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Snippets 9-8-2005

Aug 09 2005 14:25
Walter Plinge
A totaly harmless non-column: President fails to fill new sabb post, Mech Eng library closes, New Union Manager and more.

CGCU launches summer sabbatical but incoming President can?t make it

Incoming CGCU President Aaisha Latif has been unable to start her post due to academic and other pressures. Incoming Vice-President (Finance & Societies) Chris McIver has taken on the role of Acting President for the first year that the position has been a sabbatical position over the summer. Mr McIver commented ?I didn?t realise how much needs doing over the summer, and I certainly wouldn?t have been able to do this without the sabbatical.?

Mech Eng library closes

The Mechanical Engineering Library has closed for the last time and has given away a number of books which will not fit in the central library once the books are moved over. Post grads in particular have been outraged by the closure which proceeded despite a huge petition against it and it has been confirmed that all departmental libraries will be closing in the following decade.

New Union Manager Appointed

Peter Haldane has been appointed as the new Permanent Secretary and started work yesterday. (Readers are reminded that discussion of staffing matters are limited on open discussion forums by the staff student protocol).

Another one bites the dust.

This years Lord Mayors Show Coordinator, like last years, has resigned from the position. Chris Jackson has pulled out because of increased accademic pressures (and so he can properly commit to editing this prestigious website). This is despite the fact that Mr Jackson and Mr McIver have secured a successful sponsorship deal which is nearing completion.

Ex-presidents return.

Dinesh Ganesarajah, CGCU president 1999-2001 has come out of the woodwork to look for cash. Mr Ganesarajah is raising funds to help tsunami victims in Sri Lanka by holding social events such as poker and speed dating.

Shrenik Patel, CGCU President from 2 years ago, is loitering around the CGCU office for the third summer in a row despite having graduated. He commented ?Tee hee hee?.

When asked if ?Live!? was being used by the CGCU President (again) to publicise himself, Mr McIver said, ?No, of course not- that sort of thing would never happen on ?Live!?. Just because it?s the middle of the summer and everyone?s on holiday and not much is happening doesn?t mean the quality of news will drop; it never has and it never will!?.

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Discussion about “Snippets 9-8-2005”

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Aug 10 2005 15:39

Is Shrenik STILL loitering in the C&G Office? Get a job Shrenik!

Congratulations to the incoming (acting) president for sorting out the Lord Mayor's Show at such an early stage. The summer sabbatical initiative appears to be paying dividends already.

Aug 10 2005 18:29

All you guildsmen take note of the speed dating! There is female life out there!

Aug 11 2005 18:51

Yes, I am still around college because I am making a if only i could figure out how to use this spectrum analyser...

Aug 11 2005 21:48

I expect all you past guilds presidents to follow Dinesh's example and go on to work in the soft porn industry.

Aug 13 2005 18:46

"I expect all you past guilds presidents to follow Dinesh's example and go on to work in the soft porn industry."

...except Mr Collins, who would never associate with anything that could be considered pornographic

(except during RAG week)

Aug 14 2005 14:03

Hmm, the pornographic nature of the event in question may be open to debate. But the desire to make sure no one ever has to see such a thing again is certain. Please no one pay for that to happen this year.

p.s. Remember we still have the pictures, hehe

Aug 15 2005 14:46

....but i thought you and it ONNNN!

Aug 15 2005 14:47

I wonder if someone will get no confidenced at the start of the year...go on Chris, carry on a tradition!

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