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Snippets - 26-01-2005

Jan 26 2005 17:54
Chris McIver
A totally harmless non-column: ICU Elections, Smoking in Bars, Terror Suspects and Syphillis. Fun for all the family.
Elections, smoking and suspects...

ICU Elections

It?s that time of year again! The ICU Sabbatical elections process is well underway with nominations closing on 1st February and voting opening on the 11th. President, Vice Presidents and Felix Editor will be contested, for more details see the ICU homepage.

JD Wetherspoons to ban smoking.

The 600 strong chain of Wetherspoons pubs will be smoke free from next year, and all its London branches by the end of May this year. The company?s chairman criticised the government for its proposed plans which he claims ?do not make sense.? 'Live!' visited a London Wetherspoons last night and asked a mouse (which happened to be on the floor) what he thought about smoking. Unfortunately the mouse ran away without commenting.

Terror suspects

After last year's ruling by the House of Lords that indefinite detention of terror suspects breached their human rights, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has vowed to reform anti-terror legislation. It is hinted that some terror suspects currently in prison may be kept under house arrest, put under curfew and have their access to communication systems controlled. Mr Clarke is also expected to investigate options for deportation and it seems there will still be a long wait while plans are formalised.

Syphilis epidemics not linked to unsafe sex.

An IC study of syphilis in the US showed that changes in the immunity of the population cause periodic syphilis outbreaks, rather than changes in sexual behaviour, as was previously thought.

Syphilis outbreaks previously attributed to social phenomena such as the sexual revolution or the gay liberation movement, are actually caused by a loss of immunity among those at risk of infection.

Dr Nicholas Grassly, a researcher based at St Mary's Hospital said: "While we do not dispute the fact that syphilis is transmitted by unsafe sex, our findings suggest that change in population immunity is the main reason for periodic epidemics of syphilis, not change in sexual behaviour."

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Discussion about “Snippets - 26-01-2005”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Jan 27 2005 00:03

Is it just me or is there a link between all the headlines in this article:


Its all making sense now.


Jan 27 2005 00:04

Hello me again, it looks like someone has been mischievious, everytime I type 'Farce!s' (e l e c t i o n s) it comes out on the board as 'Farce'.

Funny. Very Funny.

Jan 27 2005 10:19

Could we have some college news please? We all know where to go for news about JD Weatherspoons or terror suspects.

Why haven't we had a story on the fact that the College have caved in and agreed to revert back to part time pay for student employees in our shops, bars etc?

Why haven't we had a story about the fact that the go-ahead for Southside's demolition has been given and the date has been set for July 4th?

Jan 27 2005 17:20

An article on Southside will be written soon, following the Rector's face-to-face with students. It's an ongoing project, making it difficult to work out when the latest step really constitutes "news". In the past when we've put up a "Breaking News" placeholder whilst awaiting the full story the response of readers has been llukewarm to say the least, and it's not as if they've had nothing else new to read today.

The staff pay story broke at such a time that Felix published it (stop-press-style) as soon as we could have done, so with an article already linked from the ICU frontpage as well as on newspapers all around college, we're focussing our (finite) efforts elsewhere.

5. Erm   
Jan 27 2005 19:37

Er, since when did Felix putting an article on their website stop Live! putting a similar article on this site?

Further to that point, never in the history of Live! has Felix managed to get stories out first. I find this most distressing and really must ask all the Live! team to pull your collective fingers out!

Jan 27 2005 20:18

It looks like, I have to wear my shield and armour. I would like to point out to all readers, that Live! editors like everyone else have a degree to do, and to do them well.

Live! is a place where all can contribute. Considering, that those who read Live!, also include past contributors and active members, of college and the events that take place at IC. So it might be worth considering in a JFKish way: "...what can you do for Live!".

So if you think there is something worth reporting on, then write an article and email it to so that they can post it on your behalf.

  • C&G Media Group Chair.
Jan 27 2005 21:56

I think you will find previous Live! editors had a degree to do as well.

However they managed to produce a quality, amusing, up to date and well spun stylish publication.

Live! is hardly live anymore, so why don't people give up and realise that Felix are doing what they do, or move back to the niche that Live! used to enjoy...

Jan 27 2005 22:11

If you want Live! to give up, you can get much the same effect by choosing not to read it (or comment on it, etc, etc) any more. That way you get the full 'benefits' of it not being there, without affecting those who do want to read it or contribute. Not everyone has your contacts in the College, some students still look to "Live!" to find out what's going on.

No one article can please every snigle reader. Read what you want to, and let others do the same.

9. Seb   
Jan 28 2005 00:58

What, Farce!s?

Jan 28 2005 01:05

Well it just shows. Average students make suggestions and then the Editors ignore them. At least Felix listens to the students, and look how great it has become.

Why are Live! editors not listening and adapting to what the people say?

For those suggesting things, you could always join the C&G Media Group, call an EGM and have your voices heard... Very exciting idea....

Jan 28 2005 10:24

Suggestion: Perhaps we could raise the Live! Editor to the status of Guildsheet Editor and give them a proper electoral process? Then they could speak at hustings at the AGM, which is usually when the Guildsheet Editor gets elected.

Jan 28 2005 10:34

You've sumbled across a rather important point there. Remember that we are a club, and as such our main aim is to facilitate participation of our members. If someone wants to write then we'll let them wherever possible rather than turning them away because the choice of subject doesn't fit into some grand publication strategy. Yes, we will also ensure that certain things are covered, to maintain a readership for our writers, but our first obligation is to our membership.

There are about two students who've taken upon themselves to spend the last two days complaining about Live! and I wouldn't exactly call either of them "average." At least as many students have said the same about Felix at various points, and about Live! in "the old days". Each to their own...

I bet there are Imperial students out there who don't like pantomimes and much prefer Shakespeare, but they haven't spent the term crying out for the abolition of Dramsoc. And I'm sure on a few occasions the football teams have played matches that were not exactly thrilling for the spectators but do those spectators then go and cry out for the entire football club to be disbanded?

If you have actual constructive suggestions then please do let us know (on discussion threads or by email) and we'll see what can be done. I wouldn't call "You're just rubbish" a constructive suggestion.

Jan 28 2005 11:00

There's a quick and simple solution to this: If you don't think Live! is getting stories out quick enough which you know of, then you can just email us a written article which we will then publish under your name or indeed, just get in contact with us and we'll get an account sorted out so that you can login and submit your own articles...

The point is: everyone has the chance to write for Live! if there is something that needs to be done and it hasn't, why not write it yourself and get involved?

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