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Snippets - Autumn Term Roundup

Dec 15 2006 16:33
Ashley Brown
A totally harmless roundup of the Autumn term's news; NUS; Blue Flashing Lights; Centenary; DPGS Troubles; Bars in Turmoil; A Busy Term.
We got a lot of photos of fire engines...


A signed 'Yes to NUS' poster

The big story of the term was of course the NUS referendum, where 53% of 4,007 students voted to join the NUS (because of the medics!) and Guildsheet was impounded. Since then NUS posters and other documents appear to have been breeding in the offices of certain sabbatical officers. Copies of 'Yes to NUS' posters signed by NUS exec members are also proudly displayed on the walls and senior NUS figures can often be seen around the union.

Blue Flashing Lights

No, not people fiddling with the lights in the Faculty Building; November saw a couple of visits by the emergency services. The first was due to an incident in Chemical Engineering which triggered London Fire Brigade's full emergency response, while the second was due to 'suspicious objects' which caused an evacuation of half of the South Kensington campus. They turned out to be discarded batteries from the emergency lighting system in the Faculty Building. So actually, yes, this is about people messing with the lights in the Faculty Building.


Centenary celebrations are just warming up!

Groups across College began gearing up for the Centenary, which kicked off with a 3m Queen's Tower at the Lord Mayor's Show in November. Planning for the Centenary Ball is well underway and the Rector has pledged £10,000 sponsorship for a student running in the London Marathon.

DPGS Troubles

The Deputy President (Graduate Students) has featured a couple of times, having been on leave for the first month of her contract and then missing a meeting with the Deputy Rector. She has also missed many more meetings where she should not only have been representing graduate students, but also taking guidance from her more experienced fellow sabbs. Not the most illustrious start and Live! will certainly have more to say on the subject next term.

Bars in Turmoil

Union trading has been having a rough time, with fresh competition from the JCR giving the new trading manager a lot of work to do. ICU President John Collins has told Live! that "a chip thing" has been ordered, so they will hopefully be available soon. The restructuring process has also produced tearful scenes in the bar, as old faces have moved on.

A Busy Term

Live! headlines in the JCR

Live! has been busy this term, looking to work with other union media more closely. We had a successful NUS debate site in conjuction with Felix, while our current news headlines are now displayed in the JCR thanks to stoic tv. CivSoc are now using Live! for the online version of Livic, their excellent departmental newspaper. The net result is 250,000 page views last month alone and passing 1.1 million for the year as a whole. New contributors are always welcome for the editorial side and the technical side, so get in touch if you're interested.

You can view all the articles from the past term using the Live! search page.

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