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Mayoral Elections 2008: "Manifesto for Students"

Apr 20 2008 23:45
Ashley Brown
Live! asked the candidates in the London mayoral elections for a "Manifesto for Students", setting out how students would benefit if they were to become Mayor of London.
Spot the odd ones out...

A couple of weeks ago Live! asked the candidates for London Mayor to give us a "manifesto for students", setting out why students should vote for them on May 1st. Candidates with no email addresses or working websites were not contacted - this is 2008 after all. Four of the candidates have responded so far: Brian Paddick, Boris Johnson, Alan Craig and Sian Berry. Their responses are shown below, in the order in which they replied.

If you have got any questions for the candidates, post them in the discussion below and we will try to get an answer from them. Remember to tune in on Tuesday evening where we will try to bring you a live feed of the ULU Mayoral Hustings, assuming the technology all works correctly - after Tuesday a recording will be available.

Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats

As a Liberal Democrat I oppose the Iraq War, ID cards, and Labour plans for 42 days detention without trial. I will champion Londoners? civil liberties.

London?s 300,000 university students face a real struggle with affordable transport and housing, and the threat of street crime. I pledge free travel for students up to first-degree level without time restriction on bus, Tube, DLR, tram and the ?London Overground? rail lines. We?ll put a thousand SmartHire bikes on London?s streets and more secure parking for cyclists? own bikes. We will take urgent action to turn London?s 83,580 empty properties into sustainable homes at affordable rents. By listening to our communities to get vital intelligence, we?ll bear down on muggers and gun and knife crime.

The environment is at the heart of my policies, see

The Cross River Tram, with a spur down Oxford Street, and ultra-light rail schemes will bring eco-friendly zero-emission public transport to central London. All new major developments will have to be self-sustaining in energy, waste, and water consumption. I will launch a new scheme to plant thousands of new trees in a drive to develop and restore the character of high streets, markets, squares and open spaces across the capital.

Now that the Mayor leads Learning and Skills in the capital, I will work with universities to close the skills gap that keeps too many young Londoners in the poverty trap. Our new green Eco Centre will be a flagship for research into new ?green? technologies. Vote Liberal Democrats on May 1st.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, Conservative

Students are an integral part of London and make an important contribution to the city's vibrant atmosphere. Yet for too many students the cost of living is too high, and many students feel there are areas in London that they are not safe to walk in. I have a number of ideas that I hope will make life for students living in the capital a little easier.

On transport I support extending travel discounts for students and I want to see the tube running one hour later on Friday and Saturday nights. I will make it safer and easier for students to cycle around London and will spend £2m on secure cycle parking. To make sure students feel safer travelling I will put more uniformed officers on buses, especially on night buses.

Students are disproportionately affected by mugging, rape and burglary. I will free police from the bureaucracy of endless form-filling and put them back on the beat to make your streets safer and reduce petty crime. I will also give police mobile weapons scanners to help prevent gun and knife crime which is escalating in London.

Student rent in the capital costs an average £102 a week , 71% above the national average and as many as 120,905 students will rent in the private sector. This is an issue which needs to be tackled, student life should be enjoyed to the fullest and I am currently consulting with a range of groups to try and find solutions. My first priority will be to encourage boroughs to publish a fair rents guide so that students can ensure that they are getting value for money.

Alan Craig

Alan Craig, Christian Choice

The Christian Choice has a six point plan for London which will help students across the capital:

  1. Getting around - we will commit funding to completing the London Cycle Network Plus, improve signage of the cycle network and support cycle storage and hire in the Capital. We will initiate a cycle planning website showing the best way to complete a journey by bike and how this links to existing cycle routes, bike hire outlets and cycle storage points.
  2. Being green - we will push for universities and colleges in the Capital to step up their efforts to reuse and recycle, publishing their policies on websites and involving their students in developing them.
  3. Protecting students enjoying London's night life - The Christian Choice will improve the community support of local police officers through the extension of Street Pastors, helping students return home safely after a night out in town.
  4. Improving pay for student employment - We will argue for a London Living Wage of £7.20 per hour, helping students who have to work during their course.
  5. Improving life chances for students - The Christian Choice will help students and ex students looking to get onto the housing ladder by promoting low interest loans for a deposit. We will also pledge £1,000 to every couple getting married, helping them with the financial burden of their big day.
  6. Tapping the spirituality of students - we will campaign for students to come to City Hall to pray at the start of each day Assembly sitting, asking for God's wisdom to guide decisions made there.
Siân Berry

Siân Berry

The Green Party puts the rights of future generations at the heart of its agenda. We believe that education is a right, not a privilege ? something vital to a sustainable society. Further and higher education must be free and open to all, supported through grants.

But we must tackle other injustices facing London's students. The Green Party will extend TfL Student Discounts to pay-as-you-go, create a Youth Assembly to empower young people, and establish a Youth Investment Fund to deliver training and leisure projects. We will tackle London's housing costs that particularly hit indebted students by making sure all new developments have at least 60% affordable housing, and slashing household expenses by providing free insulation.

Electing Greens to the London Assembly means a massive shift of investment to public transport and sustainable technology ? meaning the creation of green jobs benefiting graduates. The Green Party will start a Jobs for Londoners initiative to develop training and secure jobs. We'll provide 10,000 places on training courses for green energy measures and create new jobs in creative industries, manufacturing and local public services.

Green Assembly Members have tripled investment in cycling and walking, secured £18m over the next three years to deliver recycling facilities, set up the Living Wage Unit to tackle poverty pay, doubled expenditure on road safety and more. Vote Siân Berry for Mayor and use your 'peach' voting slip to vote Green on the London-wide list ? this is the best way of electing Greens to tackle climate change, provide a Living Wage to all, protect public services and local business and improve public transport.

Change London for Good ? Vote Green in May.

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Discussion about “Mayoral Elections 2008: "Manifesto for Students"”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Apr 21 2008 00:01

ken didn't reply? what a bastard!

Apr 21 2008 00:02

He was probably too busy being wined and dined by South American dictators to reply.

Apr 21 2008 02:38

boris is the man

Apr 21 2008 09:54

I'd surely vote for a credible alternative to Ken, if there was one, unfortunately I am not impressed by the credentials or the demeanours of any of the other candidates, even with his flaws, Ken's achievements as Mayor over the past few years aren't easy to ignore. Yes, there are more buses around, money I'd prefer was being spent on the Tube, but the introduction of the CC which has worked and put forward London as a model for other cities was a ball-sy move. Introducing Oyster, again one of the most technologically superior systems around the world, speeded up travel time whilst building credibility. The guy changes his mind on things, but surely he acknowledges this before he does, which is a change on the politicians today.

Boris, is a throwback to the times when you could come out a privileged background and walk into jobs and positions daddy and your chums would help you get and you'd all meet up at the club for drinks after. Someone who is incapable of stringing a statment together, regardless of how literate/smart he is and has a permanent "bumbling fool" demeanour doesn't give me a a hard-on, in fact if I wanted all that I'd watch Notting Hill over and over again, at least that has Julia Roberts in it.

Apr 21 2008 10:05

The introduction of Oyster itself was nothing to do with Ken. London Transport had been working on it since the mid-90s as the "Prestige" project. The good thing he has done with it is push the rail companies to accept it.

Apr 21 2008 11:12

Boris is a legend, how could you not vote for him!!

Apr 21 2008 11:17

Because he has no vision for London himself? He'll need a lot of advisers to do anything, yet he attacks Ken for wasting money on advisers.

The Mayor should be a leader, not a figurehead for an expensive think-tank, which is what - as far as I can see - Boris is.

Apr 21 2008 11:37

Don't tellme you are voting for Ken, Ashley!!!

I am ABK, anybody but ken.

Apr 21 2008 12:21


Apr 21 2008 12:58

Paddick is able to sound good, as he is not going to be elected. He can make all these promises, knowing that he will not get pulled up on them. On the other hand, both Livingstone and Johnson have to be more realistic and pragmatic.

Apr 21 2008 13:04

Because a new fleet of routemaster buses is realistic and pragmatic?

Apr 21 2008 13:06

More realistic than trams down Oxford Street, and new light rail networks.

Apr 21 2008 13:16

But TfL are already looking at/implementing trams down Oxford Street, a cross-river tram in the east, extensions of the Croydon Tram and upgrades and extensions to the Docklands Light Railway.

Apr 21 2008 13:17

I heard you get two votes so you can 'waste' your first vote on who you believe in and then get your vote transferred to either Ken or Boris. Personally I like the Christian guy

Apr 21 2008 13:19

Yes, you get a first and second preference vote.

Apr 21 2008 14:15

I never thought I would see the day when London would have to choose between "Red" Ken, and somebody called Boris. Did we lose the cold war?

17. Me   
Apr 21 2008 14:24

I am too, very disappointed in Boris's student manifesto, but even more disappointed in Ken's lack of one entirely.

Also very disappointed with the second paragraph of post 4, what a total waste of non-constructive time - Everyone I talk to who is against Boris, don't like him simply because of their weak and prejudice views on him and his lifestyle. No one (with the mild exception of Ashley) can make any decent argument as to why not to vote for him. Idiots who just say "he's a dickhead" or "daddy and chums" type comments, why don't you actually read the manifesto's and you may actually agree with some of his points.

Cue the onslaught of poisoned "I don't agree's"

18. Flower   
Apr 21 2008 14:28

TFL's 2016 proposed map

How am I voting?

First place, Paddock (now that he seems to care about something other than crime); second place - not sure. Ken or Boris though I guess.

Apr 21 2008 14:31

I hate to say it but Boris' 'Manifesto for Students' is by far and away the best of those printed here. He is the only person to have concentrated on student issues and promised things I actually believe will make life in London better for students.

Shame I can't stand the rest of the stuff he comes out with.

I was voting for Sian until I read the 'free education for all' rubbish above. I think I might join Ashley in voting for Paddick, although his photo scares me.

Apr 21 2008 14:44

I agree - the manifesto for students from Boris is excellent and well thought out.

Shame he won't be at ULU.

Apr 21 2008 15:14

As if that map will ever happen.

Crossrail is not expected until 2017 at the earliest, and still has not been officially improved.

A lot of the "new" lines are existing mainline train lines coming under the tfl branding (eg London Overground)

The only thing I can see really happening is the DLR extensions.

22. Engine   
Apr 21 2008 16:45

Paddick's like the kid who got bullied at school - see him in the debates - he is like the 3rd wheel, with absolutely no impact on the election apart from taking the votes away from Ken, who would easily defeat Boris if this was a two way race - what a waste!

Apr 21 2008 16:47

It will be a two-way race ... for second-preference votes!

If no candidate gets over 50% of the vote on the first round, the top two candidates go through to a run-off. The second preference votes from all other candidates are transferred.

It's like STV for the less bright.

Apr 21 2008 17:07

I am going to try my best to support a change in London's management. I like Boris and Paddick, but to make the change, can I really vote for Paddick knowing the chance of him winning is like me winning the Euro-Million?

If you want change, vote Boris.

PS - Ash, I don't think "redesigning" the Routemaster is going to be that expensive in the grand scheme of things. Also, having a conductor/transport police on the buses to make it safer is a rather neat idea don't you think?

Apr 21 2008 17:22

Come on Fok, vote Paddick first, Boris second. That's the ultimate anti-Ken vote.

Apr 21 2008 19:05

Ash, Vote Boris first and Boris 2nd, that's the Ultimate anti Kirsty vote

Apr 21 2008 19:08

Stuart Collyer

Johnson became embroiled in controversy in 1995 after a recording of a telephone conversation made in 1990 became public knowledge. On the tape Johnson is heard agreeing to supply the address of the News of the World journalist Stuart Collyer in order for his former schoolmate Darius Guppy to have Collyer beaten up for knowing too much about Guppy's failed insurance fraud. Johnson asked how badly Collyer was to be beaten up, and Guppy replies "He will probably have a couple of black eyes and a... cracked rib or something like that". The conversation ended with Johnson agreeing to supply the address. Despite the call from Guppy, Johnson did not alert the police and the incident only became public knowledge when the conversations was summarised in the Daily Mail.

Apr 21 2008 19:37

Why is the Stuart Collyer story relevant to the Mayoral elections. Its such an old story, and a very comical one. Johnson did not actually supply the address - but only cos he didn't actually know it.

If you would like to hear Boris commenting on this ancient history on Have I Got News For You see this video

29. engine   
Apr 21 2008 20:20

This is classic

Apr 22 2008 12:56

how is it comical?

just because he guffaws like a posh t**t doesn't mean that conspiring to beat up someone is funny

32. Hmmm   
Apr 22 2008 17:59

Don't you feel that they all should have come up with better manifestos?

Perhaps tonight will prove a little bit more telling?

Apr 22 2008 18:26

It is comical because he couldn't actually provide the address-watch that clip-if you don't laugh you may just need a good slapping yourself! (Could you possibly provide your own address so I can come and provide it?)

"guffaws like a posh t**t" a? Is he not the very definition? I love him even so....

Apr 22 2008 20:18

Thanks for your comment post 33, and yes I agree, however the reason I said " and a very comical one" with reference to the video is because: Boris is always very amusing to watch, I'm sure you'll agree - it was nothing to do with the content of the telephone conversation and I'm sure you reckonise that and you're just being facetious.

Apr 22 2008 23:29

actually its obvious in your sentence that you are talking about the telelphone incident and story, not the link that you posted.


Apr 23 2008 00:48

I apologise, after rereading it I see what you mean. However why don't you tell me why you think this story relevant to the current elections. Its an old scandal that happened when your mum was still wiping your a**e.

Apr 23 2008 09:24

soz for being rude

its relevant because it shows the quality of friend that Boris chose and it shows the kind of decision he chose to make when confronted with illegal behaviour.

while not of course being relevant to the kind of policy he is promising, its relevant to his character and this is also very important when considering the london mayor. remember that most of the criticisms levelled at Ken recently have been character ones, i.e. he's a dictator etc

Apr 23 2008 10:24

Yes, I understand your point. But in was nearly 20 years ago, which is why I don't think it relevant today.

If you believe that character is an important quality in your mayor. Then Boris is the only suitable choice based on the behaviour of the other candidates at last nights ULU Hustings.

Apr 23 2008 10:27

Because he wasn't there?

Apr 23 2008 13:55


Apr 02 2010 13:45

Before I comment, I would like you to send me a personal copy of students manifesto of one of your student prefect thank you.

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