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Engineering Elections 2008: Manifestos

May 07 2008 12:23
Ashley Brown
Manifestos for central Guilds candidates and departmental representatives/society chairs for the Engineering departments taking part in these elections.
One of these could be your next President ... or the one that didn't submit a picture ... or RON

As always, re-open nominations stands for all positions! This article will be updated again during the afternoon and later this evening with any additional manifestos received. A number of candidates have asked for extensions due to exams or meetings - their manifestos will be added in these updates.


Mark Mearing-Smith

Mark Mearing-Smith

I have a 10 point plan for a better Guilds for You. I promise?

  1. ...more events, more frequently and more varied.
  2. protect the RSM identity and make welfare and representation accessible to Miners.
  3. use genuine, transferable experience from a wide range of Clubs and Societies.
  4. be a powerful voice for you, to college, and ICU.
  5. ...more Inter-Faculty Competition.
  6. work closer with your Department Societies and City and Guilds Clubs and Societies.
  7. make City and Guilds better value for the ordinary student by listening to your needs.
  8. be a President who is ready to commit time to making students proud of being an Imperial Engineer.
  9. bring welfare back to the forefront of City and Guilds daily activities.
  10. make the Guilds Office open and welcoming and install Scaletrix.

Please go to

Rosie Smithells

Rosie Smithells

Next year in Guilds we need to focus on increasing participation in our events; building our profile so that students know who we are and believe that we work for the benefit of all engineers. To do this I will:

  • Divert more money to Guilds clubs that hold popular and successful events.
  • Work closely with DepSocs to get better attendance at centrally organised events.
  • Concentrate on getting our current events right.
  • Work with the Central Union to increase the training opportunities for volunteer officers, e.g. first aid, advanced driving skills etc.
  • Concentrate on welfare issues that matter to engineers such as lecturing hours and fieldwork funding.
  • Introduce officers to the committee to take on smaller roles such as publicity and regalia officers.

As the current RSM treasurer I have the experience needed to build CGCU into a Union that effectively represents its students.

Thomas Greany

Nothing submitted

Vice President (Activities)

Poorni Polgampola

Poorni Polgampola

As a former Red Cross Youth Chairperson, my team won the award for ?outstanding voluntary activity?, This position alongside being a Beit Hall senior for two consecutive years gives me ample experiences in managing activities.

The VPAs? role is crucial in restoring CGCU?s reputation. I consider lack of communication to be responsible for the decline, as departmental and RSM activities are always well attended.

As a solution, I propose an ACTIVITIES TASK FORCE(ATF) involving all the Dep-Reps.

The ATF will be involved throughout the organization process with complete event information. This also addresses the lack of collaboration among departments and event reports will be circulated, to allow feed back from participants.

With a responsible and innovative ATF, you will have an up to date event calendar on the website allowing you to plan ahead and make the most out of the CGCU events.

Find out more at my Facebook group!

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor

I am currently a 2nd year Mechanical engineering student. Although I do not have any C&G position this year I can frequently be found in the Guilds office discussing up and coming events with the current VPA and Hon. Sec. Due to the work I have done this year I have recently been awarded Guilds half colours. As VPA I feel I would be able to do even more to improve Guilds.

I am standing for VPA as I would like to bring some sociability back to Guilds. I understand organising appropriate events for such a wide-ranging group of student will be challenging. Therefore I intent to help organise departmental as well as the Union wide events. To achieve this I will work with the dep-socs to encourage and support them to organise events in the expectation that they will then help to promote C&G events to their respective departments.

Vice President (Finance & Societies)

Zheng (Clinton) Goh

Zheng Goh

I am Clinton Goh, a 2nd year Bioengineer, and I will be running for the post of VPFS. Being able to work for the student body in a highly driven team is my main motivation for running. I am a focused and committed team player, while being meticulous and practical makes me suitable for the role of VPFS. My experience as the Chairman of the Bio Engineering Society included working with the CGCU on club financial matters, and this has equipped me with the skills and understanding of various financial considerations which the CGCU and its societies face. As VPFS, I will ensure that the finances of the CGCU are responsibly managed and I aim to build a stronger link between clubs and societies of the CGCU and the ICU. I am confident of serving you with the highest level of commitment and dedication, so vote for me!

John James

John James

I'm a 3rd year Civil Engineering student, who has been an active member of Guilds since joining in 2004. I have coordinated the Lord Mayor's Show and contributed to organising many events and functions. I have been awarded half and full Guilds Colours in 04/05 and 05/06 and the Presidents Award in 05/06 for my work for Guilds. I have been involved in several Guilds Clubs and have plenty of experience managing large budgets. I have a good working relationship with all the folks in Beit Towers, being a regular attender at Union meetings. I would also work well with RCSU and RSMU, having actively maintained both their motorised mascots, building up relationships with both the executive members and the students on the ground. I am confident I will keep the finances in good order; I will put time aside for my club officers and will fight for every penny in the Spring budgeting round.

Academic Affairs Officer (Taught)

Alex Grisman

Alex Grisman

Having been AAO for the past year, and in this faculty for three years, I am already well aware of the issues facing engineering undergraduates. This year I have always represented the view of the students of CGCU over my own. I have done this through regular meetings of TSAC and regular contact with departmental reps.

Vote for me to be AAO again if you want:

  • Pressure kept on departments to return coursework on time.
  • Pressure kept on departments who set large amounts of meaningless coursework, to reduce it.
  • Departments to be continually questioned and pulled up over numbers of students failing.
  • An AAO who understands college policy, and how to work with it to improve the quality and fairness of your degree.
  • The views of a normal every day student, not a hack to be represented on council and RWB.

Welfare Officer

Kirsty Patterson

Kirsty Patterson

I am standing for Welfare Officer for the Engineering Faculty following two consistent years representing Students on Welfare Issues as Welfare Campaigns Officer (06-07) and DPEW (07-08).

AS CGCU Welfare Officer I will:

  • Provide support and assistance for Departmental Representatives to provide a Buddies System and Buddies Continuity Events in all Engineering Departments.
  • Investigate and expose hidden course costs such as field course expenses and external tuition costs, especially in Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences and Engineering. I will lobby College to reduce these costs and absorb them into Tuition Fees.
  • Propose changes to the CGCU Constitution to include as Taught Masters Representative to cover areas where our structures currently fail to engage students when they need to be heard.
  • Write a definitive job description for the Welfare Officer to ensure that future officers are active and efficient in representing Student?s needs.

Chemical Engineering - Departmental Representative

Brandon Ng and Evan Sketchley

Brandon Ng

Evan on Brandon: Brandon has excelled in representing the student body in Chemical Engineering over the past year, arranging a variety of successful events and clearly communicating student needs to the Department, CGCU and the Union. Brandon?s rapport with staff and students alike is a key reason he will be able to continue successfully representing the Chemical Engineering department. In his spare time, Brandon is a keen badminton player.

Evan Sketchley

Brandon on Evan: Evan is a suave communicator who is ready to tackle the challenges of serving as the department?s representative. As a great people person, Evan is always open to new ideas and suggestions, and embodies the best of the qualities which the department stands for.

Evan and I hope to build upon the work Mark and myself, the current departmental representatives, had done. A vote for us is a vote for the department!

Civil Engineering - CivSoc Chair

Douglas White

Douglas White

You will be in safe hands voting me in for CivSoc Chair. I was part of the committee last year in the role of Publicity Officer. My effort and commitment can be seen in my posters for events, my contribution in Livic and helping obtain sponsorship for the international trip.

In my time as chair I hope to:

  • Provide an even better trip than before
  • Strengthen relations between years by having more inter-year socials and competitions.
  • Build on the inter-course competitions such as the tug-of-war and sports day.

Do not waste time by voting for RON. In fact do not vote RON for any position in CivSoc. The quicker the committee is established the more time we can spend arranging the best international trip and organising an event filled time for you next year.

Computing - DocSoc Chair

Karan Gajwani Bijlani

Karan Gajwani Bijlani

My name is Karan Gajwani Bijlani, Karan for short. I come from Gran Canaria (one of the Canary Islands).

Currently I am a fresher and thus I feel I am the most suitable to bring a greater level of enthusiasm and energy to DocSoc.

I would try my best to improve DocSoc, whether by getting more Sponsorships or having more Parties. Obviously I would do this with the help of the secretary, treasurer, events manager, web master and all the members willing to give a hand. DocSoc can be improved together if we work as group!

Electrical and Electronic Engineering - EEESoc Chair

Ben Alun-Jones

Ben Alun-Jones

How many EESoc events have you been to in your time at Imperial? Don?t you think that there are parts of the course we could change?

A vote for me means a vote for change. EESoc should be an integral part of life as an electrical engineer at Imperial, not something that you hear about but never get involved in. Having successfully chaired MTSoc this year, I know what is required to run a society.

Changes I propose are:

  • Fresher?s pub crawl. Every other society has one, why don?t we?
  • Make partnerships with other IC societies. The ElectoChemical Ball, anyone?
  • Return of all coursework marks BEFORE exams and better feedback on progress.
  • Undertake a review of our course against the Oxbridge, Bristol etc and recommend changes to put us back at the top
  • Increase year rep numbers to include separate Academic and Social Reps

Materials - MatSoc Chair

Oliver Joris

Oliver Joris

The materials department is a proud yet welcoming department. As 1st and 2nd year rep I have had an insight into how the department runs and feel I know the staff well enough to discuss ideas with them. As chair I would ensure each year has at least one social representative, who would sit in with our matsoc meetings, in order to get the entire department more involved. Keeping up the paintball is a must but I feel there is a need for termly materials bar nights, a networking cocktail party and a hog roast/BBQ. I also whole-heartedly believe we should have an annual dodge ball tournament. The buddy system is an awesome idea and I feel social events like these will allow us to get to know each other more as a department. Academically I believe we should all be given the option of industrial visits and, like other departments, perhaps host a few seminars. As most of you know, I am very open to ideas and would be more than happy to discuss anything raised with staff and the matsoc.

Harsh Mehta

Harsh Mehta

Hello everyone

I am a Masters student in my third year and thought it would be a good idea to get involved in organising materials events.

I would like to focus on getting as many people involved as possible, I can use my experience as a hall senior in Willis Jackson and Holbein to make that possible.

I will also attempt to make the events cheaper by getting more funding from the UG office.

If you have any questions please feel free to come and talk to me or e-mail me on .

Harsh Mehta

Materials - Departmental Representative

Ben Moorhouse

Ben Moorhouse

I am a third year student studying Aerospace Materials and I am running for Materials Departmental Representative. I have experienced the highs and lows of the course and think that I have a firm grasp and knowledge of many aspects in the department. With this, I think I would be able to provide a strong and decisive voice for the students regarding academic matters within the department.

I am extremely approachable and usually very easy to find in the department. I understand that university is not solely about the academic side, I play rugby for Imperial College and I can be regularly found in the union. So as a result I know how difficult the deadlines can be to meet and will always be willing to make sure the view of an undergraduate in the materials department is heard and will help in anyway possible if elected!

Raniya Alam

Raniya Alam

Hi my name is Raniya Alam and I am a second year undergraduate in the department. Currently I am the Public Liaison officer for the IC Women in Science and Technology society and part of my duties involve talking to the union as well as external contacts; experience which will help me with the position of MatSoc Dep Rep. As the departmental representative, there are a couple of things that I would like to pursue throughout the year and the rest would be up to the students in the Materials Department and whatever they would like me to be working on. My main aim being that students have an increased say in what happens within the department study-wise, including lab reports, lecturers/courses, exams and timetables.

  • Make myself accessible to students within the department via e-mail or facebook, and present the students? opinion on academic matters to the union and the department
  • Try and arrange more revision lecture slots with lecturers before exams
  • Take on board suggestions about lecturers and courses and make the people who need to know aware of them
  • Ensure that there is effective communication between the department, union and students
  • Find a way to so that before any major changes happen in a department the students have a say in it
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Discussion about “Engineering Elections 2008: Manifestos”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. This post has been deleted.
May 07 2008 12:41
May 07 2008 12:47

I would like to remind people posting on Live! that we do not enforce the election rules in comments. Your posts are your own responsibility and if you are a candidate, or have seconded a candidate, you risk getting disqualified/getting your candidate disqualified.

Campaign material MUST be approved by the returning officer and posts on here may be construed to be campaigning.

3. ron   
May 07 2008 13:46

Ron them! Ron them all!! And put Ron before Rosie Smithells.

May 07 2008 16:06

Go God!!! (That's ben moorhouse to you)

May 07 2008 17:34

Ben, I think it's great you want to improve feedback in the department (although I'd say you'll have a tough time getting any improvement - we complain about feedback at every staff-student meeting and very little changes), but as far as I know this is not one of EESoc's responsibilities. Year reps/dep reps (who are not part of the EESoc committee) deal with these issues.

May 07 2008 18:21

Where's Milli?

May 07 2008 19:08

She withdrew from the election. I sadly don't know why.

8. cinic   
May 07 2008 19:17

different faces same old promises i wonder how long it will take this lot to quit/ under achieve?

9. Synic   
May 07 2008 19:55

It will take more than a few fancy promises to change anything. It really needs a lot of fresh impetus to make guilds good again.

And I could never vote for anybody who used a photo of themselves with their collar up!

May 07 2008 20:05

i think ron will be getting quite a few of my votes. guilds needs a lot of sorting out and i dont think many of these people can and will do it.

11. Owen   
May 07 2008 21:34

@ engineer: Are you one of the candidates standing? If not then perhaps you should consider one of the vacant positions. Whilst i do not disagree that guilds could use some fresh impetus i certainly do disagree that RON is the one to provide it.

@ Synic: collar up is absolutely the way to go.

May 07 2008 22:08

@ Owen: I'm not standing but up until the last moment was certainly thinking about it. The odds are that I will run for one of the vacant positions, i'm just waiting to see what happens.

I agree that RON isn't always the way to go but I do believe that we shouldn't just elect people because we want the positions filled. That said, I am open minded and depending on what all the candidates say my opinion might change.

May 07 2008 22:38

Where is Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck???

May 08 2008 09:10

I have now added manifestos for all those people who asked for an extension due to exams/meetings etc. The delay was caused by a stubborn fire engine...

May 08 2008 12:42

Where is Aeronautical Engineerings representative?

16. Editor   
May 08 2008 12:58

If a position is not shown, it is because nobody for that position submitted a manifesto.

17. query   
May 08 2008 15:27

can kirsty really say she was welfare campaigns officer 06-07 when she only filled the vacancy for the very end?

May 08 2008 15:57

If you count 'the very end' as standing for the post in October 2006 and fulfilling it up to August 2007, maybe. ;)

I was elected at the second Council meeting of the year.

May 08 2008 16:00

May I ask the candidates HOW they are going to their promises?

May 08 2008 16:02

Sorry add in ...HOW they are going to make thier promises happen

21. query   
May 09 2008 00:16

Sorry kirsty, i got my facts wrong, or else my memories getting a bit holey.

May 09 2008 01:28

To another querer, come to hustings later today, and find out.

May 09 2008 09:20

If you're going to judge the candidates on how they wear their clothes then put your name down instead of an incorrect spelling of the word cynic.

May 09 2008 11:38

In answer to another querer;

"I will put time aside for my club officers" I am going to hold regular meetings with club officers and I'll be in the Guilds office almost every lunchtime when they can visit and ask questions.

"Fight for every penny in the Spring budgeting round" I will spend time putting a strong budget together. By this I mean I will talk to all club and society treasurers who's budget requests I don't understand or know their point of view, so that when I take the budget to CSB my arguments are watertight.

"Keeping the finance in good order" is more subjective. Claims and income take so long to appear on the web accounts (marquee hire for the Autumn Ball and BP sponsorship for LMS still missing from Guilds exec). I will keep my own up to date records and chase the finance department for anything missing. I will also ensure that spending is from the correct categories/events budget.

May 11 2008 14:33

Is anyone else going to respond?

26. majd   
Aug 18 2008 15:33


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