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Snippets - 04/05/05

May 04 2005 11:19
Mighty Pedant
A totally harmless non-column: Rumours are rife; New halls planned; Tanaka take over planned
The doors that don't work in Tanaka
  • Rumours at the Union

Sources close to the union have told Live! that rumours are rife within the union. Apparently ICU President, Mustafa Arif, is furious about rumours that he will be joining Playboy, following in the steps of ex guilds President Dinesh Ganeserajah, at the end of his term in office. This was confirmed by a student who has asked Live! to keep his identity secret, for fear of possible legal action. He told Live!: "Arif became so angry he that wrote a memo." Other sources, (again hiding for fear of legal action) confirmed that there are many other similar rumours flying around Beit Towers at the moment.

  • New Halls planned

With the demolition of Southside quite aptly scheduled for the 4th July, Imperial have decided to outsource their bed space to a private student halls provider. The two on offer to Imperial students will be based at Chelsea Harbour, and Caledonian Road in Camden. With prices starting at £125 a room, this may prove to be an expensive option to students, as well as being further away than other Imperial halls of residence.

  • Tanaka steals more space

Not content with the huge atrium, broken doors, and wasted space designed by Sir Norman Foster, the Tanaka Business school is after more space. The Mech Eng reading room and library will apparently be disappearing at the end of the year. This announcement was perfectly timed in the middle of Mech Eng exams, to ensure that students had no time to protest. Rumours from Beit Towers suggest that the Management school are intending to keep it as an empty shrine to complement the empty entrance area, and they are now eyeing up the Faculty Building as their new administration block.

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