphazard editing skills, embraced my inner hippy as president of the Environmental Society, sipped cups of tea in Representation and Welfare Board, Council and Executive Committee meetings in Beit headquarters, brought hybrid cars and recycling facilities to campus during Green Week and battled with collapsing tables at the Ethical Careers Fair to name but a few activities. This year as Welfare Campaigns Officer I have worked on union campaigns including SHAG and Positively Red Week, Green Week and the upcoming Healthy Living [cut to length]"


Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

John James

John James

"I am studying Civil Engineering and am currently in my third year. I spend most of my time maintaining the RCS and RSM motorised mascots, after being Chairman of RCSMC for two years. I am a member of the URNU, Choir, and in my time at Imperial I have been across the channel with Yacht Club, helped to found Cheese Society, and been Vice Chairman of RAG.

Having taken a year in industry, I am committed to working above and beyond forty hours a week and Lord Mayor?s Show Coordinator has shown that I am no stranger to big events."


Jess Marley

Jess Marley

"I'm a final year Maths student from Cardiff. I've been the Netball Club Captain for the past two years and as a result have sat on the ACC for two years now. I therefore have a very clear understanding of how the Union is run and understand what members of all clubs and socities want to gain from their Sabbs! When I'm not working or playing netball you can find me propping up the Union Bar having fun (probably having had a little bit to drink) and socialising with as many people as possible!"


Lily Topham

Lily Topham

"I'm a 4th year Medic. When I'm not doing my degree (which is most of the time) I'm getting involved in Dance, Dramsoc and lots of music societies. I've been on the committees of Medics Music and Dance Company, was Artsoc Chair and am Dramsoc Chair. This year I've been looking after lots of other clubs and going to many meetings as SCC Chair. I've also been on the Executive Committee as a representative of the Clubs & Societies Board. I've had experience of the admin side of club activities through working in the Student Activities Centre for 4 years."


Felix Editor

Gregory Mead

Gregory Mead

"I?m a final year Physics student and am running for Felix editor. I?ve been the nightlife editor for three years now and have been writing articles and features since 2004. I have also worked on the music section (including last year?s music pullout FEMM), as well as festival reviews and the occasional feature.

Other than that, I was president of the Alternative Music Society last year, and have helped organise live music events at the Union for the past three years. I?m also currently a re-app at Piccadilly Court."


Jovan Nedic

Jovan Nedic

"I?m a final year aeronautical engineer. Currently, I?m the Sports Editor in Felix but have also done work on features, mainly for clubs and societies. I?m working on a Varsity Special pull-out, as a kind of memento for everyone, so keep your eyes out for it! Apart from Felix, I?ve been involved with both Imperial College and C&G rugby. With the Guilds, I was appointed as Club Captain last year and this year as treasurer. With IC rugby, I?ve taken more relaxed roles as social and coaching secretary. You can find me at the bar most Thursday and Wednesday nights."


Andrew Somerville

Nothing submitted

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Discussion about “Sabbatical Candidates 2008: A Brief Introduction”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. Felix   
Feb 11 2008 13:33

Surely the ability to submit stuff on time is a rather key skill for felix editors?

Feb 11 2008 18:36

I love Greg

Feb 11 2008 19:16

I think Andrew Somerville only ran at the last minute, whereas candidates who had been standing for a while had more notice for the bios.

Feb 11 2008 19:36

James, shall we double-team Greg?

In a totally non-gay way.

Feb 11 2008 21:49

"Treasurer of Portugese society"

Portugese society does not seem to be present on the union website. Does it even exist?

Feb 11 2008 21:56

Since so many candidates are music/singing orientated can we make them sing at some point, ICU radio?

Feb 12 2008 01:53

it used to exist my friend. in my first and 2nd year

Feb 12 2008 10:01

The club exists but last activity appears to have occured during 2004 and Diogo was not listed as treasurer

So if he was treasurer after that, he helped kill the club?

Feb 12 2008 12:36

Does anyone think that Lily Topham should know that noone on exec is a representative of any body or group and so she is not there as a representative of the clubs and societies board?

10. um   
Feb 12 2008 13:37

She's not on the exec.., she may have been a representative on a particular issue at one time tho

Feb 12 2008 16:35

go Jen!

Feb 12 2008 17:38

How strange, a student respect/swss/stop the war person supporting a candidate using nus slogans in their biography.

Feb 12 2008 17:57

Jon's thrown the gauntlet down with his manifesto, a bit heavy going but if you just skim the bold bits there's a lot to be getting on with..

Feb 12 2008 18:45

is it on live??

Feb 12 2008 19:06

killing the club for a greater good. more money to the union to spend in activities for all the students and not the 5 portuguese ones aroound. i believe in equality. spread the portuguese love!

Feb 12 2008 19:26

felix candidates are all very strong. jov is a great editor and a sound bloke. greg is a complete nutcase, but hard-working, but what felix editors haven't been nuts? andrew somerville is a bit of a dark horse, but he's been doing great news.

presidents: well.. i wouldn't want to decide between that rabble. at least none of them are collins. is JM gonna run for president every year until he's eventually removed from the college, or what? diogo is a bloody fool - i think he and his mates proved it last year.

Feb 12 2008 19:41

I can get access to Refworks and Endnote, the department even organised a training session for it. Very useful it was, doesn't every department do this?

I think Jons spent to long as a hack. The number of people who would read trustee board papers must be in single figures, hardly a vote winner. All for the RSM suggestion, that'll be pretty popular here and in geology. Not sure what practical difference it'd make though, we already do more than C&G in terms of bar nights...dinners...bottle match etc. without being a FU wouldn't it just add to the workload and leave less time for the things most RSM members actually appreciate.

Feb 12 2008 19:54

Jon's full manifesto is on his website, which is linked to from an advert...

Feb 12 2008 21:31

I thought that people could not take two sabbatical years within their course. Would that not apply to phd students, and hence prevent Jon Matthews from standing again?

Feb 12 2008 22:16

Do you really want to vote for somebody who is just saying stuff to get voted in?

Of course Phds can run, don't you that somebody (possibly Jon) would have spotted it if they couldn't.

Feb 13 2008 00:21

I don't know a whole lot about union politics (other than what I read on Live!), but John definitely knows what he's doing and his manifesto pinpoints a lot of areas which I do think need improvement.

22. This post has been deleted.
Feb 13 2008 01:49
Feb 13 2008 07:26

I was thinking of section 5.4 of the constitution.

"No person who held sabbatical office during an undergraduate course may hold sabbatical office until their entire course is completed to the satisfaction of Imperial College."

I was not aware that it applied only to undergraduate courses.

Feb 13 2008 09:12

What's the deal with all of Jon's americanisms (like publicize and prioritize) on his election blog? I thought he was english landed gentry :-(

25. Hmmm   
Feb 13 2008 10:09

Did the wording not help you out there?

Feb 13 2008 11:01

The -ize ending is correct English, -ise is a modern version, -ize is the original version closer to the classical links, if Jon studied the classics it is more likely he will use -ize.


the -ize ending is first with -ise as an alternative.

Feb 13 2008 11:56

But you all must realise that the English language undergoes evolution, and that the ability of English to change constantly therefore being effectively be the language of the people has made it into the global language it is today. Whereas in France after the revolution they set down what French was and it hasn't changed since then, which is the cause for French to be both the language of diplomacy but will soon become dead.

So saying "..." is the "correct" way of spelling is compleate c**p, because the English dictionarys are only a map of a constantly moving surface. Not a urban design plan. The map is defined from the lay of the land not the other way around. But obviously this is all just a semantic argument, so we should just get down to the policy. Or not.................?

Feb 13 2008 13:29

29. Grrr   
Feb 13 2008 13:32

Mark if you are going to be pedantic on Live! don't leave yourself logged... tee hee and what's with the Chinese stuff

Feb 13 2008 13:54

Talking about policies, Materials Undergrad, I agree with you that few people will read Trustee Board papers initially but they should be available as a matter of principle. A manifesto should not just be there to win votes but to set out the spirit of what one believes in and to track progress throughout a term.

It is good you can get access to RM and EndNote, some departments don't give this access to taught students, it should be universal. As for the RSMU, it won't really change the workload but it will give better representation and provide benefit to students.

Feb 13 2008 21:36

Re-writing some elses manifesto, while flattering, is not big or clever.

Feb 14 2008 09:54

Who is that aimed at?

Has Jon re-written someone elses manifesto or has someone else re-written his? As far as I could see Jon's manifesto was the first one publically available.

Feb 14 2008 10:05

A few more have appeared on facebook.

34. well   
Feb 14 2008 10:14

I'm sure it's possible to find manifestos from previous years, and I expect it is one of those that the comment was aimed at.

35. Er, no   
Feb 14 2008 10:27

If an officer from a previous year hasn't done what they promised, it is absolutely fair to include that in your manifesto. Ripping off a current manifesto of a current candidate is not, this shoiuld be obvious.

Feb 14 2008 21:01

I think it was directed at one of the Ed's manifestos.. they both are very similar to Jons... but then how can they not be.. .Jons includes everything anyone could ever want to say in his 3000 word dissertation.

Feb 14 2008 21:26

Jon writes:

"There should be a review of volunteer officer training in specific and relevant club activities, especially tour and trip training, training in how to run a successful formal dinner, bar-night and social activity training. This training should be freely available in an easy to follow form but not compulsory for those clubs who do not need it. "

Ed writes:

"As a result the training their officers require varies wildly. For some clubs there is going to be an emphasis on planning trips. For others they are mainly going to need to know how to plan a bar night. Others again will need more help with planning bigger events and the budgets surrounding them."

Jon writes:

"Now, more than ever, experience and strong leadership counts for more than anything. A bad working relationship with the new Rector will have lasting effects on students for years to come"

Ed writes:

"Devlop a good working relationship with the new rector

With a new rector in place from next year I think it will be a key role of next years sabb's to build a good relationship with him. Given that the rector will be new we can use this time to re-establish the needs of the union for him and lobby hard for things that are really needed for all members."

Jon writes:

"1. Review how we have benefited from NUS membership and publish the results.

2. Call for an independent referendum on continued membership.

3. Work for Imperial Students first and only with the NUS when it directly benefits our members"

Ed writes:

"I propose a full investigation into the benefits we have received from the NUS membership and a public report should be made available to all students. Once this report have been reviewed options about our membership should be considered."

Feb 14 2008 21:43

I think they both plagiarised from me. I've been asking people - one year on - what the benefits of the NUS has been. I've certainly discussed it in front of both of them.

They've also both stolen my idea of breathing air to avoid suffocation.

Feb 15 2008 01:22

Ashley I think you all stole that idea from me! I have recently patented the process which I like to call ?Breathing? or Air hoarding.

40. Ed   
Feb 15 2008 01:25

I want to make sure it is known none of my manifesto points come from other candidates. They are all either my own ideas or things people have suggested to me that need to be reviewed. I'm sure there are people who can vouch that I have had certain opinons about a number of these points well before I stood.

With regards to the points above..

1. My opinion of the club and society training is well known. From one of my first days in the union I had knew the system we have is pretty useless. The idea of seperating the different types of training is not really a new one. Reading through the manifestos you can see its not just Jon and myself who have ideas along these lines.

2. Building a relationship with the new rector

A few weeks ago (before nominations opened) a member of college staff offered a number of points about the "lack of direction of the union". During our discussion it was said how with the new rector coming into office soon it was a good time for the union to use this to our advantage. Without this imput I admit I would have found it hard to come up with this point and I was thankful for the help.

3. NUS membership...

Ashley has a good point and most of the candidates are discussing the NUS membership issue. The direction behind my comments came from the fact that with my relative youth in the union I dont have enough information yet to come out in favour or against it. As a result the only option is to review the memebership and see if it is worthwhile for the members. Once again I see this as common sense.

I would also like it to be known that I have spoken to Jon earlier today regarding these points and we both believe that no candidate can claim an issue and similar issues can be discussed by a number of candidates.

Over the coming days I will continue to update my webpage with further reasoning of stances to hopefully further remove any doubt.

Feb 15 2008 02:01

This is all getting a bit silly now. Yes, there are some similarities between the manifestos in places, but there are important issues at hand that will have a big impact on students over the coming year, we should be discussing these and not worrying about who said what first.

Ed and I have discussed these similarities between ourselves. Can we just move on to the policies themselves and who would be the best person for the job please?

Feb 15 2008 08:52

When candidates only used to publish a manifesto in Felix it was easier to put forward ideas on what they deemed to be most important. Now with everybody racing to put massive texts up on Facebook it is no suprise that everybody seems to be copying each other.

Feb 15 2008 09:01

You can still do that - they can only put forward their most important points in Felix/Live! because of the 250 word limit. Especially difficult for Jon I should think, he's not known for being concise...

Feb 15 2008 10:42

Felix has been censored due to something to do with a candidate in the presidential race. Apparently even reporting on cold hard facts is deemed to be unfair. Strange that an NUS Candidate got prominent space in the comment section despite this.

Perhaps some bias is eminating from the powers that be in Beit Towers? What is the Returning Officer's view?

Maybe Live! can be convinced to dish the dirt where Felix cannot...

45. Editor   
Feb 15 2008 10:50

The story in question:

  • isn't that exciting
  • has its roots so long ago its barely timely
  • isn't worth the hassle of reporting it in the middle of an election

Felix have more meat to the story because theirs looks like it was going to be a two-sided bitching session.

Basically: Jon Matthews has returned the cash he was given over the summer as GSA chair. Cue some comments from Jon, some responses from Steve. Highly entertaining I suspect, but perhaps dodgy from the POV of a fair election.

I have no problem with running it now, but don't expect to get election results on 3rd March! Nor for it to be longer than this particular discussion post.

46. lol   
Feb 20 2008 12:39

I wonder why he did that.

47. si   
Feb 20 2008 15:52

oh no! some candidates have the same idea!

surely the electorate are voting on who they think will deliver, somethings are so obviously needed that everyone will be doing them.

"Oh no Joe Bloggs is standing for President, and he drinks starbucks, so I'm gonna have to go to Costa across the road, just to be different" idiots

48. Hmmm   
Feb 20 2008 20:29

Well if the article had been printed, maybe you'd have found out...

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