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Natural Sciences Elections: RCSU Manifestos

May 16 2008 19:41
Andrew Holland
The candidates for next year's RCSU Executive Committee have released their manifestos.
Even more elections...

Elections in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, for the Royal College of Science Union positions, are taking place next week. The manifestos for key positions are below, with more available on the voting website.

Voting opens 19th May 00:00 and closes 22nd May 23:59.


David Charles

The RCSU has made an incredible contribution to life at Imperial. I?ve been a part of the executive from the beginning. By focusing the Union around students the RCSU has rightly become a force for the good. My vision is greater participation with all scientists, providing sporting activities and events for you.

Welfare requires a strong and experienced voice on council and on college led committees. I have been heavily involved in Union politics and have sat on CSB, H&S and internal sub-committees. I am experienced, dedicated and have always gone the extra mile. I will ensure that RCS represents you.

We have done great things this year. My aim is to match and beat them by raising the profile of the RCSU. By creating stronger ties to departmental societies I aim to better cater to the needs of individual students. Bringing the RSCU closer together means a better RCSU for all.

Vice President (Operations)

Andreas Esau

Andreas Esau

What needs to be done?

  • Get sponsorship to finance RCSU events and activities.
  • Be involved in events and activities.

Why vote for me?

  • Experience in securing sponsorship from individuals, organisations and companies.
  • Raised money for various projects, a NGO and a company.
  • As Academic Affairs Officer 07/08 I have represented you at council, the Science Studies Committee and other committees.
  • Committed to the RCSU, which is demonstrated by my involvement in a number of RCSU events and activities beyond my responsibilities.
  • Organised a book sale, involved in the RCSU survey, Science Challenge and got up at 6AM to help setting up fresher?s fair.
  • AND I am already helping to get sponsorship for next year!

Vote ANDREAS ESAU for Vice President Operations.

Vice President (Activities)

Swiri Konje

Swiri Konje

EXPERIENCE: In the first year I was part of the ?events team?, proposing and promoting events. As part of the RCSU committee, I have seen and taken part in the planning, funding and promoting of events/activities whilst working alongside the current Vice President. I am therefore not ?green?: I do have first hand experience and am bursting with ideas.

BIGGER AND BETTER ACTIVITES: that?s what we all want, liaising RCSU with other unions for bigger events

EAR FOR STUDENT OPINIONS?. I will always listen to your opinions, views, proposals because ? YOU make the events

ORIGINALITY? Bringing in different and lots of new ideas making you SCREAM for more!!!

DEDICATION? I will be dedicated to YOUR enjoyment, attend all meetings putting all promises to effect!!

This is just a ?taster??

There can and will be more if you vote SWIRI KONJE for


Katya-yani Vyas

Katya-yani Vyas

Well hello there, good people of Imperial College, I am Katya-yani Vyas, a first-year Physics student with a fervour for Science and a rapidly evolving interest in the Imperial social scene, the two areas that the RCSU should be geared towards promoting.

As Vice-President I pledge to bring a new lease of life to the prestigious Royal College of Science Union, instil pride in the subjects that we have chosen to study and organise events that will enable scientists from the different disciplines to integrate (a small mathematical reference for those of you who like such things).

The RCSU is here to remind us that there is more to science at Imperial than simply academics than simply academics and the occasional game of chess (no disrespect to the chess club, I am a great admirer).

A vote for me is a vote for a fresh perspective on the RCSU social scene.

Honorary Secretary

Lauren Anderson-Dring

Lauren Anderson-Dring

I am a first year biologist and believe I have the desired qualities to be secretary. As senior prefect at school I have managerial and organisation skills which will ensure the smooth running of the union. As an experienced sportswoman I understand the importance of teamwork, meaning I will liaise with all union members ensuring everyone?s opinions are heard. Being a member of the Imperial Hall committee and my school council, I am very familiar with the council meeting setup. As a result I understand the importance of agendas and minute talking, and with excellent computing and writing skills I am adept at both.

To round off, I am enthusiastic in all I do and will work closely with the president ensuring the rapid completion of tasks. Which is why I believe I am the best suited for this role.

Ramanan Sri-Pathmanathan

No manifesto submitted

Anath Sriskandarajah

Anath Sriskandarajah

I have been ChemSoc secretary and enjoyed every second of it. I?m keen to apply the experience I have gained by being part of the RCSU. The job of honorary secretary will require ultimate organisation and lots of time put in to help RCSU run as smoothly as possible.

I know what it takes to help organise a charity event at London Palladium and keep things organised!

What will I do:

1) Work hard and put the hours in to make sure that clubs and societies are within easy reach of publicising events

2) Put emphasis on the website instead of multiple emails to get information to students

3) 3)Make sure ISCMSU website is up-to-date and detailed so the med school will know what is going on and when

4) Ensure meetings and organisation within the union is as efficient as possible.

I hope that the hard work and dedication

Honorary Treasurer

Jacqueline Fok

Jacqueline Fok

Hi everyone! I am Jackie Fok, a 1st year Biochemist and running for Treasurer. I?m also a proud member of the IC Netball and Basketball team. I was elected as Head Girl in high school and lead the Whole School Council, so am used to representing a range of different people with different needs. I have had experience allocating funds as Head Girl, as well as handling finances for school charities and concerts. I?m definitely a team-player, very approachable and most of all ? trustworthy and detail-orientated!

I vow to:

  • Ensure funds are allocated fairly to all societies and groups in the RCSU in the best interest of all students
  • Monitor finances rigourously and thoroughly to keep everyone informed
  • Make sure that budgeting is done wisely
  • Ensure there are sufficient funds for more fabulous events to promote the RCSU, making us proud to be scientists at Imperial

Ravi Pall

Ravi Pall

Hi, I?m Ravi.

I study Physics and I want to make a valued contribution to the RCSU. I?m a hard working, down to earth guy with experience managing finances and accounts. For the last two summers I have worked at Fujitsu, with their NHS account team. During my time with Fujitsu I worked on accounts sometimes up to £35 million so I?m more than qualified to be Junior Treasurer of RCSU.

As Treasurer I pledge to:

  • Ensure that RCSU is able to fund bigger and better events
  • Allocate funds fairly to the benefit of all RCSU members
  • Cut costs where possible, releasing funds for more of the RCSU activities.


RON (Re-open Nominations) is standing for all positions


If you think that lot are rubbish, vote for me, RON!

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Discussion about “Natural Sciences Elections: RCSU Manifestos”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
May 16 2008 19:59

I wonder what the medic president thinks about Anath Sriskandarajah wanting to "Make sure ISCMSU website is up-to-date and detailed so the med school will know what is going on and when". Perhaps he should learn which departments are represented by the RCSU first!

May 16 2008 20:01

Is it just me or do some of these manifestos make no sense:

How can the secretary of RCSU have access to the medic web site?

May 16 2008 21:30

Hmm, these candidates do indeed seem very 'green', but in my experience the RCSU has gone from strength to strength by keeping in touch with the freshers rather than the commitee becoming a haven for stagnant old hacks (a la Guilds!).

4. This post has been deleted.
May 17 2008 02:12
May 17 2008 07:53

Don't do that. Adverts are available for ?5 per week - email .

May 17 2008 10:07

the RCSU has gone from strength to strength...but this candidates seem to be the end of that. david charles aside, they don't have much experience and, in some cases, don't even know what they're talking about. it looks more like they're trying to fluff up their CVs with extra-curricular activities, but i dont think they understand that employers couldn't give two s*$ts.

take ananth as an example:

1) Work hard and put the hours in to make sure that clubs and societies are within easy reach of publicising events

what clubs and societies is he referring to? the RCSU doesn't have many, and those that exist have all done very well in the past to publicise their events (with the exception of MathSoc in its lulls)

2) Put emphasis on the website instead of multiple emails to get information to students

That's just dumb.

3) 3)Make sure ISCMSU website is up-to-date and detailed so the med school will know what is going on and when

Double-numbering and acronym aside, he doesn't even know the difference between medics and the RCSU. How can he do a decent job if he doesnt even know what he's running for, let alone hasn't even figured out the structure of college by this time! I'm not one for personal attacks, but come on, this is a joke.

4) Ensure meetings and organisation within the union is as efficient as possible.

Excuse me? Is that the job of a secretary? "meetings within the union"? "organisation within the union"? again, you're running for RCSU secretary, and you don't even know what it is!

in my very humble opinion, unless david takes on the bulk of the workload himself (assuming he's elected), this looks like a bad year for the RCSU.

7. Meh   
May 17 2008 10:34

Quite a few of these manifestos seem to be generic ones in which a lot is mentioned, but with no substance behind it. "Something for the CV"

However, both David and Andreas seem good and experienced, and they should get elected without too much difficulty. And if some inexperienced but enthusiastic people are elected at the same time things should be OK, as long as they do not slack off after freshers week.

8. sonic   
May 18 2008 11:16

agree entirely with the old prez. swiri konje and andreas esau at least have gone to the trouble of knocking up a decent manifesto, not sure about the others though!

and what is it with people boasting about being prefects this year?? that's a vote-loser not a vote-winner! you need to write about what you want to do next year in the rcsu, and make it sound enthusiastic, not how much you sucked up to teachers at school! these are student election manifestos not ucas personal statements!

May 18 2008 11:28

The trouble that I see with a lot of faculty elections, and the ICU elections (bar the sabbatical ones) is that the roles are not well defined, and that in reality people often have to do other tasks. Within the faculty unions, people would tend to do a more general role whilst working within a team.

The ICU elections almost seem to be creating positions for no reason other than to have another person at a meeting.

May 18 2008 12:56

i think Katya-yani Vyas (how do you say that name?) shows promise and has some vision.

i'll definitely be voting ravi pall rather than Jacqueline 'i sucked up at school' Fok

May 19 2008 13:23

to be honest, i don't think jackie fok is that bad a candidate at all...

when i first read her manifesto, i thought oh dear, another person bragging about pointless school stuff. but then i read ravi's manifesto and wasn't really impressed. at the end of the day, all a treasurer has to do is make budgets (which is tricky first time round but easy afterwards) and return money to people who spent it. that's not difficult, but in my experience, the difference between a good and a bad treasurer has had to do with how quickly they did these tasks. with that in mind, looking at the manifestos, i think jackie is definitely the better option as she is one of those individuals who likes to get things done, to be active, etc. thats just my personal opinion, at least. having said that, it could be that i changed my mind because she's quite good-looking

May 19 2008 14:57

It's fresh blood and they won't fully understand their positions until they're elected and trained. There's a really good bunch of people up there who've got some sense about what students on the ground want and they're brimming with enthusiasm. Much better than some stale, crusty, ponsy guildsmen ;)

May 19 2008 15:14

I think a mix of experience and new blood is essential, which it looks like it is going to get.

14. btw   
May 19 2008 16:00

Lauren Anderson-Dring is beautiful

15. tbh   
May 19 2008 18:23

Jacqueline Fok looks very tasty too, although her picture isn't very clear.

TBH I'm getting a little T.O'd as she hasn't even sent me a full body shot yet.

May 19 2008 19:48

who else wants to see jackie fok and lauren have sex?

i would totally hit that, yehya!

May 19 2008 19:49

i think they're going to get a mix of the back of my hand and the full power of my burning loins

18. Eugene   
May 19 2008 19:54

any old hand should know that manifestos promise much but mean little... just look at manifestos in the London mayoral elections! part of the problem is that these candidates have no idea what their job actually involves... eg RCSU treasurer does not fundraise or do cost cutting - the job is more about making sure financial procedures get adhered to by RCSU clubs and approving claim forms/purchase orders.

tbh, some of this year's freshers have shown more enthusiasm about getting involved than any I have previously seen. you can't tell how good they will be from their manifestos but you can work out who you shouldn't be voting for. there will be a lot of good volunteer officers in the Union next year!

May 19 2008 20:10

Imperial males in the summer heat tend to get a bit over excited.

May 21 2008 08:31

Imperial girls act like the queen of c**k after getting too much attention from pussy deprived mugs...get some perspective quickly.

21. bold   
Mar 11 2009 09:52

bold text? <b>or this?</b>

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