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Snippets - 26/01/2007

Jan 26 2007 15:21
Ashley Brown
A mostly harmless non-column; Balloon Race Warfare; Union Redevelopment; Vending Confusion; Revolving Doors; Elections!
Remember to get your piece of Centenary cake on Tuesday!

Balloon Race Warfare

A previous balloon race

Open warfare has broken out in the union offices over the centenary balloon race. Each sabb has a collecting tin and a list of tickets, with a competition to see who can sell the most. ICU President John Collins has been badgering College staff, so appears to be well in the lead.

Live! urges all readers, particularly any College staff reading this, to buy tickets from the other sabbs as quickly as possible. Anything to wipe the smug grin of Mr Collins' face... The balloon race starts at 1pm on Tuesday 30th January, as part of the centenary launch celebrations - where you will also be able to get a free piece of centenary birthday cake.

Union Redevelopment

Access to the central core of the Beit building should finally be available on Tuesday, although given previous estimates that is perhaps something to take with a pinch of salt. New doors compliant with the disability discrimination act have been installed by union reception, but have one critical flaw: they are the wrong size. New equipment was still being brought into the building this morning, but Live! has so far not seen any new plasma screens appearing.

Vending Confusion

I am actually starting to like Berry Blast, not to mention the wild excitement of not knowing if today might be the day my Dr Pepper returns
Letter on the Vending Machine in Huxley

Residents of the Huxley building have been entertained this week by a letter stuck to one of the vending machines. The letter, to "the person who fills the (cretin) machine" laments the inaccurate labelling, with Berry Blasts being dispensed instead of Dr Pepper. Apparently Purple Berry Blast is now also dispensing "a sort of yellowish beverage". The author has requested a swift resolution to the inaccurate labelling, or at least some consistency in its inaccuracy. It also warns of the dangers should "someone allergic to berries (or for that matter, blasts) happen to drink an erroneous can without first performing due diligence."

Revolving Doors

Tanaka has gained another blue wooden box around its doors, this time at the front. After the replacement of the Dalby Court doors it appears that College has indeed given up on the airlock-style ones altogether. Given the reliability of the new revolving door already installed, Live! hopes they have a backup plan for the front ones.


Andy 'Felix' Sykes - if you think you can do better, then stand!

It's that time of year again where the whole Union turns into a farce, as sabbatical elections kick off. Nominations open on the 30th of January, with candidates being nominated and seconded online.

The first round of elections includes all of the sabbatical positions except the Deputy President (Graduate Students), which will be elected in the summer elections. The Felix Editor is also included, and this year we have the added bonus of trying to elect good delegates for the NUS conference. Very few people have emerged as potential candidates so far, creating the potential for RON to run the place next year.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 26/01/2007”

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Jan 29 2007 12:24


Tee hee!

I have already sold 50 tickets and Ben has barely got started...


2. Ben   
Jan 29 2007 12:39

E-mail me now to buy your tickets.

Buy 5 and I'll ensure that your balloon gets extra helium to help it go that little bit further...

Jan 29 2007 13:22

Can I be the first to register an election complaint, against RON, for the above article which constitutes both biased media coverage and campaigning before the close of nominations?

Can I?


What do you mean, "No, shut up or else"?

4. Tris   
Jan 29 2007 14:15

Can we impound Live! or something?

Jan 29 2007 15:10

Now there's a thought...

Jan 29 2007 20:18

"trying to elect good delegates for the NUS conference"

That will be a laugh. Hi, we tricked you all in to joining so we can show off to all our friends how progressive we are. Vote for us so we can get a free jolly to Blackpool at your expense.

Jan 29 2007 22:22


I'm sorry to barge in like this but I'm just looking for civil enginnering students everywhere.

I'd like to inform you that we're organizing a civil engineering student congress in Slovenia in April. It's the first one so we're having a bit of a hard time finding contacts abroad. So, if you're interested please tell your friends and visit or fell free to write me an Email!



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