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Sabbatical Elections 2009: Meet the Candidates

Mar 02 2009 03:30
Kirsty Patterson
Even though it's later than normal it still doesn't feel like it should be this time of year again... Live! is ready to introduce you to this year's candidates!
The 2009 Sabbatical Candidates

Updated 10:38 Monday 2nd March to include Introduction and Photo from Alexander Grisman

Updated 13:56 Tuesday 3rd March to include Introduction for Jonathan Silver

Updated 16:03 Tuesday 3rd March to include Introduction and Photo for Stefan Nubert

Please note that these are INTRODUCTIONS to the candidates and CANNOT contain any reference to the position they are standing for. This is for information only. Candidates will submit manifestos on Friday to try and gain your support.

Got a niggling feeling that you've seen one of these guys before? Find out who they are and what they've done below as we introduce this year's Sabbatical Candidates.

President (2)

Ashley BROWN

Ashley Brown

"I'm approaching the end of a PhD in Computing and have been involved in the Union throughout! As undergraduate year rep and PhD departmental rep, I volunteered to sit on various College committees. I've been senior officer of various clubs, and helped out with many others including two years as Live! Editor, taking a Guardian Student Media Award in the process.

I?m an honorary member of the RCSU and last year received distinguished service awards from CGCU, the RCC and ICU. I?ve also spent 18 months in industry working on newspaper presses, oil pipeline inspection robots and other weird devices."


Afonso Campos

"Most of you will know me as Fonzie. I am currently in my second year of a Physics degree. I have come to really enjoy being at this place and have as a result become heavily involved in Union activities. I am the current Council Chair for the Union which also involves me being part of the Trustee Board. I am a very active member of Felix and

moved from editing Business last year to editing Food and writing features this year. I am also proud to be highly involved in the RAG committee and its activities."

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) (2)


Colette Gregory

"Hi, I?m a third year Physicist. Coming from a small Cornish village I?ve tried to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to Imperial students, largely through our Clubs & Societies.

I was Netball Social Sec ?07/?08 and this year moved onto Club Captain. This allowed me to sit on the ACC and meet lots of other club representatives. I?ve also written regular match reports for Felix and you may recognise me from the centrefold :)

This year I wanted to get involved in a broader range of clubs so I joined the RAG fashion show team."

Jennifer WILSON

Jenny Wilson

"Currently I?m in third year ?studying? Biochemistry, but truth be told, I spend about half my time getting involved with clubs. I?ve got to know the administrative side of running a club by working in the SAC, and functional side by being president of KnitSock since last January when I founded it. Additionally I?m Chair of the Recreational Clubs Committee and part of the role is representing the committee?s interests in many union meetings, as well as being on the New Clubs committee. Even after all this, I still love it, and want to take it to a higher level."

Deputy President (Education) (3)

Alexander GRISMAN

Alex Grisman

"I?m a fourth year Aero student and have been involved with the union since my second year. In my spare time I fly with the University of London Air Squadron and listen to a lot of music.

I have been CGCU academic affairs officer for the past two years and in this position I chair the Taught Students Affairs Committee for undergrad students in the Engineering Faculty. This has given me a seat on ICU council. I have also spent a lot of this time working with the past DPEWs on college-wide academic issues."


Matthew Kaufeler

"I?m a friendly South-Londoner, very opinionated yet still open-minded. Since starting here I?ve competed for ICU Dance Club and been treasurer and chair for Socialist Workers. I?ve also been involved in Stop the War, attended many PPS events and helped with Gaza Awareness Week. Outside Imperial I campaign with the national anti-war movement and against university marketisation and top-up fees.

I can often be found in the Union arguing about a range of topics whilst avoiding the work involved in second year MechEng and would be more than happy to stop for a chat with anyone wanting to know more?"

Jonathan SILVER

Jon Silver

"I?m Jonathan and I?ve spent three years learning how to balance the academic pressures of bioengineering at Imperial with the love of making music and being involved in everything I can.

You know me as Guildsheet Editor, the leader of the String Ensemble and a member of the Techtonics, and I?ve held five committee positions, because where there?s the potential to be creative, I excel. Being a year rep has shown me just how much needs to be done. I?m a good listener and a diplomat too, with the confidence to press things until I?ve achieved what we need to."

Deputy President (Finance & Services) (2)

Daniel HILL

Danny Hill

"Throughout my four years as a Geology student I have been heavily involved in Union life. I have progressed through various roles in the RSM, including Sports Officer and Golf Captain, culminating with my election as President last year. This entailed organising a wide range of events, from varsity sports matches and formal dinners to bar nights and fieldtrips. I have been exposed to the inner workings of the Union through positions on the Union Exec, Council and the Clubs & Societies Board. I have gained an insight into the services on offer through my work behind the Union Bars."


Peter Mabbott

"I'm a 4th year mathematician, and I've been heavily involved in the Union since my first year, having been a member of 10 clubs, and chair of three of them.

I am currently the Science Fiction Society Chair (Whether or not this is a good thing is a matter of opinion) and the SCC Chair, and thus in charge of looking after the needs and interests of Imperial's the sixty social clubs.

I have worked for both for the Union (in SAC and elsewhere) and College, which has given me quite a lot of practical experience of the College's working."

Deputy President (Welfare) (3)

Caroline CLARK

Caroline Clark

"Throughout four years at Imperial, I have been involved in campaigning as President of Stop the War and Pugwash (Ethics in Science) societies. I oppose the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and the attacks on civil liberties due to the war on terror. Last year I was involved in campaigns to join the NUS and for our Union to fight for free education and say no to the lifting of the cap. In 2008 I helped organise the Ethical Careers Fair, and I have been involved in volunteering projects through the Imperial Volunteer Centre and the Pimlico Connection."


John James

"I?m studying Civil Engineering and am currently in my forth year. I spend most of my time maintaining the RCS and RSM motorised mascots, after being Chairman of RCSMC for two years. In my time at Imperial I have been a member of URNU, choir, been across the channel with Yacht Club, helped to found Cheese Society, taken up Vice-Chair of RAG and undertaken volunteer work in Wales.

Having taken a year in industry, I am committed to working hard and Lord Mayor?s Show Coordinator and VPFS for CGCU has shown that I am no stranger to big events."

Michael POWELL

Mike Powell

"I?m currently slugging out the third year of my physics degree and I?d like to think I have done the whole Imperial experience. I?ve been an active member of a range of societies and I?d like to use this insight for your benefit .Though I?m more likely to be found sitting in the bar than on a council I feel I will bring a fresh outlook to the Deputy President position. Over my time I have tried to impart some of my experience through the Fresher?s buddy scheme and it?s this I would like to use to improve the welfare of IC students."

Felix Editor (4)


Zoe Dobell

"I?m a 3rd year materials student. I very much enjoy working towards felix each week, generally contributing to the lighter side of the paper with items such as ?naked? centrefold.

I?m currently tap director of Dance Company which involves preparing a routine and managing a team to compete around the country. Apart from tapping, I?m also a member of Funkology and often seen boogie-ing in dB?s.

I love to ski and attend the IC Snowsports trip each year but I also enjoy knitting and general artsy stuff, bringing out my creative side"


Nothing Submitted


Kadhim Shubber

"I?m a second year physicist and Deputy and News Editor of felix (two positions that have pretty much taken over my life). I?ve worked on the newspaper for the past two years writing a regular column and news stories including the coverage of Palestinian student Zohair Abu-Shaban. I?ve also written for nightlife, politics and music but most of the work I do is behind the scenes like editing and layout. On top of kissing my degree goodbye, I?m also a Trustee, I work at the Union Bar and I like going clubbing at Fabric."


Dan Wan

"I?m a 2nd year Biologist, and have been heavily involved within Felix for two years now. Currently, I?m Fashion Editor, News Editor and occasional stand-in Editor. You?ll probably know me best from my weekly Comment pieces though! I?ve loved and gained much from the balance between serious reportage, feature writing, and narrative, but also the technical side of newspaper layout and design.

When I?m not looking at plankton all day, I?m also involved in Imperial's other student media branches: ICRadio and as Station Manager of STOIC TV. Otherwise, you?ll probably find me wasting away around the SAF or Union."

Student Trustee (9)

Not actually a Sabbatical but it sits better here than in a seperate article...


Ozan Asim

"I always try and make the most out of University life: I?m a member of various Clubs and Societies and believe students should have a greater opportunity to express themselves through social, cultural, political and musical representation. I volunteer regularly in my local community and sat at the student council of my previous college. I am energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated towards every role. This year, I have organised fundraising events and raised awareness about the crisis in Gaza. I enjoy sports, music and going out and meeting new people, so get in contact if you have any questions."

Mahmoud EWAS

Mahmoud Ewas

?I am Mahmoud, a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student and I hail from Egypt (hence my love of snow!)

I am often found in the Mech. Eng foyer working on my awesome project or in the library writing my not-so awesome reports! I have been an active member of a couple of societies and participated in this year?s (winning!) iNite comedy performance! I have been part of a wide student movement to condemn the war on Gaza and helped organise a memorable vigil!

I am a positive and enthusiastic person and have enjoyed every minute here at Imperial (except exams)!?


Amaury Fastenakels

"I?m a second year Chemical engineering student from Belgium and I am interested in representing the views of my peers! That?s why as soon as I arrived in Imperial I decided to become a year representative in my department. I believe myself to be an approachable person and proved it as a Senior in Wilson House. Also I have been involved in the ChemEng society as an event officer. Other than that I am trying to make the most of my student life by involving myself in Clubs and societies like EWB or ICMC."

Nicholas HEUNG

Nick Heung

"A second year Computing student, I've lived in London all my life. I?m one of the people behind the new Engineering Podcast, which brings students together from all the engineering faculties. I?m also a member of quite a few union clubs and societies, and I enjoy going down to the union bar with friends."


Esther KANG

Nothing Submitted


Mark Mearing-Smith

"I am a third year mechanical engineering student. I have rowed, skied and played rugby for Imperial. I have been Treasurer and then Chair of the Snowsports Club. I was Council Chair of the Union in my second year. Currently City & Guilds College Union President. I have brown hair, a girlfriend called Sophie and live in Shepherd?s Bush. In my spare time I enjoy skiing and extreme ironing."



Stefan Nubert

"I?m a first year Hydrology PhD student, having already spent four years at Imperial and one in the real world. I was previously RSM Vice-President, where I was involved in rugby and football teams and also organising events. For three years I have been a Union senior steward, which has given me a great insight into the workings of the Union at all levels. I have also spent time around previous Union officers to learn more about the workings of the Union. In my spare time I play ice hockey at amateur level for the Streatham Redskins and enjoy skiing."


"Mubeen" Rahman

Most of Imperial know me by the name ?Mubeen? (parent?s named me twice ? really long story!) and i?m a 2nd year medical student. I enjoy getting involved in IC?s various clubs and societies, particularly St John Ambulance, Anthony Nolan Trust (Marrow) and Dodgeball, but also have years of experience in charity work outside of uni at various strategic levels including the National Blood Service and Youth Helplines. In my spare time, I do youth work, policing, hiking and cycling to chill out as well as catching up with lectures and spending time with friends and family.


Sami Soud

"I started Imperial studying Maths for one year. My passion for engineering led me elsewhere. I am now a 3rd year Mechanical Engineer trying to make the most of the opportunities University life has to offer. Activities I have been involved in include the ULOTC, Swimming, Waterpolo, Kung Fu, Formula Student and I am a member of the Union barstaff. I have become interested in current affairs outside of University and am working to get our University to have a more proactive stance on issues where it has the power to make a difference."

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Discussion about “Sabbatical Elections 2009: Meet the Candidates”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Mar 02 2009 11:17

Ashley standing for a sabb position, after swearing he wouldn't? I'd better go check the thermometer in Hell..

Mar 02 2009 11:19

Oh dear, I've seen a lot of years' worth of candidates and this has to be one of the worst I've ever seen. At least President doesn't look hideous but as for the others...

DPCS - what the f*** does it matter if you've been in the Felix centerfold? We don't care what you look like naked, can you do the job? Also, surely RCC Chair is far more important than KnitSock? From the evidence so far, there's really only one choice.

DPE - What does Stop the War, SWSS, PPS, Gaza Awareness and the "Anti-War Movement" have to do with Eductation, we don't want the Red Flag sung from the roof of the Union, we want real issues about people's degrees tackled by someone with at least some idea of what the job entials! In education, it is also important to adhere to deadlines and submit something. Again, only really one choice here.

DPFS - You may be a mathematician, but do you actually know anything about finance or what a bar should look like? We have one candidate that knows the underside of a bar table slightly too well and one that doesn't really seem to know much of one at all. At least one has some relevant finanical experience and could spot when people are breaking the rules/law.

DPW - Oh my God! This really has brought the dregs up! Do these people actually understand the role? It is about the welfare of IMPERIAL STUDENTS, not about stopping wars, invasions or other SWSS ideals, another bloody slate, perhaps the two of you should just walk away into the sunset whistling the red flag and leave the real people to do the serious work, what about issues that actually affect Imperial Students? I mean, tinkering with old vehicles is all good and well but what has it to do with welfare, it may make you a welfare case but does not mean you know how to handle student welfare, what experience do you have (you know, that thing in life that trains you and qualifies you to take on a new task and job)? Maybe you just clicked the wrong column (C&S last year, Welfare this year but you seem to have a background in finance), or did you think this would be the uncontested election and so you could win it this time? At least one has some welfare experience but seems not to really want to talk about it or see the importance of meetings with other officers.

Felix could have a challenge but it doesn't really matter, it will be the same people doing the same stuff as this year (and the year before, and the year before). At least none of them will drag Felix back to below the Daily Star for integrity where it was under a certain Mr. R. Neate.

Please, think carefully about this lot and not just what they look like. Remember, RON won't do anything for you, but nor will most of these. What RON will do is tell the useless CV-filling monkeys where to get off and maybe kick someone hard enough up the a*se that they stand up and do something worthwhile for the STUDENTS, not for themselves. What have you got to lose, if all else fails the same people will run again, we've still not lost anything.

RON the idiots and maybe, just maybe, if we all want it enough we may get someone good to stand.

3. JJ   
Mar 02 2009 11:53

Dear Old Hand,

100 words are so few to explain ones position. I am well aware of my background and my experience; it is defiantly towards clubs and finance. However, having been VPFS this year I am eternally grateful that I didn't win DPCS last year. I have spent the last year in CGCU telling clubs that they can't have the money they want, or that they can't spend the money they have on what they want to. They tend not to like this and to be honest I really don't like telling them. In fact tonight I'll probably be sending another devastating email to my clubs saying next year's budget has been cut. Some people might say 'deal with it, someone's got to do it', but I'd like a change. I'd really like a job in the union where I can help people every day and having thought about this for a while now, several issues have come to light that I particularly want to focus on. Oh, and for the record I couldn't care less about the CV points. Is it so unusual that some people might just want to help their fellow students?

John James

Mar 02 2009 13:11

Dear Old Hand,

You have completely missed the point. If you had taken any notice to the last three years elections you would know that introductions go up at the close of nominations to simply inform people who the candidates are and what they have done previously.

I personally sent back any intorduction that mentioned the relevance of the role they were standing for. Candidates CANNOT campaign until after the initial candidates meeting which finished 15 mins ago and these intros went up several hours ago.

Come back on Friday when manifestos have been submitted if you want to comment on people's ideas with regards to the positions they are standing for.

To the candidates: your introductions are perfect and exactly what I asked for. Old Hand is just showing his/her ignorance.

Kind Regards,

Kirsty Patterson

Live! Editor

Mar 02 2009 14:20

Dear Editor, or should I say Pot?

I think you will find the rules are that candidates cannot campaign before the close of nominations, not until the end of the candidates meeting. Once nominations have closed, let battle commence. Before accusing someone of ignorance, check the actual rules yourself. Having been involved in the union in the past, I know when campaigning begins.

These are now the candidates, the campaign period has begun and they should expect to face criticism and be able to anser to it. John James has answered, well done to him for this. If you rejected introductions that introduced the relevant points about a candidate, you did those candidates a great disservice and may find that you have damaged their campaigns by making them talk about irrelevant drivel rather than about the aspects of their past experience that makes them suitable for the role.

For example, a candidate has mentioned club positions and also CSC positions, these are highly relevant when that candidate is running for DPCS but you did not send this introduction back? Other candidates mentioned experience in Felix, highly relevant when they are running for Felix editor. Did you really send any back and if so, what were your actual criteria? Yet another candidate mentioned some past positions but these were completely irrelevant to the postion being run for making that candidate appear inappropriate to the role.

My opinion remains the same, people need to give serious consideration to calling for nominations to be re-opened for a number of these positions, whoever gets the task of running the RON campaign should take it seriously and not as a joke. It matters, let's through most of this lot out and get some decent candidates, what have we got to lose? We RON them and run the election again in the summer, they either crawl away, lick their wounds and complain about injustice, prejudice, fascism or any other excuse they want to cover their ineptitude or they come back with a better and more relevant campaign and actually try and win votes on their own political merits, personal experience and suitablility for the role, not how they look naked or riding on the back of national political parties/causes.

Mar 02 2009 14:43

Dear Old Hand,

The rules were set by myself and the Returning Officer. I think you should check again if you think candidates can campaign before they have had their campaign material approved as you are gravely mistaken.

I asked candidates to tell me about themselves, what they had done in the union and their background. If candidates have mentioned relevant experience that they have had then this is allowable. If they said 'I will use my experience' or 'I think these qualities make me a superior candidate' or something along those lines they had it sent back to be amended.

With nearly 130 Guilds Candidates and however many Sabbatical Candidates I reckon I sent about half of the introductions back. It would be unfair to display something not fulfilling the criteria I had requested alongside somebody who had followed my instructions to the letter. And I will not allow Live! to show bias to any candidate.

The manifestos I am sent on Friday (Wednesday for Guilds) can say what the hell they like. For these introductions which were submitted on my request I expect all candidates to follow the instructions given. That is my decision as Editor and you are not in a position to criticise people for following instructions, as every candidate has done (eventually).

Kind Regards,

Kirsty Patterson

Live! Editor

Mar 02 2009 15:04

Apologies for any problems loading articles (or infact the website). Thumbnails for the articles on the front page have been temporarily removed as more than 40-50 people trying to view them at the same time is causing the site to fall over.

If you are having problems seeing the headers correctly (not displaying text on the red background) in the articles please press F5 to refresh.

Mar 02 2009 15:18

Dear Editor,

I did not say they could not campaign before they had material approved, I said they could campaign once nominations closed and did not have to wait until after the candidates meeting, they could have sent their introduction to the returning officer to be approved prior to you posting it. You obivously contacted them before the close of nominations to get them to submit their introduction, why not tell them to send it to the returning officer to get approved and make it a useful introduction?

So they are not allowed to say 'I will use my experience' but can say "I will use this insight for your benefit"? The ice you are standing on seems to be getting ever and ever thinner.

Also, I am in a position to criticise whoever the d*mn hell I chose. Censor me if you wish, but do not tell me who I can and cannot criticise, especially during an election.

They are candidates, they put their heads above the parapet and I honour them for that even if I disagree with their politics, think they are running for the wrong reasons or even just think they are utterly vapid and would be less useful than a soggy piece of cotton wool.

If you read my criticisms, they were not for following your instructions, they were for being unsuitable candidates. If they cannot find anything relevant to say about themselves in 100 words then they are clearly unsuitable as candidates.

The gauntlet has been thrown down and I expect the candidates themselves, not the editor, to respond and justify themselves. This is a campaign, let them actually do so, get out there and show people why they are good enough, otherwise we should RON them all and get some new people in. For once, let's have a meaningful election. I've seen a six sabbatical elections and for once would like to see a candidate who runs on policies and for the right reasons winning, not watch yet another glorified popularity contest where integrity, experience and suitabililty doesn't seem to matter and candidates win by smearing their opponents and their popularity rather than suitability.

Mar 02 2009 15:39

"I am in a position to criticise whoever the d*mn hell I chose..... but do not tell me who I can and cannot criticise, especially during an election."

Not if you are a member of staff, but I'm sure your not, because any old hand would know that.

Mar 02 2009 16:23

How very perspicacious, although irrelevant, of you Cough Cough as I am not a member of staff and am not restricted from commenting on any of the candidates.

Mar 02 2009 16:25

I have to say I agree with Old Hand these elections are obviously not up to acceptable union standards. Where is Jon Matthews, how could anyone imagine having an election without him running yet again?

Mar 02 2009 17:02

To right, what a load of tosh. Well said Old Hand. And let's bring back Jon Matthews, it's just been too long.

Mar 03 2009 13:34

... and the lid groaned slowly open...

Mar 03 2009 13:52

Oh, bloody hell. I wonder when Stef or Baldy will turn up...

Mar 03 2009 18:49

Aye, bring back Mr Matthews - no election is complete without spotting Jon sporting all white like the man from Del Monte. :)

Mar 03 2009 20:48

a red sabbatical team next year. finally some interesting stuff might happen in the union

Mar 03 2009 20:48

What ever happens, the DPCS is gonna be easy on the eyes!

Mar 03 2009 23:44

Dear Old Hand (and everyone else!)

Whilst considering to run for a position in this election, I knew we as candidates would have to put up with heavy criticism of our persons, our suitability and mostly our policy, however I had no idea it would be this quick!

The time you made your first comment, we were all still making our way to the first candidates meeting to be informed of the election/campaigning rules, so no we were not allowed to campaign before this briefing, and those who have missed it are not allowed to campaign until they have had this briefing!

I guess this experience would be highly beneficial for all the candidates and most useful for those of us who go on to win your votes and represent the students! Hopefully it will thicken our skin a bit, especially those of us who are new to this (such as myself!).

However, it seems sensible that you wait until the manifestos are out to begin properly attacking the policies you oppose and to speak to those candidates about your requests and things you want to be implemented come next year!

With regards to the introductions, as Kirsty explained, she set the rules for them, and those who did not follow them had their introductions rejected! So we were unable to show our suitability for the roles?just yet!

You are asking everyone to ?RON the idiots and maybe, just maybe, if we all want it enough we may get someone good to stand.? However, if there were better candidates out there for each of these positions, why are they not running? Would you like to see nominees who chose to run, got enough people to second them, turned up to the meetings and generally adhered to the deadlines (so far!) or someone who is waiting for the nominations to be re-opened until they are encouraged to do it! Without looking at any other qualities, which would you prefer?

However, the choice is entirely in the hands of the electorate, I have met some of these candidates and they are very dedicated and passionate people who genuinely care for the students and the positions they are standing for.

But, please feel free to criticise all you want, but please keep a certain level of constructive criticism, what things are on your mind? What do you want the president to tackle first when he is in office? What do you want the education DP to investigate as soon as he is elected? What short/long term changes would you like to see in the way clubs and societies are run? And so on?

I?m very pleased though, to see that there are people who care so passionately about the union and those who represent them! ☺

Best Wishes,


Mar 04 2009 13:56

Why do so many candidates feel they have to say implicitly (or explicitly) that they don't work on their degrees, at best it makes them look like they're trying too hard to look 'cool' at worst it makes them look like they don't have the self-discipline to do any actual work.

Mar 04 2009 15:13

yeh because working for welfare of students and working on clubs and societies or on the newspaper isn't "actual work". asshole

Mar 04 2009 18:23

Why on earth would you run for Education Sabb having not even bothered to get the most out of your own... not the type of person I would want representing me...

Mar 05 2009 05:37

I'm gonna take a simlar line to mahmoud; Old Hand, whats the problem? We introduced ourselves as asked and whilst criticism of minfestoes is to be expected criticism on a personal level comes across as no better than petty.And what sort of expert are you on 'suitabilitty'

Anyone running for a Sabb position will have checked what the job entails before running and whilst certain societies or activities a candidate is involved with may not directly relate to a post it doesn't mean they will be unable to fulfil the requirements.Believe it or not the Union gives weeks of training to new Sabbs to enable them to do the job effectively so realistically anyone ready and willing to represent their peers with a decent level of intelligence and a lot of enthusiasm can do whats needed.

Also in terms of representing peers, if you can't grasp the idea of representing the views of the majority before your own I don't think you should ever be let near a union post. Having left leanings doesn't mean wanting to replace the 'C' in ICU with Commune and it certainly shouldn't handicap a candidate running for what are all currently apolitical positions.

I'm confused as to what makes this year's candidates the worst you've seen but hey, each to their own opinion I guess.

Mar 05 2009 11:38

Dear Mahmoud and Matt,

Finally! Thank you for your replies.

Yes my opinions were put forward in an extreme and provocative way, that is because they were meant to provoke debate, opinion and defence. There have been too many elections where candidates do nothing and people don't question them or hold them to task. My comments were meant to make all candidates think and galvanise their positions and focus thier efforts in their campaigns.

Despite what some people may think, I don't actually have anything against any of the candidates, I just want them to campaign on the real issues, not on ones that don't affect us as students at Imperial. If my comments make the candidates do that and both them and the students realise that it takes more than a pretty face or a global political platform to do the job well then they have worked. And if you think that was harsh criticism, I'm afriad you will have a very rude awakening.

Mahmoud, I don't necessarily want the candidates RONned, but if their campaigns are not a lot better and on more relevant lines than the above, they should be. What I do want is people to realise that a RON vote is not a joke and not a wasted vote, rather than pick a candidate at random, if you don't think they are good for the job, vote RON. The absolute worst that can happen is the same candidates stand again next time, we lose nothing! The best that can happen is that someone else steps up to the plate and does a better job. They may have been thinking of running in a later year or may have just realised the importance of things during campaigning and thought they could do it better, who cares, if they are better for the job then we have gained.

To everyone, seriously, unless you are CONVINCED a candidate is good enough to do the job and do it well, vote RON, we really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mar 05 2009 11:52

"but if their campaigns are not a lot better and on more relevant lines than the above, they should be"

Old Hand, you've been told that manifestos won't be on "live" until FRIDAY and that the above are just introductions. Why not wait for them before saying that the candidates are c**p?

Mar 05 2009 13:44

If I waited, it would not be possible for my comments to make them think, galvanise their position and focus their efforts on their campaigns, their campaigns would have started and they would be committed. I clearly said that was one of my aims, I hope it has worked, I will read the manifestos on Friday and see. They will all have had time to assess things before submitting their manifesto.

Mar 06 2009 13:18

Calm down sunshine. I wasn't critising the candidates, i was just thinking they should have written their introductions differently. I can't see them winning any votes by implying stuff like that. You wouldn't admit to skipping lectures when applying for a job ...

Mar 10 2009 00:55

Your profile has as one of your favourite quotes:

"Niggaz fear what they dont understand...hate what they can't conquer..."


Mar 10 2009 17:31


The quote you quoted is indeed on my facebook profile, it is taken from a song called: "Hate me now" by Nas (Nasir Jones) and P Diddy. (To see the video please check YouTube or

I can see how it is bad, and if it has caused any offence then I apologise and I won't defend it's use.

I will remove it, but after the election ends, so that no claims are made that I'm hiding anything.



29. wow   
Mar 10 2009 17:38

somebody has actually been stalking people trying to find 'incriminating' 'evidence'. get a life please.

Oct 22 2010 22:32

@ Comment 14 - Ashley

About 18 months late.

@ Comment 17 - caveman

2000 - 2001's DPCS was pretty attractive too

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