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Imperial College Union Elections: Manifestos

May 16 2008 21:29
Andrew Holland
Candidates have released their manifestos for the upcoming elections for various ICU officer positions.
Finding pictures for these election articles is getting a bit dull...

Elections for Imperial College Union are taking place next week. The manifestos for each position are below, with more information available on the voting website.

Voting opens 19th May 00:00 and closes 22nd May 23:59.

Council Chair

Afonso Campos

Afonso Campos

Chairing Council is a tough role because it requires complete emotional detachment from any situations posed. It requires the ability to process large amounts of information and maintain an assertive stance during the meetings. Most importantly, it requires the utmost respect for the role the Council plays in the College. I would not dare walk out of a Council meeting, no matter how tough the going gets.

I believe I have the decisive authority needed for a role like this. My highly relevant past experience having previously chaired Model UN conferences and debating championships will stand me in good stead. In addition I have founded and ran a company that has helped shape the lives of thousands of students. I intend to keep doing the same as Council Chair.

Above everything, I actually do care. I care about our university, and I care about how it's run.

Karandeep Dhanoa

No manifesto submitted

Daniel Hill

Elect me as Council Chair as I have the experience to do a first-class job. I have been a vocal member of Council this year and I am not afraid to say exactly what I think. As well as presenting papers to Council I have sat on various committees this year as RSM President. I have also chaired a variety of union meetings in the three years I have been at IC.

I am committed to the union and want to see it thrive. Council is one of the chief decision making boards that affects the way the Union works and a dedicated and experienced person is needed to chair it?

Community Action Group (CAG) Chair

Christoph Aymanns

Christoph Aymanns

The Community Action Group is a charitable students? society. We organize soup runs for London?s forgotten members of society, people who because of a variety of unfortunate circumstances are forced to live in the streets. Besides satisfying elementary needs our soup runs try to bring a relief from the daily routine to the homeless. Conversations with those who are usually ignored by society are a central part of our work.

I am an active member of CAG. I am fully committed to our cause and will put all energy necessary to maintain and improve our services in the coming year. I am the only candidate that is supported by the members of CAG. I have been elected unanimously to stand for CAG chair by all active members of the Community Action Group in our AGM. CAG deserves a dedicated chair - VOTE ME for CAG chair.

Equal Opportunities Officer

Bhavesh Patel

Bhavesh Patel

As a member of the Welfare Committee, I will ensure that the Equal Opportunities Code is adhered to by the Union. I will endeavor to fulfill this role by:

  • Voicing my opinions in the best interest of all Imperial students at all committee meetings
  • Liaising efficiently with the Education & Welfare Sabbatical Officer on equal access to welfare for all students
  • I will try to make myself accessible by ensuring that students know who I am and how to approach me - I pledge to listen and respond to all queries, suggestions, comments or complaints made by students
  • Participate actively at every opportunity to provide a platform for Imperial students to have their opinions heard on relevant issues by those who have the resources to implement improvements

Through this I hope to help build an atmosphere where we can all live, work and relax together

Welfare Campaigns Officer

Tim Barrett

Tim Barrett

Hi I?m Tim Barrett, a Chemistry student running to be your Welfare Campaigns Officer.

So why am I running? I could give you lots of great soundbites but if I?m honest it was because I was annoyed with the wasted potential of our Union.

For example I believe our Union should be at the forefront of helping students with housing- not just after things have gone wrong. We should have a week focused on housing, making the landlords come to us- not us to them and giving advice- especially guidance on contracts before we sign our souls away.

We need to bring campaigns to you, not expecting you to come to us- I would create ?Campaign Champions? who would be the active leaders of campaigns within their halls and departments.

That?s the basics, please email me: if you want to know more about my ideas (or to express yours!).

Salman Waqar

Salman Waqar

Life at university is quite an experience for the uninitiated - it?s a fantastically frightening and fascinating time. Unfortunately it?s also a period that?s riddled with challenges and obstacles; so it?s essential to have a welfare system that makes students lives as easy as possible.

Below are just some things that I aim to achieve:

· Financial support for international students and co-ordinate welfare with international societies

· A campus video for incoming students to aid the transition into Imperial - making integration into university life easier and less of a shock

· Increase mental health and bike crime awareness

I?m actively involved in many societies, have attended the NUS regional conference and have been Publicity Officer for PakSoc. I?m very enthusiastic and wish to take on a more active role. I believe that I have the skills necessary to engage people, get word out and get the job done.

RAG Chair

Jonathan Downing

Jonathan Downing

For a long time ICU RAG has been run be a small committee with relatively little participation from ICU students. This has to change if RAG and the traditions associated with it are to survive at IC. If elected for the year I will make changes and put ICU RAG back into the minds of students.

  • Work with faculty union presidents (RSM / RCSU / CGCU) to run events among and across their student basses.
  • Engage re-apps in halls to encourage fresher participation.
  • Keep the RAG office open at least one lunch as a resource for students.
  • Communicate with other charity groups at Imperial about relevant issue of fundraising at IC.
  • Build up ties with other London RAG committees to initiate joint events..

Get involved. Vote Jon!


RON (Re-open Nominations) is standing for all positions


RON If you think that lot are rubbish, vote for me, RON!

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Discussion about “Imperial College Union Elections: Manifestos”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
May 16 2008 22:08

Its a bit disappointing that a lot of positions are uncontested. I'd rather have an election than a coronation.

However, the difference in styles of the two chair candidates is quite obvious. Afonso seems to be more calm and controlled, whilst Danny seems to be more willing to speak his mind and take sides. Is that a good thing?

May 16 2008 22:13

Afonso certainly looks to be the more calm, controlled and impartial candidate.

I'd be a bit wary of having Danny as chair following his little tantrum when the RSM paper was discussed ( The question is, would he have vacated the chair during the meeting because of his bias, and would he have stormed out if it hadn't gone through.

Having tried to execute a power grab with their last paper at council, are they now trying to get in positions where they can abuse their power (Rosie's emails have shown she intended to abuse her power as Guilds pres, would Danny do the same?)

danny hill is going to use his position to advance rsm. in the trustee board meeting, current council chair mark gave his report in which it said that danny hill was going to rework the rsm motion and re-submit it. its obvious that dan hill is going to be an impartialchair.

@uncontested, no its not a good thing to take sides as council chair, in fact its disastrous, you need to be impartial as council chair, by definition.

luke is obviously not really trying very hard, in fact afonso is the only one who's put posters up on the walkway or done any real campaigning

4. This post has been deleted.
May 17 2008 02:14
May 17 2008 07:53

Don't do that. Adverts are available for ?5 per week - email .

May 17 2008 13:19

@3. council chair elections...

in your first paragraph, do you not mean hill would be a partial chair which is a bad thing? it just seems at odds with what you said previously.

7. ah   
May 17 2008 13:51

yeh thats what i mean, cheers

May 18 2008 01:14

The only candidates that stir any kind of urge to vote in me are Alfonso and Salman. Seeing as I'm not even going to be here next year I wonder why I should even care. I'm not evil enough to vote for the c**p ones and watch the union suffer though. I care.

9. moi   
May 21 2008 08:29

i must say, alfonso's dress-sense is good, and danny hill, after the way he acted at the last council, can't be trusted in that position at all. the rest of the candidates are mediocre at best, but hey, at least there are candidates

May 23 2008 11:14

results, when?

May 23 2008 18:53

Should have the full results up sometime this evening...

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