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Snippets - Summer News Roundup

Sep 22 2006 13:33
Ashley Brown
A mostly harmless roundup of the summer news; Democracy at risk; The 3R's; Security and Suspect Packages; Wye oh Wye?; Around the WWW;
Will College listen to you?

For those lucky enough to escaped College over the summer, here's a quick round up of the news.

Democracy at risk?

College Council kicked off the summer with a less than illustrious start, rejecting the CGCU and RCSU names which were democratically chosen by students. This led to a campaign to oppose the College decision which will kick off when students return.

3R's: Redevelopment, Refurbishment and Restructuring

One of the major changes over the summer has been the Union building project. Da Vinci's is expected to open on time, however the project to install the new lift in the central core has been frought with problems - first someone cut a power cable, then asbestos was discovered, before rounding it all off with a flood in the core after drilling through a water pipe. All due to the poor information about which pipes and cables are where. The project is now some 7 weeks behind schedule.

Another important change is the refurbishment of the JCR, which gains a new coffee shop area, improved seating, a fresher looking (but probably still overpriced) QT shop and a "Subway-style" sandwich bar.

Staff and students of the medical persuasion will find some changes going on, as the Biomedical Sciences Review carried out some restructuring. Yet more restructuring was proposed, with the creation of a new Academic Health Sciences Centre by the merger of the NHS trusts responsible for Imperial's hospitals.

Security and Suspect Packages

Security issues came to the fore for a variety of reasons, including the presence of bomb disposal teams twice in the space of a fortnight. The first visit was due to a suspicious package in the tunnel from South Kensington tube. The second was due to a very dodgy looking package delivered to 170 Queen's Gate - which turned out to be a water testing kit ordered by Sir Richard Sykes.

The story of most relevance to students will be the proposals to lock down the campus and remove receptionists from all buildings. The debate still rages, but security have given responses to some concerns.

Wye oh Wye?

Plans for Wye continued to be a thorny issue, first looking in doubt due to BP, then being scrapped altogether - much to the delight of local residents, who currently see Imperial as something akin to the devil.

Around the WWW

Websites seem to have been relaunching left, right and centre, with the first new RCSU website for 5 years, a revamped RSM website and of course most importantly a new look for Live!.

The web also caused problems, with some people learning the perils of unmoderated discussions.

And finally...

Finally, the CGCU President had to bail out the sabbs when they were thrown into crisis.

See a full list of summer articles.

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