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Snippets - 27/06/2006

Jun 27 2006 13:17
Ashley Brown
A totally harmless non-column; Queen's Lawn Damaged; Mr Singh is a Banker; Drought Order Requested.
Can we avoid a drought this summer?

Queen's Lawn Damaged

The Queen's Lawn may have survived attempts to build portacabins on it, but it failed to cope with the wrath of the marquee. The prolonged stay of the giant tent has left a large swathe of the lawn looking decidedly yellow. A solitary sprinkler was attempting to repair the damage at the weekend, before someone remembered there is a hosepipe ban.

Mr Singh is a Banker

Outgoing CGCU President Siddarth Singh relinquished control of his keys at a ceremony on Prince Consort Road on Saturday afternoon. Incoming President James Fok has now assumed responsibility for nagging people incessantly, following the handover ritual which involved a 40ft Spanner. Mr Singh will be spending the next few months banking in the City.

Drought Order Requested

Several companies have applied for drought orders this summer to ensure water does not run out during August. Live! will be using this technique by applying for a drought order to restrict the flow of news, in the hope that we will have things to report until October. College and the Union will be asked to spread out the embarrassingly daft things they do, rather than getting them all over and done with in July. With most other independent College news sources shut down over the summer we hope this will see us through.

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