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Snippets - 21/05/2006

May 21 2006 10:01
Ashley Brown
A totally harmless non-column; Bribery at hustings; Union to be financed by Poker; Mech Eng 220 to go; Live! is changing.
DPFS elections: more hotly contested than last time!

Bribery at hustings

ICU President Sameena Misbahuddin resorted to bribery at hustings on Wednesday, to try and get all students involved rather than just "the usual suspects". Hijacking the RON campaign's freebies, she offered free ice lollies to anyone in the JCR who asked a question. DPCS Simon Matthews may look a bit tubby at the moment, having devoured quite a few by himself...

Union to be financed by Poker

Next year the position of Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) may be renamed Deputy President (Poker). DPCS-elect Eric Lai is fairly handy at the game, leading to suggestions that he should spend his time doing that instead. The winnings would allow an increase in the clubs and societies budget, although most of the potential millions would probably go on the ACC ground hire bill...

Mech Eng 220 to go

Mechanical Engineering will lose its large lecture theatre, 220, when construction begins on the new Mechanautical Engineering building. After College was criticised for poor space utilisation, rooms in all departments are available for both internal and external bookings when not in timetabled use. This has led to fears in some departments that not only will they run out of space for their own activities, but that greasy Mech Eng students might get their lecture theatres dirty...

Live! is changing

Finally, Live! has been undergoing a major facelift in the background for several months. The first phase of the front-end changes is nearing completion, but we need some testers and more creative input before rolling it out! Email if you would like to help out.

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