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Student Trustee and NUS Delegate Manifestos

Feb 15 2008 20:41
Andrew Holland
The manifestos for people standing as Student Trustees and NUS Delegates have been uploaded, although many people have failed to submit one so far.
Who gets to go to Blackpool? YOU DECIDE!

Updated 18 Feb 2008 08:23: added manifesto from Liz Hyde.

Updated 17 Feb 2008 22:50: added manifesto from Jennifer Morgan, who submitted late due to family circumstances.

Updated 17 Feb 2008 11:24: added manifesto from Kadhim Shubber.

Updated 17 Feb 2008 10:02: added manifesto from Jaimie Henry.

Student Trustees

Jaimie Henry

Jaimie Henry

I?m a first year Medical Student, and I?m involved with various Clubs and Societies including being Treasurer of MedDebate Soc and I also have show on ICRadio. The Trustee Board may seem a less exciting Union role, but it?s no less important; I?d give it all the commitment and dedication it deserves to ensure good practice and student concerns are foremost in the mind of Trustees. I may be ?fresh faced? to University politics, but that might not be a bad thing- it means honest and open representation of students is something I can guarantee.

Kadhim Shubber

Kadhim Shubber

The Trustee Board requires members that are hard working, strong-willed and most importantly that have a vision for the Union. I am all of these things and much more. My vision is that the Union should be transparent, financially sound and efficiently delivering what students want. As you can sense, I do not believe the Union is currently these things, as Student Trustee I will strive to bring credible and noticeable change to the Union, as well as making sure that students are better informed about the workings or indeed failings of the Union.

NUS Delegates

Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

The fact is, Imperial?s delegates have to vote how they are told to vote, so you can?t really pick us based on our beliefs. All our delegates have to vote for the reforms currently proposed to drag this creaking, ineffective and poor 1970s organisation into the 21st century. As editor of an award-winning news site last year, I?m in an excellent position to come back and tell you whether the NUS is worth our time or money, or if it?s still as useless as it has been for the past decade. Send someone who?ll tell you if we?re wasting £44k.

Victoria Gibbs

Victoria Gibbs

I voted no to joining the NUS because I could not see that the £44,000 a year fee was justified. In fact, even after attending the NUS Extraordinary Conference last term, I am still dubious as to where the students of Imperial are benefitting.

However I really want to represent Imperial at conference because I think that we need to contribute to and get as much out of it as we can. I want to help Imperial students see results from Conference. This is a huge task but it starts by improving communication between the NUS delegates and the students.

Liz Hyde

Liz Hyde

Following some great comedy, but awful debate, at the NUS extraordinary conference last December, I voted and saw the passing of the Governance Review. I want to see this voted through again. I want to be there to vote it through. Imperial deserves better than the current NUS farce. Students deserve better. Without the governance review, this won?t happen and it will continue to be a playground for aspiring socialist hacks and their ?free pet care for students? motions. The NUS should deal with student issues, not students creating them, so vote Liz for the sensible logic found at Imperial!

Chris Larvin

Each year we spend £44,000 of our subvention in affiliation fees to the NUS and it?s very hard to quantify what benefits we receive from this considerable sum. It is important ICU gets value for money by attending conferences and giving input, where appropriate, on issues that affect Imperial students. The students at Imperial are often special cases in that they are studying science, technology and medicine that live and study in London. I don?t care for anti-war or other Trot motions; I just care about the motions that affect Imperial students, so vote Chris for NUS delegate.

Jon Matthews

Jon Matthews

The NUS claims to speak for us, but they can only when we tell them what we want them to say. With guidance from Council on which way to vote, some may question what difference it makes who is elected to form the delegation. There are few motions on which delegates must vote a particular way, but many where a delegate can vote differently with just cause. We need to elect delegates that will maintain the interest of Imperial students and work to ensure that the NUS works for us and delivers what we need.

Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

NUS Conference 2008 is the most important conference in a generation. Fundamental changes to the way the NUS works will be debated and if passed will represent a major reform of the organisation making it less likely that financial crisis and political irrelevance will prevent it from delivering for students. Imperial College Union has been one of over 40 Unions driving these reforms and I have been a strong supporter of this policy. For a delegate who will represent the views of Imperial students and report back on what happens in Blackpool VOTE JEN for NUS Delegate.

Kirsty Patterson

Kirsty Patterson

I have attended two NUS Conferences in the past year and am familiar with the procedures of the NUS. As a member of the NUS Working Group I am writing amendments for Conference based on research that I have undertaken. As a familiar face in the NUS I will gain support amongst other delegations to change the NUS into a union that is relevant to our needs and of greater benefit to our members in the future. I believe I am the Candidate with the most experience, the appropriate knowledge and the most influence. Mwu ha ha cough cough...

Camilla Royle

Camilla Royle

I?m a final year biology student who?s also spent much of the last three years campaigning on various issues (anti-war/anti-fascist/women?s lib/anti-climate change etc). I oppose the new NUS governance review because I think it diminishes many of the democratic structures that make it possible for ordinary students like me to go to conference in the first place. The way to improve the NUS is to get more students involved and run campaigns that people care about so we want to stay affiliated not to cut back on activism. Vote for me to represent this alternative point of view.

Rosie Smithells

Rosie Smithells

The Union operates a ?whipped vote? ? meaning the way delegates vote on important issues to Imperial Students has already been decided by NUS working group and ultimately Council ? I?m a member of both.

Whilst at Imperial I have been a Re-app, a member of several clubs, ICU senior bar staff and RSM Treasurer; I?m in touch with student issues so can vote sensibly when the vote is ?free? and give real feedback on the conference.

I voted ?NO? to the NUS but feel if we must be a part of it then we should maximise the benefit for our students.

Luke Taylor

No manifesto submitted

Salman Waqar

No manifesto submitted

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Discussion about “Student Trustee and NUS Delegate Manifestos”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 16 2008 18:30

Still no manifestos for the student trustees? Are they really up for the job if they cannot get their act together now?

Feb 16 2008 19:49

Nobody told the dpfs that next year our fee is ?55k and we are only paying ?44k this year because we got a discount.

Feb 16 2008 20:04

why is jon matthews running for NUS and president?

Feb 16 2008 20:21

Actually the fee next year is ?46,460 not the ?55,000 that some candidates have mentioned in their manifestos

Feb 16 2008 21:19

NUS affiliation is clearly shown (apart from the typo with 2008 suddenly becoming 2009) as "?52,531.25... subject to inflationary increases". Taking inflation at 3.5%, 52,531.25 x 1.035 = 54,369.84, pretty close to 55,000.

We only got a discount for the first year, not for next year as well, if this has changed why were council not informed?

Feb 16 2008 21:27

NUS Conference passed a revised formula for calculating affiliation fees last year. Not only do we benefit from the revised formula, fees have also dropped because of the sale of Endsleigh to Zurich.

This is mentioned here:

Not sure if it was actually reported to Council last year, but I'm not sure it matters really.

Feb 16 2008 21:29

I'm running for NUS Delegate for the reasons set out in my manifesto, I believe we need people willing to stand up for Imperial student's rights and ensure we get the NUS to work for us. Two other presidential candidates are also standing, presumably for the same reasons.

Feb 16 2008 21:36

*feels smug*


Feb 16 2008 21:44

Well there's one in the eye for openness, nothing on the NUS website about how much affiliation costs, nothing reported to council about the change apart from referencing a live article saying they would go down, but not by how much or when.

Sorry Victoria, you are obviously privy to much more information than the rest of us and I stand corrected.

Feb 16 2008 21:46

You're right it's true - I wouldn't have a clue at what's going on if i hadn't been to the conference myself and if i didn't, er, know the current DPFS rather well ;)

Something I hope to improve massively! You'll be sick of the NUS by the time ive finished with it :)

Feb 16 2008 21:47

Just to clarify the fee situation. Stephen spoke to the NUS National Treasurer two weeks ago whilst we were compiling the Union's three year plan. Assuming the budget is approved at Annual Conference, the affliation fee for 2008/09 will be ?46,460. In 2009/10 it will be around ?47k, 2010/11 it will be around ?47,750. Obvious these are somewhat dependant on student numbers, however we are not affected by any increases in subvention as NUS does not consider any block grant over ?900k.

I will discuss this at Council for all those who don't read Live!.

Feb 17 2008 00:55

Sorry about the lack of a manifesto, I wasn't aware this article was going up or indeed had gone up. I've just emailed a copy to the live editor so it should be up soon, with any luck. In the meantime, if you have anything you want to ask me feel free to email me.

13. Editor   
Feb 17 2008 10:02

All candidates were sent an email on Tuesday evening asking them to send to Live! as well as Felix.

Feb 17 2008 11:02

Apologies for lack of a manifesto.

I'm awaiting it's approval by Returning Officer, so it should be along shortly


15. Editor   
Feb 17 2008 11:09

You don't need approval for your manifesto...

16. Kadhim   
Feb 17 2008 11:18


17. Hmmm   
Feb 17 2008 11:46

But will they know when to turn up, if they've failed to submit on time?

The position of Trustee is important and I'm not sure their manifestos entirely get the point. Have they approached any of the existing Trustees about standing, Mark would be a good place to start?

Feb 17 2008 13:05

the student trustees quite clearly do not know what they are standing for, i'm sure they have all the good intentions in the world but they really need to understand what it involves. Do they realise they're not going to be involved with union politics but are in effect looking after the 6 million ish turnover. I doubt very much they know they are liable to be sued for up to 7 years after leaving the position.

Feb 17 2008 13:30

The role of student trustees is to provide a balance so that the Board cannot become the toy of sabbs and non-students. All that is needed is a genuine interest in the running of the Union and to have the confidence to contribute where appropriate.

It is people like you who put students off getting involved with the more mundane but essential committee aspects of the Unions work. I am surprised that anyone bother standing given that they are then subject to a barrage of abuse on anonymous message boards.

20. hmmm   
Feb 17 2008 13:36

Thats Live!

Feb 17 2008 13:54

I feel bad for Camilla because she obviously wants to stand up for what she believes in but she has to vote as the Union instructs her to. I like how she is open about her beliefs but it means she cannot be a delegate if she is not going to vote in-line with the Union.

Feb 17 2008 14:13

My opinion is that if they cannot do something as simple as getting a manifesto in on time, I would not be comfortable with them being in any position of significant power yet. But one of them at least will get elected. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

Feb 17 2008 17:17

I haven't gone into this blind, I am aware of the committment it entails and at the same time I am fully aware of the apolitical nature of the Trustee Board. I emailed to Stephen Brown to get some idea of the role, and read up as best I could on the board from the union website. If I am personally subject of civil action, which I don't foresee as being likely unless I intentionally decide to commit fraud against the union, then I shall defend my actions accordingly.

I decided to not make any claims in a manifesto that would probably end up unfulfilled, because as has already been pointed out here, this is an oversight role and indeed the role of a Student Trustee is to ensure that the Board is not dominated by skilled lay members who, whilst well intedning, are by definition out of touch with the student wishes. This is something I feel could be achieved by someone who is honest, transparent and actually cares about what is best for students without the need for election promises.

As for the manifesto, I find it amazing that a person's competence is judged by a simple error such as this. In fact, my manifestos for felix and the voting website were submitted on time, and I hadn't seen the email that was sent out by the editor. I apologise sincerely for this, but I don't feel that one of three manifestos being just over a day late is especially serious.

I don't want to rant a lot more but I feel that it is right for me to respond to these criticisms. I appreciate the fact, however, that there is real challenge as to our competency- it is nothing less than I would both hope for and expect.

Feb 17 2008 17:23

Cool down a second! Next to nobody knows whether manifestos have been submitted to Felix or the Union: Live! is where people get their first opinions. So when nothing has been submitted, it does not look good for you! Especially in such an important role, where detail and punctuality are so important.

Feb 17 2008 17:37

Sorry about that; as you can see the whole discussion about Student Trustees generally not been positive so it has put me a little on the defensive. Didn't mean to come across so fiery!

I do appreciate that Live! often forms first opinions, but all in all it was an honest mistake...that's all I have to say really.

26. arms   
Feb 17 2008 17:37

Kadhim Shubber - what a moron! A. Geek says so

Feb 17 2008 17:44

Is that the official felix line? Or would you like to retract that?

28. hhmmm   
Feb 17 2008 18:41

Who knows? It's true though, Shrubbery can't write for s**t - and his views are ill-researched a**e

29. Hmmm   
Feb 19 2008 00:23

Liz, out of all the motions you could have picked on that was the strangest one to choose. Not only was it submitted by a member of ICU court and a Life Member of Imperial, it is actually a fairly sensible. It was simply mandating the NUS to ask a charity to extend it's free pet care (already availible to several low income groups) to students. If discussed I can't see it not being passed and I can't see anyone being against it.

Why must every motion submitted to the NUS spark debate and criticism, why can't some of them be simply practicle for everyone?

Feb 19 2008 08:27

Not all students can be considered as low income. Free pet care, be it provided by a charity or otherwise, for students who could afford to pay only deprives the more needy people that the charity are trying to help in the first place.

Does the NUS not have better things to do with its time? There are far bigger battles that staff and officer resourses would be better focused on.

Feb 19 2008 09:36

Personally, I agree with the previous comment. Save the charity for the low income people who really need it. If a student doesn't have enough money to keep a pet (eg me) then they shouldn't. The charity would be better directing it's funds towards those lonely elderly people who really rely on their pets!

And Liz's point was perfectly valid, a lot of NUS motions aren't relevant to students and we need to turn this into a union which is useful!

32. Hmmm   
Feb 19 2008 10:43

Okay I've never been to an NUS conference before, but my understanding is that the chance of anything in that section getting discussed at all is low.

This zone is the truely "fluffy" zone (maybe you feel we should get rid of it completely?) and this policy is of far more use to students than many of the other papers it contains. But since every Union may submit motions to each zone then it makes sense to do so...

...Oh wait the Imperial line is that we don't send any motions, relevent to students or not. Until we do that then how can we even begin to claim that we want to make the NUS useful to us?

Feb 19 2008 11:07

The chances of this conference discussing much more than the governance review are probably slim... There seemed to be enough support even at the Extraordinary Conference to drag the argument on and on. At this conference its likely those who oppose the changes will have more support, because they will be elected (often by less than 100 votes) rather than selected by sabbs.

It wouldn't surprise me if it turns into a war of attrition, to be won by whoever stopped drinking in the evening early enough to turn up on time in the morning. Given that the National Executive Committee failed to turn up on time last year, it could make for an interesting result...

Feb 19 2008 11:18

ICU did submit a change to the 1st reading of the NUS Constitution which was accepted by Extraordinary Conference. Amendments to current motions were also discussed and passed at last nights Council meeting.

Making the NUS useful has nothing to do with the policy they pass at this conference on student issues - it is to do with governance. One of the main points of the governance review is to alter the policy making process so that in future the NUS will not be lumbered with a lot of stupid policies that no-one takes seriously.

Once NUS democracy has been re-defined I would imagine that the policies the NUS passes and, more importantly, acts upon are more relevant to pressing student concerns rather than whatever the ideologues of the hard left want to talk about.

Feb 19 2008 11:23

I don't think the Imperial line is that we don't send any motions...

The deadline has passed now but I'd hope that in future it was publicised to students more, so that normal students can put forward motions they'd like to see at conference whether they actually go to conference or not. I don't think Imperial's contribution to conference should be decided solely by the small group that go to the draft delegate meeting, because not many people are told about this. Something to think about for next time.

36. Liz   
Feb 19 2008 13:38

I was giving it as an example of a really silly motion proposed by Unions and if it was proposed by someone here, I am a little upset, seeing as that would make it our only contribution to the motions for conference(?) I agree with Victoria that really, if you a student you should not keep a pet if you can't afford it. Whether those with low income should have pets and receive free pet care is a whole other debate. Could this money not be spent better on health care, or education?

But this wasn't the point, I was using it as an illustration of what stupid things other people propose as mattering to students. I perhaps linked two seperate ideas in the wrong way.

I have to admit I wasn't aware it was someone at Imperial who proposed the free pet care motion and don't remember reading that in the Motions for conference document I was passed, but I could be wrong. Why anybody would think of keeping a pet, or one of the size requiring vetinary care, in central London, is beyond me.

100 words was nowhere near enough to write about the full extent of the idiotic arguments against The governence Review at the Extraordinary conference or to explain my thinking about the more serious issues being proposed at the Annual conference so I just picked the one I felt was most stupid.

With regard to sending motions to conference I do think making the general population of Imperial more aware that they can do this, would be a good thing, as I think most were completely unaware they were able to and it seems only those in power would have known. That said, we have only been in the NUS one year and I suppose getting to grips with what it entails might take some time, should we stay in.

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