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Sabbatical Candidates 2008: Manifestos

Feb 15 2008 21:24
Ashley Brown
What you've all been waiting for - manifestos for all the sabbatical candidates in the 2008 elections.
A week to go until voting opens - who will you vote for?

Updated Feb 18 2008 09:10: Ed Judge has withdrawn.

Updated Feb 17 2008 22:53 to include manifesto from Jennifer Morgan, who submitted late due to family circumstances.

Updated Feb 17 2008 15:39 to include manifesto from RON.

Originally published Feb 15 2008 12:00. Revised to include additional manifestos.

Manifestos for all the remaining candidates in the 2008 sabbatical elections are below. Andrew Somerville has withdrawn from the race for Felix Editor, although apparently not officially...

Re-open Nominations (RON) stands for all positions, if you think no-one is suitable.

The deadline for submission to Felix and Live! was 12:00, Friday 15th Feb 2008.

President [6]

Diogo Geraldes

Diogo Geraldes

I am a 22 year old Portuguese friendly/ sociable/ huggable 4th year Biomedical Engineering student. I love spending time with friends, a good laugh over several pints, clubbing, (watching) sports, music (listening/ pretending to play), travelling, learning new stuff, womanising and meeting people; i.e. I experience University life to the max!

This, together with my previous experiences as Senior Student at Wilson House, Treasurer of the Portuguese Society, Holiday Camp Monitor and founder of the IC Unofficial Choir, turn me into a Student listening/ pleasing/ representing machine sent from the future to lift up our Union and Student Body morale.

The following are some of the things I?m aiming to change in our college:

  • bring fun and different profiles to the Union bars by organising more common events with the medics, Wye and the Royal Colleges of Art and of Music.
  • get reading weeks and create the Teacher of the Year award in all the departments, improving results and lecturing quality.
  • give more funds to departmental societies and organise career days within each course in order to help with professional decisions.
  • start workshops and collaborations with the neighbouring colleges of Art and Music for all the repressed creative Imperial students.
  • create a Union Bright Minds challenge to promote development and interchange of new ideas amongst our students.
  • reduce the obstacles and bureaucracy involved in Union politics for faster and stronger change.
  • turn DB's into an acceptable, friendly and pleasant place.
  • allow post [cut to length].

Edward Hughes

Edward Hughes

I started Union life dedicated to enjoying things like sports and music. After three years, not only do I continue to enjoy everything I can, I now hold positions of responsibility on committees I feel strongly about.

Imperial College is well known for producing graduates of the highest academic standard. However, many graduate without enjoying a fraction of what Imperial?s Union has to offer. It?s the President?s responsibility to fight ?Imperial Apathy? in every way possible. People need to realise that Union activities aren?t just great fun, but vastly rewarding. We need to regain our community spirit and common identity; people should feel compelled to support fellow students at their events.

Students need a voice to speak up when they have academic issues and, more importantly, to know that the Union will support them. As president, I promise to be that voice.

ICU has lost its? way as a good night out, in fact most people are just not inspired by Union events. It used to attract people from all over London and it still should! If elected, I will strive to make the Union a better night out.

There are many issues to address ? from passive smoking to the pitfalls of a claim form, from beer prices to the bureaucracy minefield of ICU?s constitution. Furthermore, I know the president isn?t there to represent his/her views, but to represent all students. If elected, I will represent ALL students and their views to the best of my abilities.


Ed Judge (withdrawn)

Ed Judge

As the youngest presidential candidate I feel I am in a unique position to bring a level of enthusiasm and energy to the union that has been missing in previous years. My policies have been developed for the good of all students and each one tackles issues that are desperately in need of change.

  • I believe that as students we shouldn?t be over paying for a night in the union.
  • I know that having to queue for over thirty minutes to get a drink means something is seriously wrong.
  • I understand the frustration for club officers of having to sit though pointless finance sessions that in no way help the running of a club.
  • I can?t see why we must put up with student discounts that are about as worthless as the paper they are written on.
  • I think that all drink prices need to be continuously reviewed and where possible deals be arranged to keep the price as low as possible.
  • Given that the sabb?s work for you I feel a system improving accountability should be a priority.
  • I feel that a structure by which club enquiries are tracked from submission to resolution should be in place.

If elected president I resolve to develop the solutions outlined above and deal with the main issues that effect students at Imperial. These are only some of my ideas, for more information about my campaign join the facebook group ?Vote Ed Judge for Union President?.

Jon Matthews

Jon Matthews

College will be going through a period of great change next year with a new Rector, we need a President with both the experience and ability to work with him in order to make sure these changes are right for students. I have experience and proven ability at every level of the Union from club officer to Union committees to Council and then as Deputy President (Finance and Services) last year.

With the College facing great changes, the Union needs to move forward too. We need officers prepared to listen to students and fight for their interests, not pursue individual agenda. I believe there are important things to be done this year, including:

  • An open review of our NUS membership culminating in a free and open referendum.
  • Negotiating a fair space agreement with College including more poster space for student activity.
  • Getting discounts from local shops and businesses with only an IC card.
  • Improve our training and service to all clubs and societies including cheaper prices for club bar nights.
  • Working for funding for all FUs to have a full time president over the summer.
  • Making the Union more open and accessible with clearer communication; to serve our members, we must first listen to them.
  • Aiming for Cask Marque Accreditation within the year.

You cannot elect a President on these few short words but my full manifesto is available at

Vote Jon Matthews for the change we need and you deserve.

Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

As RCSU President this year and Welfare Officer last year, I've got a strong record of delivering for students and a wealth of experience. In all my roles in the Union I've focused on deliverable outcomes rather than bureaucratic processes, and if you elect me as President I'll continue to do so. This is what I want to achieve for you:

  • Make the Union a place where you want to drink, eat and dance. I won't raise drink prices.
  • Deliver the Union refurbishment on time and on budget, in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Provide sexual health testing on campus.
  • Simplify online club finances and give clubs more staff contact time.
  • Reform the Union room booking system.
  • Keep you and your property safe. Currently some main outer doors can be forced open in halls and this is unacceptable.
  • Hold College to its promise to provide all first year students a place in halls.
  • Push reform of the NUS to make it more effective and better value for money.
  • Make the voices of Imperial students heard on the national stage during the Education Funding review.
  • Ensure the GSA has the support it needs to deliver for postgraduate students.
  • Support Faculty Unions and the RSM because they fill a vital social and representative role.

Find out more by searching for my group on Facebook and even if you don't vote for me first, please think about giving me your second preference vote!


Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor

My manifest is very simple; I intend to bring a new wave of common sense leadership to ICU, whilst ensuring that the correct procedures are in place to maintain an effective Union administration. Too often great plans, new clubs, events and initiatives are stifled by Union bureaucracy and individual incompetence, and I promise to instigate a more common sense, ?can-do? attitude to Student Politics than has been done in the past. There are no metrics I can promise you for this, but my approach in Chairing the ACC over the past two years, and being treasurer for the Rugby club has always been based on common sense and ?can-do? rather than endless rhetoric and pontificating.

Elect Luke Taylor as President and I will;

  • Ensure that we get value for money from NUS. Initially a cynic and supporter of the No campaign in the referendum, I will fight to ensure that we receive the required support and services for our money!
  • Continue my existing work with College on developing the Sporting opportunities available to students, and making this task a much larger part of the remit of the DPCS than it currently is.
  • Push through Phase 2 of the Union redevelopment, ensuring that environmental questions are answered, and that the facilities are fit for purpose, i.e. a Students Union, not an office block.
  • Ensure proper representation for Postgraduate students after the farce that was the GSA this year.

Remember, Vote Taylor ?08 for a Positive Change!

Deputy President (Finance & Services) [1]

Christian Carter

Christian Carter

Elect me as DPFS and I will:

  • Be available to you in SAC every Wednesday afternoon for club surgeries.
  • Improve, update and modernise Finance training.
  • Address the hygiene standards of Union Catering.
  • Aim to replace equipment in the bars which is not fit for purpose.
  • Keep drinks prices to a minimum.
  • Introduce a tiered wage system for bar staff.
  • Aim to lower ents prices to Union events.
  • Introduce better communication of the catering and bars opening times with the students.
  • Give you a summer ball that you want.

To see my full manifesto go to

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) [3]

John James

John James

I am studying Civil Engineering and am currently in my third year. I spend most of my time maintaining the RCS and RSM motorised mascots, after being Chairman of RCSMC for two years. I am a member of Choir, the University Royal Naval Unit, and in my time at Imperial I have been across the channel with Yacht Club, helped to found Cheese Society, and been Vice Chairman of RAG.

I have attended council since my first year and I have attended Clubs and Societies Board, Health and Safety Committee and Exec. Having taken a year in industry, I am committed to working above and beyond forty hours a week and being Lord Mayor?s Show Coordinator has shown that I am no stranger to big events.

If elected I will:

Hold a Refreshers? Fair in the spring term. This will give students a second chance to join summer clubs such as cricket, and also to reflect on which clubs they really want to be members of after the chaos of the first term.

Hold an Inter-Faculty Sports day. This will strengthen Faculty Union relations while promoting a healthy competitive rivalry. I will support Faculty Union autonomy in providing sporting activities that their members can get involved in.

Introduce Fast-track finance training. An online finance test for club officers would unfreeze their budget without the need to attend finance training. Only Officers who fail the test would need to attend training.

For all twenty-five reasons to vote John James visit

Jess Marley

Jess Marley

I?m Jess Marley, a final year Maths student from Cardiff! I have been elected as Netball Club Captain for the past 2 years and have represented the Union for the 1st team, and take an active role in the social side of the club. I was also a Re-App at Fisher Hall last year.

In my role as Netball Club Captain, I?ve gained valuable experience of how clubs and societies work and what Club Committees in particular need from their Sabbs and other Union officials. This has given me a great understanding of what general members of clubs and societies expect to gain from the Union, whether they?re students who take their club very seriously or just want a bit of fun and to socialise with new people. During this time I?ve built a solid working relationship with the members of the Sport Imperial team. I feel this relationship is very important because the role of DPCS requires strong links with the department to obtain maximum benefit to both parties.

As DPCS I intend to:

  • Work for ALL members of ALL clubs and societies in OUR Union
  • Improve the link between our Union and Sport Imperial
  • Re-assess the way new clubs and societies are formed
  • Give clubs and societies more opportunity to promote themselves
  • Fight to retain free gym and swim facilities for all students
  • Bring competence and consistency to our Union

For an organised, well managed and fun Union ? VOTE JESS DPCS!!

Lily Topham

Lily Topham

I've always been involved in a wide range of clubs, including ACC Dance, Dance Company, Medics Music and Choir. I?ve been on the committees of Medics Music and Dance Company for two years and been the chair of Artsoc and Dramsoc. This year I?ve also been the Social Clubs Committee Chair, looking after lots of other societies, as well as sitting on central Union committees such as the Clubs and Societies Board, Council and the Executive Committee.

During my time as a club officer and through working in the Student Activities Centre for 4 years, I?ve come face-to-face with a lot of the things that frustrate clubs. I would develop an online room booking system for checking room availability and booking College rooms, making life much easier for clubs.

Club finances can still be a major source of confusion. I would ensure that club officers don?t get their budgets frozen without warning and that they have adequate access to Finance Support staff. I would push for more part-time staff to help ensure that the online transaction pages are up-to-date and would have ongoing club training throughout the year.

If elected, I would make changes that would have a real difference for the clubs and societies at Imperial, the students who put so much time and effort into running them and the students who participate in club activities. No gimmicks, just real, practical things.

I also promise to ensure there is a working bike pump attached to the Beit bicycle racks.

Deputy President (Education & Welfare) [2]

Ryan Dee

Ryan Dee

Any person who runs for DPEW needs to really care about their fellow students' welfare. The role is about helping to remove the barriers, be they financial or emotional, which stop students doing their best while at Imperial. It is a role I would really love to take on, not for some power trip, but because I enjoy helping my peers.

I've had some difficult times while at Imperial and have benefited from the support of my fellow students and the welfare services the College and the Union have provided. There is always room for improvement however. For example, we need personal tutors who have an interest in student welfare, who receive more training and who are proactive in making sure students feel comfortable to come to them with problems.

Money's always a worry for any student which is why I want to review the pricing of halls, make it easier for students to find appropriate jobs and look at improving uptake of bursary schemes. Promoting good health is important as well by, for example, improving bicycle facilities.

As president of I.Q. (the Union's LGBT society) last year, I was able to be directly involved with students' welfare. It was great to see that I was helping to make other students' time at Imperial a happy one. I've enjoyed getting involved with our Union and I hope you will give me the opportunity to stay involved and to improve the quality of life for Imperial students. Vote Dee for DPEW.

Hannah Theodorou

Over the past four years I?ve become a familiar face around the union; I have driven Felix editors mad with my haphazard editing skills, worked with previous Union Presidents and DPEWs on ?Greening Imperial?, culminating in a new Environmental Policy and an annual Green Week and helped organise events such as the 1st Ethical Careers Fair. I have also sat on Union Council and the Representation and Welfare Board in my role as Welfare Campaigns Officer.

As DPEW, I?d be an approachable and friendly port of call for students. I?d like to:

  • Work with college on training of personal tutors to make sure students are receiving a universally high level of support and advice.
  • Involve more clubs and societies with the running of Welfare Campaigns including SHAG and Healthy Living weeks.
  • Trial a new mums and dads scheme during freshers week, linking older students with younger ones so advice and resources are shared throughout the years and to help newer students integrate quickly.
  • Improve links between year and departmental educational reps so that important issues filter up to the level of the Union and onto the College.
  • Continue Kirsty?s Welfare pages in Felix on academic and welfare issues including advice on finance, health, student life and the network of student support services that are available around college.

Next year, when not in college meetings, my door will be open for students to come in and share any ideas and concerns over a cup of tea!


Felix Editor [2]

Greg Mead

Greg Mead

I?m Greg and I?ve been working for Felix since my first year in 2004. I?ve edited music and nightlife sections for the past three years.

This year, I?m proud to say I?ve been involved in what I believe has been the most successful and consistent Felix during my time at Imperial but that being said, things can always be improved. My goal would be primarily to increase the student participation in the paper as at this time almost all the editors are in their final year so it is essential to attract new blood to maintain the current quality of articles.

Currently I believe medical students for one are under represented in Felix, and one of my campaign points will be to improve this, not only by printing and delivering more copies of Felix to the medical campuses but by creating a new section and editorial position for medics.

General student participation can be greatly improved if Felix taps more into the valuable list of contacts that has been built up over the years, who are more than willing to organise competitions, events and bar-nights for students throughout the term.

As a final point, every year the Felix editor candidates promise to rebuild the website, I have real experience in this field and can actually make this happen. I will create a fully working site before the end of the summer, with student access to all past issues of Felix (which will start to be digitised as of next term).


Jovan Nedic

Jovan Nedic

I'm Jovan, the current sports editor for Felix. I've seen Felix go through several reincarnations; from Dave Edwards' sensible year, to Rupert Neat's controversial, yet highly addictive issues, to Andy Sykes relaxed issues. This year I believe Tomo has managed to obtain a good mixture of all three, but I believe that it can still be improved. Cosmetically, very few changes will be made in order to maintain Felix's identity. However, in terms of content, changes will be made, with Coffee Break being brought back properly along with all it's comedy writers and more Page 3. Competitions and prizes will be returned to encourage student participation, particularly for the Sports League, crosswords and puzzles.

The serious side of Felix, however, will not be sidelined. The news will range from the hard hitting to the light hearted, comments will give the opportunity for people to express their views, but most importantly, I want students to think of Felix as the place to turn when no one listens to them about college problems.

My main aim however is with the internet.

  • I want current issues to be online before the next issue is released.
  • I want to develop the website so that reviews can be easily stored and accessed
  • I want to begin to digitally archive previous editions, beginning with the very first issue of Felix, so that people can see how students views have changed.

So if you like what you hear, vote for Jov.

Re-open Nominations

RON has submitted one manifesto for all positions, so is listed separately.

Re-open Nominations


So, I?ve just been disturbed from my slumber by those fools in the Union who beat me in the elections this time last year. They?re expecting me to be RON again this year after the humiliation I endured losing to them?

Unfortunately, in paragraph 4, line 32 of the Student Stupidity Protocol it states: ?All RON mascots are obliged to campaign whenever the Union sees fit, lest they suffer deformation of their personage.? My red locks are far too precious! Alas, The Weasley is forced to return. Anyway, this year?s bunch of wannabes are just as useless as last year?s candidates. If you like any of them, take a long hard look at your life and consider rehab. If you don?t like any of them vote RON in the elections ? it makes sense, you probably just don?t know it yet.

If you vote for The Weasley not only will I ensure Phase 2 of the Beit Redevelopment is delivered before my term has even started, I?ll add three more phases to the Masterplan including: rocket boosters under Beit Quad so that it levitates 50m off the ground, the entire demolition of the West Basement with Australia as a replacement and our very own star to ensure a regulated temperature of 18.89 degrees Celsius throughout the Union. All without breaking a sweat.

As for Felix: burn it all. Every student will be given an owl or flying squirrel which will tell them the horoscopes or whatever they want on request.

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Discussion about “Sabbatical Candidates 2008: Manifestos”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 15 2008 12:18

Half of the presidential candidates cannot get a manifesto together in time!!!

Feb 15 2008 12:25

Or they can't follow simple instructions and are now in a panic.

3. OMG   
Feb 15 2008 12:42

Or they just copy other peoples!

Feb 15 2008 12:54

Have you noticed - Candidate Ed Judge, has repeated Jon Matthews, Christian Carters and John James manifesto points - and he can't even string it together in a proper sentence. What a great president he will be.

5. Ed   
Feb 15 2008 13:01

I have not just repeated peoples manifesto points. All of my comments are logical things needed for the union. I have previously said many of the points I have included. Cheaper beer, better staff, accountablility are not new or just for one candidate to say. I feel that these are all things that can be looked at and fixed over the period of a presidents term. Hence the reason they were included.

As for not putting it in a proper sentance I do apologise. I have just come off an allnighter trying to finish coursework, rescheduling C&G events coming in the next few weeks, and as a reapp planning a hall party for tonight.

Feb 15 2008 13:45

Jen is at home due to unfortunate family circumstances. A manifesto will be submitted by as soon as possible.

7. :-/   
Feb 15 2008 14:14

I think it's slightly harsh to accuse someone of copying other candidates points, I mean - this is a student union, what the hell else are candidates going to say apart from those few points?

Feb 15 2008 15:11

Some very inventive points of Carter and John James have been blatently ripped off by Ed, The whole election is a farce, terrible attitude by certain individuals and poor organisation by the committee - pff what committee!

Feb 15 2008 15:18

I hope Jen is ok and look forward to reading her manifesto when it appears.

I hope all the other candidates have just as good an excuse for missing todays deadline. Will Felix print all the manifestos or just those that got in on time/have a justifiable reason for being late?

Feb 15 2008 16:05

It seems like the manifestos are like last years. And the year befores. And the year befores. Although I concur that some new and good ideas have been put forward. But it still seems to suggest that nothing can really get done, no matter how hard sabbs try.

11. Hmmm   
Feb 15 2008 16:30

Every year you are bound to get candidates that promise a lot but don't say anything. It can be difficult to measure anything, a large amount of work done by Sabbs is behind the scenes and doesn't get noticed straight away, the effects are often felt after the Sabb has left office by which point it is too late to change.

Feb 15 2008 17:24

Hannah Theodorou is smokin hot! but then again... so is Ryan dee hahaha

Feb 15 2008 18:00

It just seems that every year we are promised things like better quality food at the union, improving the bars, more transparency for clubs and societies, greater accessibility etc etc. They may happen, but nobody can really see these changes happening.

Feb 15 2008 18:15

Deja vu well why do you think that is? I'm sure that every candidate really wants to deliver the things in their manifesto. Only when they start their positions realise there's either a million and one other jobs to do/meetings to go to/queries to answer or, once they find out more about the union realise that their suggestion isn't really possible anyway. So you need to stop moaning and fish out the well thought out promises from the idealistic ones!

Feb 15 2008 18:36

I'm not moaning. But it does become a little difficult when every candidate has more or less exactly the same manifesto or set of ideas. And I am well aware that the Sabbs get caught up in a lot of routine meetings etc like you say. Which suggests that the entire system may need an overhaul in some way or another. Don't ask me how, as I do not know.

16. Hannah   
Feb 15 2008 19:09

Because I missed the deadline due to, what I have to admit, is an error on my part I have been reduced to posting it here.... Enjoy!

Over the past four years I?ve become a familiar face around the union; I have driven Felix editors mad with my haphazard editing skills, worked with previous Union Presidents and DPEWs on ?Greening Imperial?, culminating in a new Environmental Policy and an annual Green Week and helped organise events such as the 1st Ethical Careers Fair. I have also sat on Union Council and the Representation and Welfare Board in my role as Welfare Campaigns Officer.

As DPEW, I?d be an approachable and friendly port of call for students. I?d like to:

? Work with college on training of personal tutors to make sure students are receiving a universally high level of support and advice.

? Involve more clubs and societies with the running of Welfare Campaigns including SHAG and Healthy Living weeks.

? Trial a new mums and dads scheme during freshers week, linking older students with younger ones so advice and resources are shared throughout the years and to help newer students integrate quickly.

? Improve links between year and departmental educational reps so that important issues filter up to the level of the Union and onto the College.

? Continue Kirsty?s Welfare pages in Felix on academic and welfare issues including advice on finance, health, student life and the network of student support services that are available around college.

Next year, when not in college meetings, my door will be open for students to come in and share any ideas and concerns over a cup of tea!

17. Editor   
Feb 15 2008 20:08

The missing manifestos that I've received will be going up tonight...

Feb 15 2008 20:29

Just so people know, the candidates pack actually said Monday 18th Feb as the Union deadline for Manifestos, so nobody has given them in late officially, just missed the copy deadline for Live! and Felix.

Feb 15 2008 20:43

If you went to the meeting you would know that the RO changed the deadline... you would also be aware that the deadline for the sabs deposits was at lunch today - - but less than 20% of candidates handed that in on time - so techincally only 4 of the candidates can talk at hustings - -but i'm sure that the rules will be bent yet again to let the farce continue! This is a complete and utter joke election... I hope Diogo Wins!

Feb 15 2008 21:00

They changed the deadline for Live! and Felix, not for the Union as far as I know. If I'm wrong then yep, you're correct - I'm a fool.

I fail to see how you can say this is a complete and utter joke election since campaigning hasn't even started yet. Wait for the real farce to happen, then say that. (I'm sure it will). I'm looking forward to it, makes Imperial seem slightly interesting for once.

Feb 15 2008 21:22

"Campaigning hasn't really started yet"

Have you missed the massive bloody great refreshers tube wandering around campus?

Feb 15 2008 21:58


23. Rosie   
Feb 16 2008 03:51

This is not an attack on any candidate.

There are 12000 students at Imperial and after almost a week after campaigning opened over half of them have no idea elections are running. Very few candidates have put posters up and the campaigning activity has been dismall.

Okay so we all know ICU elections are a popularity contest among the few students that bother to vote, but it really makes me sick that a few individuals think it is acceptable to take down the posters that have gone up. It is unacceptable, this kind of behaviour does nothing but enforce the image of petty, pointless, self-serving, irrelevant Union politics. I can't believe that any candidate supports this behaviour; the whole point of running is to make our Uinon better.

Do us all a favour and instead of ripping down someone elses poster, lets get more posters up, get more people interested and get something done.

Que obligatory attack for sticking up for boyfriend, but it needed to be said.

Feb 16 2008 07:55

Someone has also been taking down the RCSU RAG Ball and Freshers' Week II posters which is a little sad. We ought to have a poster monitor!! I nominate Rosie!

Feb 16 2008 09:04

Is it students taking down the posters, or are staff doing it? College seem to think that posters look "untidy".

26. poster   
Feb 16 2008 09:58

Election posters have been taken down in the union as well as in college so it isn't staff there. In college, it is only one candidate's posters being taken down from poster boards, all posters next to them are being left up so it can't be because they look untidy.

Feb 16 2008 12:02

This is extremely worrying why would posters for elections and events be taken down? Who would be sad enough to do that? Is it likely to be other candidates or other interested parties?

Feb 16 2008 15:29

Only on candidate has actually properly started puting posters up, I blame RON, no poster will be safe!!!

Mwuh hah hah..

29. muhaha   
Feb 17 2008 18:38

can previous sabbs who are no longer holding a position endorse a candidate?

Feb 17 2008 20:06

Somebody asked a while ago (I think on a previous thread) about the number of candidates claiming they were musical and when we would get to hear them sing.

John James has just uploaded a number of campaign songs to his website which have a certain comedy to them if a little lacking in musical brilliance.

My personal favourtie is the Mary Poppins cover. Check them out:

31. RON   
Feb 17 2008 20:56

If I write a proper RON submission for felix will you please print it instead of that pile of c**p.

32. Editor   
Feb 17 2008 22:57

I have just added Jen's manifesto for President and NUS Delegate elections

Feb 18 2008 11:13

They'll be singing alright, just you wait

Feb 18 2008 21:31

Perhaps Lily should learn to read papers before council, and not ask stupid questions that are answered by the sheet of paper in front of her. Turning up to college meetings having not read anything would look pretty c**p.

Feb 18 2008 23:50

There are no stupid questions just stupid comments.

Feb 19 2008 08:36

Here, here! Better to clarify things than keep quiet and not understand the issues.

Feb 19 2008 08:57

If something is unclear in your mind or the paper, i agree you should clarify things. But that's still no excuse for not having read the paper being discussed - it quite clearly stated the answer in the last paragraph, was only three paragraphs long (so could have been read in the 10 minute delay before the meeting started and had been on the website since at least Friday.

It's not asking questions that's the problem, its what they are a symptom of.

Feb 20 2008 14:32

u guys are all soo sad..

Feb 20 2008 20:26

Says you the person who spends their time reading the discussions of people you feel are beneath you.

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