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Elections Snippets - 28/02/2007

Feb 28 2007 14:51
Ashley Brown
A totally harmless round-up of the farce season; Forms Not Signed; Officer Nominations Open; Who wants to run Guilds?
Some withdrawals on the left, with those still standing on the right

Live! presents a special edition of Snippets, to round up the latest happenings in Union elections.

Forms Not Signed

At the candidates meeting earlier today barely any of the sabbatical candidates signed their "Statement of Intent" forms, which accept the election was fairly run and no complaints are outstanding. This follows the current appeal to the Court, which could result in a currently resolved complaint being re-opened.

All but one of the NUS delegates who were present appear to have signed their forms, with the remaining one having issues with the job description. The delegates are forbidden from joining any NUS political or religious factions, instead being required to vote as directed by Council.

Officer Nominations Open

Nominations for ICU Officer positions, including CAG Chair, RAG Chair and Council Chair, are now open. There seems to be a degree of confusion amongst students however, as there a very large number of people standing for these positions, with almost the same number again having withdrawn.

Perhaps they were confused by nominations overlapping voting?

Who wants to run Guilds?

Nominations for Guilds elections are also open, with the positions of President, Vice President (Activities), Vice President (Finance and Societies) and Honorary Secretary up for grabs.

If you think you can manage to run some events next year and abitrate between the evil blue cube empire and the defenceless students, perhaps running a Faculty Union is the thing for you.

Nominations are open via the Union voting website.

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Discussion about “Elections Snippets - 28/02/2007”

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1. Sid   
Feb 28 2007 15:18

19 candidates for CAG Chair - I think Radha must be doing a brilliant job to inspire so many people to take on the baton!

Feb 28 2007 23:35

Joseph Jezicvongesseneck is back, standing for President again!

3. Simon   
Feb 28 2007 23:45

"the remaining one having issues with the job description"

I wonder if that's the same one that at the first Hustings declared that he would further his own politics over those that the union required him to back, as he would have been elected based on his political standings......

Also, you would think that reading the job description BEFORE standing for the position would be a smart move! Oh, and the job description is agreed by Council, who are elected to their posts, so you cant really complain...... well you CAN, but you have to be pretty convincing to make a case, especially given the rather heated and lengthy debate that Council had over that particular issue.

4. lol   
Mar 01 2007 00:01

That would be a funny council. Student Respect vs A-NUS ...... bring it!

Mar 01 2007 02:35

"Joseph Jezicvongesseneck is back, standing for President again"

There's no way he should be allowed to stand for president.

6. Simon   
Mar 01 2007 02:37

Nah, the better one was when they brought the NUS Amendment about "Higher Education Funding" up:

that one got ripped to shreds and pooed on from a great height. Didn't help that it was a copy-and-paste job!

Mar 01 2007 12:07

Oh yes, the paper without any seconders...

8. Hmmmm   
Mar 01 2007 16:54

Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck must be allowed to stand for President, that's democracy you see, any idiot has the option to stand, we just have to trust the voters not to elect an idiot (that's why we have RON, if they are all awful, RON the lot of 'em and do it again).

I just hope that he doesn't pepper his manifesto with puerile sexual innuendo again, it was just embarrasing to have to read that (or maybe he has a twelve year old brother and got him to write the manifesto, that's about the only age bracket that would find it the least bit amusing or clever).

Mar 01 2007 17:06

I intend to record CGCU hustings this year, if only because his speech last year was so funny. Look out for a video on Live! if I'm not in some strange country at the time ...

10. What?   
Mar 01 2007 19:17

"if I'm not in some strange country at the time"

But don't you have to be in England to film the hustings?

Mar 01 2007 22:24

Which is why it won't be on Live! if I'm not in England. Intentions are very different to what you can carry out.

12. random   
Mar 02 2007 02:38

I hear Danny is coming back.

13. What?   
Mar 02 2007 09:02

"Which is why it won't be on Live! if I'm not in England. Intentions are very different to what you can carry out."

I was commenting on your implied suggestion that England was not a strange country...

Mar 02 2007 09:03

That's a very good point...

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